Full Training: How to Sustainably Scale Your Business

– Hey there, it’s Scott Oldford and if you’re looking to scale up your business that’s at 50,000, 100,000, 150,000, $200,000 a month, I wanna bring you through some of the concepts, some of the things that you should be thinking about. So really this is about going nuclear or what I call the nuclear effect which is essentially all the systems in your business working the right way and working together. So there’s really six major reasons why you can’t scale; it comes down to your marketing, comes down to your sales, your client delivery, your operations team, your finances and of course, your mindset.

Now I’ve talked about this a lot, the six pillars of a multi seven-figure business but this is so important because if you look at this, every single thing, every single problem that you have in your business and if you want, right now, just take open a notepad and take these six parts, put it over and later on, after you’ve watched this video, I want you to do a very quick exercise which is take everything from your head that’s a problem in your business or even like an anxiety, something on your mind and start putting it under these six categories. So every single business, what you have to realize about building businesses, you never actually have less problems when you build a business. I think there’s this mentality, maybe because of Instagram or Facebook, we’re like someday it’s all going to get better, someday it’s all gonna get easier, someday it’s all gonna get whatever that idea is or concept is in your mind.

But all it actually comes back to is the fact that someday you’re gonna have a new problem and someday you’re gonna have a new opportunity, so you get the option to be able to look at it as a challenge or you get the option to be able to look at it as an opportunity. But every single one of these things are gonna be in these six buckets. So if you don’t have enough customers, then it’s gonna go back to marketing. If you don’t have the ability to close enough people into sales, it’s gonna be your sales.

If your client delivery sucks, people aren’t gonna stick around which means your lifetime value is going to be low, which means that from a finances perspective, you’re gonna be in a little of a bad place and from a marketing perspective, you’re gonna be in a little bit of a bad place, now the interesting thing is every single one of these interconnect, so mindset of course, interconnects the whole thing. One of the biggest reasons why most people cannot scale up their business is because their mindset is stuck on things that allow them to get to where they’re to but not into the next place. This is a reason why most people get stuck at seven figures.

This is the reason why people only increase their business by 10 or 20% on a year-by-year basis is because of their mindset, not because of their operations, not because of marketing, not all these different types of things because all of these things are reliant upon your mindset; being able to be dialed in. And the mindset of a multi-millionaire and the mindset of somebody that’s being able to build a business and almost scale the mountain per se, is very different than somebody that just gets from 5,000 a month to 25,000 over a year or two or whatever it might be. So the second piece of this is the financial side.

I think there’s the other kind of lie where you think there’s gonna be like 12 months or 18 months or two years worth of cash in the bank, waiting and growing your business. And I’m gonna talk about this a little bit but the more you grow, you have two options, you have the option of growth and you have the option of profit. And the problem is that most people think they can profit a lot while growing a lot. That’s typically not true. I’m not saying that that’s not always true but you also gotta realize that most people take on investment. And if you’re here and you’re an online entrepreneur, more than likely, you haven’t taken on investment from a seed round or anything outside of maybe a loan or credit cards or whatever it might be. And from a financial perspective, all of these things, again, rely upon the financial model that you’re going with, how much are you willing to risk? What are you willing to put on the line to be able to grow the business? How much profit do you want at the end of the year? What profit margin do you want? All of those financial questions then lead back to these here, being able to be either solved or not solved.

So typically what I see is entrepreneurs that realize that money is the, I’ll say cheapest currency, are the ones that are able to grow their business the quickest. And what I mean by that is realizing that money is fuel to be able to grow the business and if you grow the business properly, that’s going to come back to you with a real return on investment and it’s not about… The biggest difference between a business that’s at a quarter million, half a million, million dollars a year and one that’s at five million a year and really growing is they are looking into the future a year to three years instead of looking at every single month, having more and more profit every single month. These are two of the biggest reasons why the other four don’t happen because if you really look at it, have a marketing problem, listen that’s easy to solve. We’re gonna talk about that today. You have a sales problem, again, easy to solve. Every single one of these problems inside of these four parts of the business are very, very quote-unquote, easy problems.

Yes, they might need to require hiring someone, getting a mentor, getting an advisor, getting a consultant, whatever it might be but those issues, when we really come back to it are all solvable things, all things that you can solve. But it comes back to being able have the right mindset around it and then being able to understand what you’re comfortable with from a financial side. So these are reasons you can’t scale or the pillars or levers that you can pick or push-pull to be able to scale. So the common hamster wheel that people get themselves into, like reasons why people get on this so-called hamster wheel, doesn’t matter if you got six figures, seven figures, multi seven figures, I see a lot of entrepreneurs get in a lot of different hamster wheels.

So the first one is launching all the time, so launching every couple of months. So you’re always on this launch hamster wheel where you get an infusion of cash, you grow a little bit, infusion of cash, grow a little bit, have a bad launch, had to go like go back, let a few people go, launch again, so on and so forth. So the second hamster wheel which sometimes can be related to launching is the massive ups and downs. So you go out, you get a bunch of clients, you have you do a delivery, go back out again, up and down, one of your Facebook ad campaigns or Instagram campaigns works for a little while then it doesn’t again.

