How to Find a Profitable Product to Sell on Amazon (Top 50 Hottest Amazon Products in 2019!)


Whatsup guys if you’re new here welcome to the strongest family on Internet. If you are coming back then welcome back to the family. In this video we’re gonna be talking about the top 50 product niches to sell on Amazon to be most profitable in 2019.

And we’re gonna talk about exactly how I found at these top 50 and then maybe if you guys are lucky. I’m gonna share this top 50 list with you so that you can be up-to-date on the best products to sell in 2019. This is gonna be a good one stay tuned.

Alright guys so in this video we’re going to be talking about knee top fifty product niches to sell in 2019 on Amazon and more importantly we’re gonna talk about how actually found this list. The two tools that I use to narrow down literally multiple millions of products on Amazon to a top 50. That I think are going to be the biggest next brightest actual product niches to sell.

Remember guys these product niches have lots of complementary and supplementary. You know different types of products that you could sell a small version a large version and eco-friendly versions. So the point of this video is to show you guys the top fifty parts that I think are going to be very very hot in 2019. So you can get the wheels turning in your brain from a product research perspective and you can start actually finding these products for yourself.

If you want free access to our top 50 cheat sheet which we are going to release later on in this video. All you have to do is one thing drop a like on this video and also to drop a comment that says what to sell on Amazon. When we get five hundred comments on this video. I’m going to keep the cheat sheet available for all of you guys for the top 50 hottest parts and sell on Amazon. So really quick guys before we get into the list let’s talk about what actually makes a profitable product, a good product to sell on Amazon in 2019.

After the review pocalypse write us a lot of sellers called it which was basically Amazon removing millions of reviews from thousands of different sellers. The number one most difficult competitive barrier to entry when you are entering a new product niche as a new seller by far no doubt no question is reviews right. So actually going into a new product niche as a new seller the number one thing that you need to be concerned with and the number one thing that you need to be aware of is how many reviews the average product has in that product niche on page one of the search results.

So everything that we discussed today have some very important commonalities to be aware of. So you can actually apply this stuff to your own product research when you are looking for your own products to sell on Amazon. Earth is that they have very very low reviews and not just for a single product right for the overall category or niche. And when it comes down to that we are going to show you exactly how to find the average number of reviews for the entire product.

Number two is that they have a very strong keywords and we’re going to show you exactly what we mean by that and how to evaluate that for yourself. When you are doing product research and number three that they fall in the sweet spot of revenue. Right a lot of people have a huge misconception here that you’re looking for the craziest products that are doing a hundred thousand dollars a month, a million dollars a month. We are going to break that paradigm and I’m going to show you exactly what all of my students do to become wildly successful on Amazon. And not have to deal with all the headaches of hijackers and Chinese sellers and people trying to rip you down. Because at the end of the day guys what I want and what I assume most of you guys want to is consistent profit without having to deal with a huge amount of headache. Like your listing being taken down, from a false intellectual property claim or people trying to sue you or constant hijackers from Chinese corporate sellers.

I’m constantly hopping on your listing. I don’t want to deal with all that personally and so how I teach and how thousands of my students have found a massive success is for going after the sweet spot. And one last thing before we hop into the top 50 list. I want to talk about landscape right so we briefly touched on it in the introduction. But landscape is something that’s very very important to actually understand when you’re doing product research. It’s incredibly important not to just look at one single product, right you want to look at average. You want to look at the ecosystem, you want to look at the landscape of the product niche. These are all synonyms for saying the exact same thing.

The reason for that is for example you may be doing research on viral launch of jungle scout or whatever you use and you might find an incredible-looking teapot right that has the perfect number of reviews with super high revenue. Everything looks great right but the problem with that is you might actually look up the keyword a teapot on is on keywords. And you might actually see that there’s a lot of competition when it actually comes through that keyword. And then you type in the top searched for keyword into Amazon and you see that everyone on page one has a thousand reviews except for that one product that you found right.

