Avoid The “Tiny Detail Trap!” …Stay Flexible Get The Big Stuff Right!

Hey miles here miles Becker calm in this video you’re gonna learn why it’s so important to stay flexible and to stay focused on nailing the big stuff because ultimately there’s a handful of big things for you to do in your business over and over and over that are gonna create all of the results then there’s these little things the minutia the fine details that so many people get lost in and when you’re zoomed out enough from a big picture standpoint they actually don’t matter so let’s look at a real world example from the last video I just posted post a video about how to make SEO silos now it’s a way of structuring content and organizing content on your website to really help kind of boost the authority of a specific post so you can rank well for a difficult keyword phrase now I laid out a very clear structure where you link this post to that post and these posts do this and I’ll make sure that video pops up above my head here if you want to watch it definitely watch the video but here’s what happened inside of the comments so many people got hung up on the smallest of details and I can tell that they’re either a not taking any action at all or be hesitating to move forward on the big idea which you’ll learn in a second here because they can’t understand all of the little my new details from where they’re at right now but here’s the kicker if you do the big things right and just nail all of those pieces of content and you do an average at best job at the actual linking structure maybe you do three times too many links out and you only link half of them back up etc but you end up making 30 or 40 posts clustering a bunch of content on your site about this one idea you will have out worked and outperformed and optimized 90 plus percent of your competition and this is really the big takeaway and this is why I say stay flexible you will find that so many gurus try to brand their own way of doing things whether it’s the this the skyscraper method or the this method or the that method it really ultimately doesn’t matter that much the key to the whole SEO silo structure whatever linking and site organization and site architecture structure you use the key is to create lots of content right like that’s the only thing that actually matters sure if you’re going after a super specific keyword phrase like DUI lawyer San Diego you’re probably gonna need to bring out some big guns in the world of SEO but you also have to have dozens and dozens of posts and a lot of great content for all sorts of different keyword phrases around that topic too so if you just haven’t even started because you think it’s so difficult and you’re trying to understand the whole plan before you start that’s a very big problem and that is why you need to stay flexible so the biggest key is to get started to start publishing content if you’re doing an organic content marketing strategy you just have to be publishing the content can you improve how you cross link things how you structure or architecture that the basic content architecture within your website always there’s always going to be a further there’s always going to be room for you to improve the optimization of every single post that you ever create the big trick is to create all of the posts this is why I’m such a fan of the 90 day challenge it forces you through a daily deadline to publish something every day to really truly do the work every day and you might not be doing perfect title tags or perfect description tags or perfect internal linking you can always loop back and optimize and improve that in the future but what it does is it forces you to publish the content because that is one of the core things that a Content producer a niche authority site someone going after content marketing must do regardless of how well or how awesome they optimize each post regardless whether they’re using SEO silos or not so at the beginning I said that there’s generally a few things that you need a nail right nail the big things all the little stuff will fall into place all the small details will figure themselves out or they’re totally irrelevant and they’re not worth your mental stress and English and even your thought processes because the big things require your energy so here’s the example from me from miles Bechtler brand in this kind of video channel that you’re watching and ultimately the platform and the brand that I built here online there are literally a very few things that I actually need to stay focused on every single week or every day to keep my business moving forward number one YouTube videos I started by doing one hundred and twenty videos in a hundred and twenty days I shifted to three videos per week those are hard deadlines I have not missed my three videos per week for years the result I’m about to cross seventy thousand subscribers on this channel with zero dollars of paid advertising whatsoever 100 percent organic growth okay so that’s one of the big things I have to keep doing number two is getting this content on to my blog I don’t even do this work I’ve hired a team to take my videos and essentially transcribe them copy edit them put them on my blog because that’s the pillar that I own right I don’t own my YouTube channel I’m at the whims of YouTube in general I own my wordpress blog therefore I need to get that content there so that’s number two I don’t actually touch that one I pay money to make sure that is done number three is I am emailing my list every single day this helps me build relationships this helps me nurture the leads if you will and ultimately it helps me give my subscribers kind of experience with my teaching they get greater content they get more actionable content they get more help towards their goal of creating the business of their dream that helps them know like and trust me that brings us to the fourth big thing which is my content and conversion calm inner circle ultimately I need to go into my forums every single day and at least make touchpoints for every question I answer every question that pops up every day at least once per day right now I might be taking like a weekends off in the future so I might do that like five days a week and then I do I’m doing currently one livestream per week in the sales letter I said I was gonna do two per month so I’ve kind of doubled that up for my founding members just to really give a lot of value in this first month that the membership has been launched but that’s it like ultimately I’ve just covered my two dues right videos youtube videos emails this systems to get my YouTube content syndicated then it’s my membership then it’s you know making sure that my members are happy ultimately that’s four