Cara Adsense Youtube 2019 – Langkah-langkahnya

hello youtubers, this video I will discuss youtube adsense procedure so that your channel can monetize and advertise. see on. in my opinion … if you play on YouTube and there is no business purpose … (want adsense, want branding, want affiliation, create a portfolio, etc.) It looks like you guys are on the wrong platform. Youtube is ad-oriented video platform. all kinds of rules and all that nonsense, nothing else is intended to support an ad-friendly environment. So if you just make a youtuban attach the work .. or just for fun, it will be difficult .. because you will drag same rules earlier.

You watch a movie theater, but your goal is to enter a movie theater not for watching movies, just want to hitch a ride Can it? can.. but you have to follow the rules there .. You can’t do it, you can’t turn on your cellphone, you can’t sit around, etc. You just sit there without getting anything … so just a suggestion .. if you play youtube don’t play adsense as well … will lose big. making videos takes time, effort and money … also sweat and tears. ok .. now whatever process you have to do so I can join the YouTube ad program. 1. Create a Youtube channel … this business is already ribed so if you don’t enjoy making videos, don’t like discussing optimization don’t like to see analytic data, lazy design thumbnails … think again about becoming a YouTuber. just be a video connoisseur more fun..

2. Meet the requirements. Channel requirements can join the current ad program .. must have 4000 airtime and 1000 subscribers. And don’t break the rules. This is also not an easy matter … if you don’t pass point one before, point number 2 will be difficult to achieve. you make a video, you want to give it a title at all … print it on youtube … hoping to get hockey and miracles … can’t bro … This is not in accordance with the workings and algorithms of YouTube. how to be able to meet the requirements earlier? meddle with videos on this channel …

And don’t forget to subscribe … ok … After the requirements are fulfilled, or when you have started the road before it is fulfilled you can already advertise the ad program. There are three things to do .. 1. Verification 2. activate the monetize 3. link to Google Adsense. Google Adsense is used only to withdraw payment. Google Adsense is used only to withdraw payment. Adsense itself can be used for ads other than YouTube. for example create a blog and create an android application. So we look at income reports on YouTube’s Creator Studios Adsense in live receive the total received. You can use one adsense for many channels. if you manage various channels, just link it to an active adsense account. even different emails can. So one email can make several channels. One adsense can be for several emails and several channels. first verify our account must be verified first before you can register adsense. go to creator studio click channel. click verify. enter the country, then select the confirmation method we just select the text, so later Google will text the code.

Enter the cellphone number … and click submit. after getting the code we enter the field verification process is complete, click continue we will return to the channel and the status is verified then we enable the monetisation section steps will appear that must be passed … like this 1. agree to the rules first. click start. check all the boxes. and click I Accept. go to step no two. we register google adsense. click start. if we already have adsense we will be directed there. if not, we are asked to make a new one. click next. Select the email to be registered. will appear like this Your website section is automatically filled in to fill in the channel address.

there are options below which are free to choose which. after that select the country … tick Yes, and click create account we will be taken to the adsense website to fill in the data. fill in with the correct data .. because this will later be used to send pins and so on. when finished click submit. step three we set the monetization preferense … this is to choose the type of ad that will be displayed.

click start .. just choose everything like this. and click save. After finishing just waiting for the conditions to be reached, just waiting in approve. if it’s already been approved, just make good content .. advertisements appeared from YouTube. during the review period continue to upload quality videos avoid the channel getting into trouble so that it doesn’t get claimed or copyrighted The minimum payment threshold is 100 dollars. if it has been reached, Google will send a PIN to your home. then just fill in the adsense account … I can only withdraw the money. How to take payments can be via account transfer, by check or through Western Union. if you don’t have an account, you can use Western Union, you can later take the payday at the post office, at the pawnshop or at the bank. How to take salary can see in this video.

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