So if you try to enter the teapot niche you might see that 99% of the products have a thousand reviews but there was that one outlier product which happens to be the one you found. And I’ve seen people make this massive mistake again and again and again. Where they think that they’re entering a great niche because they find a single product. But they don’t evaluate the entire ecosystem or the entire land escape of the product niche. And then they’re left high and dry and because of that how I’ve actually organized this top 50 hottest products is actually showing you guys keywords right actual ecosystem landscapes. That you can look at they are entirely profitable themselves.

Right I’m not showing you individual products I’m showing you overall keywords or landscapes or ecosystems or niches whatever you want to call it I’m showing you the entire niche and I’m showing you that this niche is profitable.  Right this is how you should start doing product research because it’s going to save you a lot of pain down the line when it actually comes to finding a single product that looks really good. But all the other products on page won’t have a thousand plus reviews and you have no possible chance of ever being able to catch up and actually compete with that all right guys?

So let’s get into a few samples from the top 50 hottest product niche cheat sheet. We’re going to be going over exactly why I think these are up-and-coming trending products and we’re gonna be talking exactly how I found these using just two tools.

The first tool is viral launch product discovery I use the keyword tool here and the second tool is zon keywords which is by far the best value for a keyword tool for Amazon. It does everything that you need from optimization PPC and so much more. It’s by far the best value, it’s the cheapest solution and it also has the only service available that pulls data directly from Amazon.

So you get the most accurate most optimized keywords and the most accurate and most optimized actual estimated search volume. So you have the best available data to actually go out there and do your product research the right way. Let’s get into this.

Guys I’m going to show you exactly how I found these products and we’re gonna go through a few examples of the hottest products to sell on Amazon in 2019 really quickly. I want to give a huge shout out to our daily giveaway winners guys. We’re giving away thousands of dollars every single day worth of courses and cash prizes and if you want to enter to beat our next big winner and get a shout out on this video or on our next video. All you to do is two simple things tap the like button and click this link down below in the description after the video is over. And it’ll take you to our giveaway sweepstakes where you can win a brand-new MacBook Pro.

It takes like 10 seconds to enter, super easy to enter and a lot of fun. So top 50 hottest sell on Amazon in 2019. The first product that I want to take a look at actually is the keyword. You see right here keyword found using is on keywords average revenue around $8,000 a month. The sweet spot of revenue that I teach and that a lot of my students have had a massive amount of success with is between seven and fifteen thousand dollars. And the reason for that is because if you’re actually looking at a product and it’s making between seven and fifteen thousand dollars in revenue per month. You can assume like a fifty percent profit margin on that. That means that you’re making about thirty five hundred dollars to seventy five hundred dollars in profit every single month. Thirty five hundred dollars is over a hundred dollars a day profit right.

So that’s kind of the minimum, that I personally go after that makes it worth it for my time and worth it for me to actually go about selling this product. The the best case scenario is seven to eight thousand dollars profit per month and that may not sound like it’s going to completely change your life instantly. Eight thousand profit a month is a lot pretty much for anyone right but the beautiful thing about this guy’s is it starts to stack up, it starts to add up once you actually have one or two products or three or five or even ten. Even if you’re only making thirty five hundred dollars profit a month which for me was a ton. When I first started right, so like I’m not trying to discount that at all thirty five hundred dollars profit a month. Once you add five products, that’s already seventeen thousand dollars profit a month.

Once you add ten products that’s thirty-five thousand dollars profit per month and the best part about looking for products in this sweet spot. The range right between 7 and 15 inch thousand and revenue means that people at like huge corporations and the Chinese sellers and the under like kind of this the bad people on Amazon. That really want to take you down and hijack your listing and just do things that you don’t want to deal with. They’re looking for listings that are selling 50 thousand a hundred thousand a million dollars in revenue a month. They don’t even pay attention to the seven to fifteen thousand.

