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Hello guys, Today I’ll be talking about one of the most controversial topic, that is about Adsense approval. So I have seen many young bloggers have confusion about getting Adsense approval and they get very depressed or demotivated when their Adsense does not get approved. And many of them actually quit blogging, because they think they can’t make money, if they don’t get approval of Adsense. The first thing I want to tell you is that, you can always make money even without adsense.

But let’s not get there and in this video I will be explaining some of the key points that will ensure that you will always get approval for Adsense. So let’s start with:

Number one: First use a standard platform be it blogspot, be it WordPress. Now when you are using WordPress. For your self hosted WordPress you can use When you are using blogspot it’s perfect blogspot is a good platform. The first thing that you have to take care of is use a quality design, One of the major mistake we do is we want to make our blog look very fancy. You don’t have to do that you have to make your blog look professional.

You have to show your seriousness, there are many art professional looking templates out there you just need to search for it. If you have money you can spend on that, if you don’t have money no problem there are many free templates out there for blogspot and for WordPress.

Use a good platform and make sure your sidebar does not look spammy. Don’t bombard it with lots of widgets. like live feed widgets and all those things keep it minimalistic. Keep it like our subscription box, recent blog post all those kind of things but don’t make it or don’t bombard it with lots of widgets first thing.

Second if you are using blogspot platform make sure you are using a custom domain name, well it serves many advantage when you are it shows your professionalism, Second it make your domain easy to remember, third somehow I mean think from a reader perspective or essenceĀ  if they see you are using a custom domain they kind of like it.

And fourth and the most important is the quality of your content. One of the major mistake we do when we start vlog or Blog that we used to write small small content let’s say 100 word contant and most of our content are not original. Don’t do that in the strain read a bit about blogging. How to write quality content and then start writing. Try to make your content at least 300 to 400 words. Now one of the most important thing is use original images if you are not using original images don’t just copy paste images from the Google Image Search and start using on your blog. Because in that case your Adsense will definitely be rejected.

So the point is your content should be of high quality, should be original and make sure you format it very nicely. Now another which is the most talk or topic is an absence requires six-month waiting time for many Asian publishers. But that’s not true the only thing they actually ask you to wait for six month is because they want your blog to become a quality blog. So if you actually do that before six month because I have seen people getting Adsense approval within a month or two month time.

When I started blogging I got approval with two month old domain so the whole point is your blog your website should look more professional and another very key point is if you are using custom domain take advantage of professional email address. Search for tutorials on internet and then you can have an email address like admin at the rate of Use that email address to apply for Adsense that will improve your chances of getting Adsense approval.

Just follow this tip make sure you are building up a quality blog and you will get in Adsense approval. There are chances that you might get rejected, but don’t get demotivated. Just figure out the reason why you are DENIED. You are not rejected, do remember Adsense wants you they want your blog because they have to grow. They have advertiser who needs to advertise and they need your blog.

So the point is if you are not getting approved that means you are doing something wrong. So all you need to do figure out a way fix it and go ahead. If you still have any question feel free to ask me via comments I have also added few links in the description that will help you to understand the whole process. Thank you for watching this is harsh


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