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A Hair-Obsession in the Family

Dr. Robert Dorin, a hair-transplant surgeon, didn’t expect to do surgery on his own father, but he had no choice.

He had been losing his hair for many years, but few people realised how much it pained Robert M. Dorin Sr. Elder Dorin casually suggested treatment to his son one day at a family gathering.

According to Dorin, “It startled me, because my father was aware of what I do and he never mentioned it.”

Dorin, who was surprised to learn of his father’s decision to take matters into his own hands, was nonetheless pleased. After years of gradual thinning, “the majority of my father’s frontal hair had fallen out,” stated my father.

As a result, Dorin devised his own plan of action.

“I believed it was a fantastic opportunity to give my dad a gift that he would appreciate for the rest of his life, given that it was just a week before his birthday,” he added. “I made an appointment for my father to have surgery the following week,” I said.

There were no surprises during their pre-surgery discussions.

It was clear to Dorin how much his father was looking forward to the project as it developed. It dawned on him just how much hair he had lost over the years and how much I could re-grow in a single treatment.”

About seven hours were needed for the treatment, which involved 1,571 hair-transplant grafts. There are no visible symptoms of the hair transplant three weeks after the procedure. In three to six months, he’ll be able to fully appreciate his new look.

The work Dorin did on his father was particularly meaningful to him. “As a result of my efforts, his life has been transformed for the better. It’s a lot like how he’s influenced my life through his acts and support.”

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