So I’m kind of an advocate in this particular case of tortoise versus the hare. You don’t care if you’re the tortoise in this case. You don’t want to be the hare in this case you want to be the tortoise. You want to be slow and steady and that doesn’t mean that you’re going to do things slowly. It just means that you’re going to have so much less pain and competition and people trying to drag you down If you go in this sweet spot of revenue range. So the FIR product is CBD gummies and if you guys don’t know what CBD is right take a look. Let’s take a quick look on zhong keywords the reason for the seasonality indicator is because google has this weird thing about showing CBD.

Because CBD is like a derivative of THC.  So what we see here up in the word cloud is a lot of different stuff right.  CBD vape oil sell for anxiety. Pure CBD oil right there’s CBD drops for animals. There’s all types of different things that we see here. I looked for CBD gummies for pain so I just randomly found this doing research on zonkey or it’s for products. And if we actually type this in here, if we type CBD gummies and then we run the viral launch market intelligence Chrome extension, what we’re going to see is a lot of monthly revenue here. And we see some they’re up at 60,000 but they have 471 reviews.

We’re looking at the guys that have almost no reviews we see that one review for review seven we see two thousand four thousand 15 three 7:32 17 12 right six a lot of ranges here. We see sixty four hundred and fifty six all of these kind of averaged out. So you know the sweet spot that we’re looking for between that seven and fifteen. And it’s not a steadfast rule guys whenever anybody who teaches Amazon or any type of online business tells you between 7 and 15. I immediately look for 6,000 I immediately look for 16,000 I like to look in the sweet spot range.

But change it a little bit use your creativity use your own. you know mental experiences and what makes you unique and what you know about right. I always give the example I’m never going to start a successful makeup brand.  Because I don’t personally use makeup. But I do know a lot about sports and I knew I do know a lot about camping.  I know a lot about a lot of things but I’m not going to try to overextend myself. Use what what you’re good at, use what you’re experiencing.