things that I actually have to do over and over and over now how is my YouTube SEO and how many characters and how many tags and do I use of it IQ or do I use any of those hey I don’t use any of those goofy tools they’re just trying to get money from you but ultimately it doesn’t matter I just keep making my videos I sometimes do keyword research and I sometimes keyword optimize them but sometimes I don’t write like other times I’m really really meticulous about it because it’s a really good video and I want it to rank well I don’t sweat the small stuff my emails is every email perfect does every email have a call-to-action do I follow the hero’s journey in every email of course not I do the best I can each and every day to ultimately give people a little kind of positive touch in their inbox every single day to really build and move that relationship forward inside of the membership program or my answers like awe inspiring every time no sometimes they’re as simple as a short three letter sent or a three word sentence that says Andrew Kirby really nailed this thanks Andrew you’ve helped out a bunch in there but a lot of the other members are actually answering with the appropriate answers and I just jump in to confirm that that is indeed the answer I would be after other times I write you know several paragraphs and longer answers sometimes I cut quick videos for people to point them in the right direction of showing them the different things or what I’m trying to explain like change your permalink structure I’ll cut a quick 9 second video to show them exactly how to do that because it’s the easiest way for me to communicate that idea but it doesn’t really matter right all that matters is I’m in there answering questions helping people make progress towards their ultimate goals now is there room in everything that I’m doing to really hyper optimize each and every step and am i leaving some optimization opportunities on the table 100% absolutely without a doubt and I will never get to a point or I’m not having this situation where I could potentially further optimize my content but here’s the real kicker the fact that my videos are still flowing out with a fervor pitch three times a week the fact that my blogging team is helping me put out more Khan my blog than I ever have before the fact that in the last 60 days I’ve sent out more emails to my list and I’ve ever sent out before and the fact that I’m in every day inside of my membership means my business is healthier than ever I’m making more money from this brand than I ever have before I got more members than I ever have before I’ve got more subscribers than I ever have before my traffic is up and my Youtube subscriber count in my traffic here on YouTube is all up and the reason everything is up and trending up is because I’m not sweating the small stuff I’m not super fine-tuning all of my silos I’ll teach you how to do that I’ll show you the architecture because it’s a good concept to understand but really if you just do an 80% job right you’re not a hundred percent whether you get 80% of the way there and your main focus is just contact content content and you really get that content out and you do your keyword research and you publish your keyword focused content day in and day out and you stick with that for a year it doesn’t matter how good your silos are it doesn’t matter if you have two or three or five links out from your top post it doesn’t matter all the little minutiae details because you’ve got the big picture thing right which is publishing the content over and over because the byproduct of getting the big things right is you become a better writer your voice really stands out you ultimately do become an expert in your niche because you’ve created more helpful and valuable content on that topic than anyone in the world right like all those little things are based on the compounding efforts of doing the big things over and over and those who are able to remain flexible and kind of ignore some of those small minutiae details that get us really lost and the oh I don’t know I need to read more blog posts and maybe there’s a course that would teach me this or maybe you need to ignore that do the little thing the big things write the content over and over and over maybe that’s actually enough for you to grow an audience for you to grow a list and for you to ultimately grow a business that’s how it’s worked for me that’s how it’s worked for my wife I’ve got hundreds of members inside of content and conversion com I’m helping with this same exact approach and one of the cool things is they’re able to ask me a question in the inside of the membership and I’m like that’s really irrelevant it actually doesn’t matter you could do it you could ignore it what really matters is doing your content every day or running your abs every and split testing your opt-in pages everyday or emailing your list every single day the big things matter the little things don’t say focus on the right things you stay flexible about those little things and that my new details knowing you can always go back you can always improve upon things everything is malleable in this world of internet marketing you will find that over the course of a couple of years you build a very big audience exactly like what I’ve done here in YouTube if you haven’t subscribed yet be sure to subscribe my next video that’s gonna be coming out is actually going to look at one of the next two I think it’s the next one it might be the one after you look at the 25 months of content marketing we’re gonna look at my analytics within my youtube channel the analytics on my blog so you get to see kind of from the broader picture we talked about now the specifics on what kind of numbers am i running through this machine I’ve created subscriber numbers traffic numbers etc and then I’ve got some really cool videos coming out of that give me a thumbs up if you enjoyed this video I know it’s kind of sometimes difficult to consciously ignore these minutiae details that a lot of the fake gurus try to make sound like they’re so so so important but if I can help you see the forest from the trees my friend and get you on the path of creation the path of being a content creator and really truly on the path of being service to an audience at large I know that you will create the success that you desire that’s the key get the big stuff done right on that note I’m gonna call it on this video give me a thumbs up engage how you want to engage hit me in the comments if you have a question or you just want to give me a shout-out or some props I appreciate it I’ll get back with you when I get a chance and until we connect again be well my friend

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