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Acne Treatments: 5 Natural and Non-Natural Options

Almost everyone of us has struggled with acne at some point in our lives and has looked for solutions.
Some natural and not-so-natural acne remedies that have been demonstrated to be successful are listed below.

Almost everyone of us has struggled with acne at some point in our lives and has looked for solutions. Some natural and not-so-natural acne remedies that have been demonstrated to be successful are listed below.

  1. Witch Hazel Astringent (also known as “Witch Hazel Astringent” or “Witch Hazel Astringent”)

This astringent is derived from a plant with the same name as the astringent. It has a vast geographic distribution, extending from Nova Scotia in Canada all the way down to Texas and Florida. Simply steam the twigs of this plant and you’ll be done in no time! The astringent properties of this plant are provided by the extract you obtain from it. Keep in mind to keep everything under control. What’s great about this is that it occurs naturally, and even the process by which it has been transformed has been completely natural. You may rest confident that it is less abrasive than astringents that are commercially available.

b>2. Astringents that are commercially produced/b>

With little doubt, over-the-counter astringents are also beneficial in treating a variety of conditions. You may pick from a variety of varieties, each of which has extra components that promote healthier skin. The only disadvantage is that it might be a touch harsh because to the chemicals that have been used to make this composition. They should be used with caution because they have the potential to dry out the skin.

b>3. Treatments that are entirely natural./b>

Kitchen odours and acne are two foes that we may not be aware of until they attack us. Check your refrigerator and pantry for items such as oranges and lemons, fresh garlic, and raw potatoes.

  • All that is required is the squeezing of oranges and lemons into cotton balls. Wash afflicted areas after around 20 minutes with the extract you just applied.
  • Fresh garlic is considerably simpler to work with. Simply peel away the peeling and massage it into your skin.
  • When it comes to raw potatoes, peel them and touch the flat surface of them on your face.

Natural compounds from these fruits and vegetables can assist in reducing redness while also cleansing the skin at the same time.

  1. Antibiotics taken orally/b>

Antibiotics are administered in the event of serious illnesses. It is necessary to take these drugs orally in order to lower the quantity of germs in and around skin follicles. They also have the additional benefit of reducing the irritating compounds that the white blood cells generate. Finally, antibiotics reduce the content of free fatty acids found in sebum, which has the added benefit of having an anti-inflammatory effect.. Consult with your dermatologist to determine the appropriate antibiotic and dose.

Despite this, tetracycline continues to be the most often recommended antibiotic for acne therapy. This antibiotic should be taken on an empty stomach for the most part. Additionally, pregnant women and children under the age of nine should avoid using this product. It is customary to begin with a dose of 500 mg twice day, which should be continued until the medication is finished or until a significant reduction in the number of lesions is observed.

Pregnant women can be taken erythromycin, which is the second most common antibiotic. It can, however, produce nausea and even upset stomach in some people. The anti-inflammatory and bacteria-killing effects of Erythromycin are superior than those of tetracycline, which can only kill bacteria on its own. Furthermore, this antibiotic must be taken with a full stomach of solid food. With your physicians, you can talk about other alternative antibiotics and the effects and side-effects of each one. 5th, Topical Treatments/b>
Acne treatments that are used externally have also been shown to be useful in treating the condition. However, it is regarded to be the most efficient therapy for severe acne despite the drying and flaking that occurs as a result of the treatment. Benzoyl peroxide is a topical acne treatment that is quite popular and efficient.

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