So that is the first product that we look at what I like to look at is very consistent right such low reviews here a lot of variations like you could do hemp gummies bird dogs or you could do hemp gummies with you know strolling papers or a lot of different combinations right and one of the keys with CBD since it’s kind of like a brand new a product being sold on Amazon because it has you know implications with THC and things like that you want to do your proper research what is allowed to be sold on Amazon what particular certificates do you need right some of these products you actually have to source inside of the USA and have you know documentation that shows that there is a zero percent THC volume for these things right so whenever you’re going into a new product niche CBD is no different you want to make sure that you have all the proper documentation and you’re allowed to actually sell in this particular niche and you’re not going to get shut down or have any problems with actually getting your listing live but CBDs and all types of hemp products are becoming absolutely massive on Amazon and they’re just doing very monopoly numbers and if you get in at the beginning right when this stuff is all happening when there’s 26 reviews 20 reviews right 35 reviews very low reviews 32 31 you can have a massive massive upside and the last thing that I like to do when I’m doing product research in this way is actually make sure that there’s a lot of other complementary words right because eventually you’re going to be doing Amazon PPC eventually you’re going to be trying to optimize your listing so that your ranking organically and if you sell a product right I saw this happen six months to a year ago with the angle eyes ruler right that product took off it exploded it was making a ton of money and a lot of sellers got into that niche but then they realized there’s only one way to actually say an angle eyes ruler right you don’t people don’t call angle as rulers anything besides angle eyes rulers but somebody might be searching you know CBD oil and then see the gummy version and then they might actually buy it or they might be saying Stevie deeper sleep or CBD for anxiety or CBD for pain relief and they might happen upon the gummies and actually want to purchase that particular product because it actually you know it solves whatever they wanted from the product and it’s actually a better version than what the person was originally looking for so what I like to see is a lot of different keywords and we see a ton of different keywords here on zon keywords related to this particular listing lots of good stuff from the word cloud so that is the first one that I wanted to talk about the next one that I want to talk about actually is up at the top here which is palm leaf square plates right so palm leaf square plates twelve thousand six one on the average monthly revenue we see right here so if we look at this word Palm Leaf square play inside of Amazon so we’re going to do Palm Leaf square plate we’ll do it all in caps to really force it in alright so we run the product research or we run the market intelligence app here we see a lot of different monthly revenues here and the good part is we see very very low review quantities we see some with 3000 we see some with 46,000 right two reviews selling forty-six thousand dollars a month we see four reviews here twelve reviews lots of just ridiculous value or ridiculous of a monthly revenue but this is an important one to remember that it is slightly seasonal right the best selling period is in August which just recently happened right and this is just a great product to think about getting into because of the fact that it is disposable plates right but it is also compostable natural-like look at this product right here after the number one ranking product here forty four five-star reviews by one plant a tree right really adheres to the actual target audience we also see that they really utilize so perfectly a lot of the buzz words that are very popular right now right being environmentally friendly sustainable eco-friendly right all of these words that really are buzzwords for people who want to take better care of the environment which is obviously a good thing that everybody should be doing it so we see some absolutely crazy revenue numbers a little bit outside of our you know normal rule which is the 7 7 to 15k a month but it’s ok because you know this is a product that has such low reviews that it might be worth getting into even with only one order even if you sell out that whole order then you can decide whether or not you think it is you know necessary or going to be profitable to reorder all right the next word that we are going to get into is actually one that’s a little bit close to home for me your boy is a sweaty beast when I go to the gym and I workout and I always wear my air paws and so what that does is it creates a lot of you know stuff in my ears and so I was actually looking for this word myself which is a great example of how to do product researches in your everyday right what do you search on Amazon that’s strange what do you search on Amazon that’s not glamorous that’s not sexy some of my best products that I’ve ever sold on Amazon are the products that are very very not sexy right because people still need to buy them but not a lot of people want to sell them and that is how you get profitable on Amazon right – the next word that we’re going to look at is one that I actually looked for myself I didn’t end up behind if you guys can calm down in advance but the key word is earwax removal bottle so if we actually come in here and go in twos on keywords we see that there’s a lot of you know volume here lots of different things to look at right earwax removal tool kit earwax removal syringe spiral earwax removal earwax removal candle right lots of different keywords here so if we do earwax earwax removal tool right we see the number one product that we actually looked at here and if we run the viral launch market intelligence Chrome extension what we see is a lot of different monthly revenues here 19,000 twelve thousand six six 10,000 22,000 right and it kind of tapers off a little bit here but what we see is the review quantities are relatively low here we see 11,000 with only 28 reviews 9000 with 13 reviews 22,000 with only 49 reviews right so there’s a lot of potential space to get into this niche right and this is a niche that you can actually add value to in certain ways maybe read the reviews there’s a lot of different you know there’s a lot of reviews here we see that this is only as a four average star so maybe you know you could go and read these the 12% that