Earn Money Online Watching Video Commercials – (Hive Micro Review) 2019

Home-mates In this video Like what the title says Earn money while watching commercials This video is more on a review A lot is asking about this HiveWork Hive Micro HiveWork That was it’s name before Is it your first time to be here and you want to earn extra income online Click on the subscribe button and the bell to get notified for new uploads HiveWork is what we’ll review today When I tried it, it takes time to earn here It is legit and paying but it’s really hard to earn here It says Castle Global, but that’s HiveWork $10.55 It’s just easy to register here in HiveWork It’s up to you if you want to try it I tried it, but hardly earned enough I completed 45 tasks but only earned $0.18 To earn here at Hive Micro This is your dashboard These are the sample tasks that you can do here Bound the Drink, where you will box the drinks You’ll also see how many tasks are there Here, it’s just 10 tasks In this category, there’s only 10 that you can finish How much is the pay? $1.5 every 1,000 tasks This one is Yes or No Celebrity Type Category Here, you’ll just say what category it is then Yes or No Bounding box, where you’ll box roofs, cars, things like that They also have transcription, but the pay is really low It’s legit, but it’s hard to recommend because of low pay This is the sample we did, Commercial Labeling Just say if it’s a TV promo or Commercial, and what type If you’re not doing anything, you can watch commercials You’ll just add timestamp and categorize it You can do it in your free time Here, if you finish 1,000 tasks, the pay is $4 Commercial Labeling V3 $4 per 1,000 tasks Earning is zero and Task Completed is zero This is the dashboard of the Commercial Labeling task You’ll get the instructions and shortcut keys when you take the test They will give all that.

Let’s hide the commercial, it’s here on top The commercial is playing It looks like a usual player This red bar that you see, That’s the commercial that you need to get You will timestamp it first The whole length of that commercial From the time it started and the last frame of the commercial You will add timestamp then you will categorize it here That’s frame by frame Meaning, the very first frame of the commercial You’ll see I moved back the timestamp That’s where the first frame started They will teach you about that A quick sample I just played it, since it’s just one commercial The first one ended and we’re on a new commercial now We’ll adjust the timestamp You will add timestamp from the first frame to the end I also adjusted the timestamp for the last frame The very first frame and the last frame of that commercial should be timestamped The start and the ending You might not understand it at first But once you take the exam and read the instructions there, you’ll understand it better In the “Category”, just search for — usually for commercials, you’ll see the brand too It will show up there For example, Jollibee commercial Search here, “Jollibee” Once it shows on the result, click on “Jollibee” I already saw the exact commercial brand Then click on “Next” Once you clicked “Next”, you’re all done This is another example Again, only the commercial within the red mark There could be a TV program on the other part or it can also be other commercials This whole duration can also be three commercials And sometimes, the whole duration is just for one commercial For example, it’s TV program-commercial-commercial, Just timestamp the one inside the red mark The specific commercial within the red mark Timestamp the start and end of that commercial The very last frame will be the one to timestamp then categorize it If you don’t want to do more task anymore, click “X” Here, I was able to finish 9 commercials My earnings is $0.04 That’s only less than 10 pesos That’s the reason why I’m not really recommending it Although it is legit and paying This proof of payment is from a viewer The referral in the description is hers as well I don’t have a referral link here, it’s hers If you use referral link you’ll get — ^$0.5 bonus every $5 earning only until you $25 earning If you don’t want to use a referral link, you can go directly to the website But you will not receive a bonus even you reach $5 They are paying via PayPal, go to “Payroll” The minimum payment threshold is $2 Click on “Update your payment settings” Enter your PayPal e-mail here And for you to unlock these microjob tasks, Click on “Take qualification test” on each of them Whatever you want there, you need to take qualification test Note that the qualification test is quite long too It lasts from 10 to 30 minutes Sometimes it can go up to 40 mins It’s not just a five-minute test The more test you qualified for, the more task you get These are the task of the one who shared this to us Name that movie — she finished 3645 tasks She’s just naming the movie She earned a total of $8.9 I can suggest this if you are really bored Just do Name that movie or Name that commercial But as a main source of income, I am not really recommending it Just because the payment is really low, you can’t just guess your answers You’ll get banned, it’s up to 8 banned That’s if your accuracy drops because you’re only guessing If you want me to try something, comment it down And if you are already earning on a website you know, we can use your referral code send me an e-mail Thank you for watching Homemates See you next time

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