TERBARU!!! Cara Daftar Google Adsense


Hello YouTube In this video I will share the tutorial How to register Google AdSense. Everything you need to set up an identity card Because, if your channel is successfully monetized by YouTube Google adsense pin will be sent to your address. So I recommend using your ID card, Ok let’s start the tutorial, we enter the Google Chrome app. If you have chosen the YouTube icon, If you guys have changed to desktop mode.

If you have clicked here, If you already choose cretor studio, Then we choose the channel. Select the Monetization section, and then click Activate. From now on click Start, In this section you can just check everything. All you choose I agree The loss is like this There is a reading list in adsense and then we choose the start If you choose again. Next time If so, you enter your Gmail address, If you have clicked on your Google account, If it is like this, We just need to check here.

Then we choose the country where we are now, Then we check again here. If we choose to immediately create an account, If you already click Start In this section, fill in the address where you are now. Don’t forget that you also fill in your phone numbers When it is all done, you click Submit If so, click here If you choose to get a verification code. If you have already entered the verification code here, If you click Submit Can you see that our AdSense account was successfully created and linked to our YouTube channel? Maybe this is a tutorial from me If this video is useful for you Don’t forget to like and subscribe to this channel Thank you.


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