is a one-star review and make it better in some way to actually you know improve the product and do what I always say right you can’t just go and slap a five-dollar logo on a product anymore it’s expect to be successful on Amazon FBA you have to add value you have to add value to the marketplace you have to actually improve the product in some way and the best way to do that is to find profitable niches and then go and read the reviews see what people are not liking find a pattern and then when you communicate with your supplier tell them hey we need to improve X Y & Z and then your products will actually you know have a more of them how we’ll have more longevity when it comes to actually sustaining that profit in that niche alright guys in the next one that we’re actually going to look at is one called a wireless smart outlet soxhlet socket right so that’s actually kind of hard site so if we say a wireless smart outlet type it into Amazon what you guys will see is there’s a lot of evolving technology right like the people who first sold the USBC when amaz our excuse me when Apple actually changed their adapter we’re making a frickin fortune it was crazy right we see like a lot of people making a lot here with 700 reviews but then you see 15,000 with only 16 reviews 8000 with 26 reviews 13,000 with 25 reviews lots of space to get in here and if you literally just type in smart outlet what that works with the LexA plug timer home kit there’s so many different complementary and supplementary you know products that actually go along with these other products that you can actually profit on if you’re smart and if you think ahead you know what technology is going to be needed when Amazon creates a new thing like Alexa what technology is going to be needed when Apple changes all the charging ports for their computers right so if you start to like actually think about product research outside of actually doing product research that’s when these like golden you know diamond-in-the-rough products are going to come to you and you can be able to act quickly and then really capture the massive amount of you know initial buzz around these items alright guys and the last one we are going to go through is the first one that we talked about actually or the first one in the list excuse me which is hemp oil right hemp oil for pain relief is going to be the one that we’re going to take a look at so we’re going to put in hemp oil but like if we just press space we see for pain relief for dogs for anxiety capsules vapor pens for cats pills right like you literally type in for and then a anxiety autism anxiety ously be back pain bird’s body blood pressure see cats calming cooking cancer constipation Dee right people are literally typing in millions and millions of words and hemp oil has a lot of you know medical benefits according to a lot of people and so if you’re an Amazon seller figuring out how to actually utilize hemp oil for pain relief we see right here right and then you don’t have to go after the biggest words like hemp oil for pain relief we see a lot of people with 25 reviews here but if we run on the the Chrome extension we see people with you know a lot of reviews here if we sort by the lowest we see even the small guys have crazy revenue and this is a little bit too much revenue that I like to look at that’s why I wanted to show this product last right ninety one thousand one hundred and sixty-four thousand that’s going to attract too much attention but that’s because the overall keyword is hemp oil for pain relief that’s a massive keyword but if we type in hemp oil for pain relief space right then we could say capsules this is where you know I originally found gummies ons on keywords we see four dogs right so maybe hemp oil for pain relief our excuse me for dogs has a lesser dosage or has like other things or other considerations right and there’s so many different things that you could figure out for hemp oil just by saying hemp oil for and then just typing in face for F right e eczema are rosacea pee right like there’s pain relief pecs L like literally you can type in anything lashes large bead dogs lubrication right and oil for lubrication so there’s so many things that you guys can do and I just wanted to show you guys you know how I do product research I find initial ideas and then I go deeper down the rabbit hole so like I would look at this product here right and I would look at what is it commonly bought together with hemp oil turmeric right looks like all-natural cannabis hemp oil a lot of different stuff hemp relief look at all these products that Amazon is literally showing you are related compared with similar items and so really guys the moral of this story is I want to give you a gift right the top 50 best product niches going into now into 2019 and just as like a you know I feel like I don’t need to say this but don’t directly copy these and if you’re going to write do it fast and have a lot of money to do it because thousands of people are going to see this and you know if you’re smart you’re going to download this and get a lot of ideas from it right because the point of it is to show you successful products on Amazon it’s not for you to just directly copy these you want to figure out you know how did I find these why are they successful and then look at you know complementary products or use your own creativity and your own experience to find products similar to this that aren’t exactly the same guys so if you do want to claim your top 50 hottest products to sell on 24 20 19 all you have to do is two things tap the little like button and comment down below on this video what to sell on Amazon again what to sell on Amazon as a comment if we get five hundred comments guys I’m going to leave up the link first link in the description for you guys to grab your cheat sheet it will be a facebook messenger link so make sure you do have facebook Messenger installed so you can grab that for yourself and if you guys enjoyed this video as always guys make sure that you do show some love show some support I’m putting in a lot of effort like look at this friggin cheat sheet right here there’s literally so much here guys and I made this all for you guys I’m giving it to you 100% for free as always because I want you guys to be 100% successful so if you did enjoy this video if you did learn something then make sure you tap the little subscribe button turn on notification bells so that you will be the first person to be notified when we release brand-new the best ways to make money on the internet and take back your financial freedom guys and as always happy hustling [Music]


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