And so essentially, what this really comes to is that business kind of happens in this up and down, up and down, up and down. At any time you’re in a place, where you don’t have a ton of cash in the bank and you have to be sort of predicting the future in some way, it’s really hard to scale your business when things are constantly up and down, up and down, up and down; instead of a steady growth curve, over the span of say, three to four months. Then from this, as well, they’re not really like growth stacking or what I’ll say being able to being in a place where they are stacking their wins or stacking the different things that they’re doing to grow the business.

So most entrepreneurs have gotten to a million or two million, they’re not in a bunch of different channels, they’re not utilizing referrals, they’re not utilizing organic traffic, they’re not utilizing the ability to have a monthly recurring revenue side of the business on the backend of the business. So they’re so focused on the one thing because they don’t have the capacity to do more and they don’t have the team to do more and sometimes they don’t have the knowhow to be able to do more.

So the fourth reason, of course, is they can’t afford to scale. So I went back to the finance part just a moment beforehand, the reason most people cannot scale is because they can’t afford to scale; meaning they can’t afford the marketing, they can’t afford the sales, they can’t afford a salesperson, their product doesn’t cost enough so they don’t have a high enough margin on their actual product. Really what it comes down to is if you’re going to scale, you have to scale something that’s profitable because if not, you’re gonna end up broke and you’re gonna end up in debt. I’ve been there, I know it, it hurts, don’t want you to ever do that.

So the fifth one I see a lot of the time is an entrepreneur’s at 50k a month, 100k a month, they know what got them there but they have no idea what to do. They have no idea do I fix marketing, do I focus my attention on client delivery so that I get more referrals and I get higher retention so I have a better lifetime value, what do I do with this? So it just comes from the fact that you’ve never done this before and when you haven’t ever done anything before and there’s no textbook on hey, here’s what to do, then it becomes really difficult to be able to scale. I’ll say the next one is the spaghetti method which is the opposite of I don’t know what to do and I can’t afford to scale.

This is more along the lines of you do everything and you say yes to everything and you’re trying 20 different strategies all at the same time. So you’re like scrolling through Facebook, looking at all the marketing people, all the business growth experts and you’re like yeah, I’ll do this and I’ll do this and I’ll do this; hey, guess what happens? Most of it fails, not because they weren’t good methodology but because you didn’t really focus on one or two. So you always wanna be able to not necessarily go with the spaghetti method and wanna go with more of a strategic methodology at the end of the day. Seventh, of course, market changes. The market changes, especially online, so quickly. What worked on Facebook six months ago doesn’t work anymore, what worked two years ago in client delivery doesn’t work anymore. These things changed so quickly so often and if you’re not looking really into the future or you’re having someone to guide you into the future to know exactly what it is that you need to be doing, it’s really hard to have that outlook.

The other thing is when you’re like in your business, when you’re not really like looking outward and you’re not looking into the two years, this stuff creeps up on you and like slaps you in the face when you don’t even know what’s gonna come. And so this is, a lot of the time, this is what I see where a webinar worked for three years and then something came out and just slapped him in the face and they’re like whoa, what happened when it was completely, like we knew it was going to happen, we knew that that was gonna happen in the market at some point and so a lot of it comes from market changes that people aren’t planning on.

And then of course, the last one, it’s just straight-up burnout. There’s only so long you can do everything. If you don’t elevate yourself from being in your business, if you do not elevate yourself so that you have a machine inside of your business and so that you have to always be doing everything. If you are going to be in a place where their is stress response every single day, entrepreneurs have more fight-or-flight response, have more adrenal fatigue than pretty much anybody else. We have so much stress, so much responsibility that’s on us. So if you don’t get out of the business and we’re gonna talk about this at the fifth level of the Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, with your self-actualization. If you do not get out of your business, if you do not implement some of the stuff that I’m gonna be talking about today, I guarantee you, at some point, might be a year from now, might be three years from now, you are going to face burnout.

I see it every single day. And when you face burnout, no amount of money, it just doesn’t matter, you don’t even care about money anymore. You’re away from having the tiger on you but you just wanna sleep because you went past your body’s ability to stabilize. And you can do that for a while. You can do that for a while but what if there’s a better way so that you don’t have to burnout? What if you could build a business that allows you to be a real business and have a real business because most entrepreneurs, the problem is most entrepreneurs run a business like a hustle, they run a business like a job.

If you take yourself out of the business, and ask yourself this question, if you go from your business for a month, what happens? Does the business blow up? Does the business stabilize? Is the business growing? Until your business automatically grows with the system that you’ve created, you do not really have a business. You have a good paying job, you’re cool. Your families thinks you’re cool, your friends think you’re cool. Yes, there’s a lot of advantages but I’m in the business and I’m in the belief system that you need to be building a systematic way to deliver value that automatically grows over time. I’m not saying that that’s going to take a small amount of time and that’s not going to take a lot of effort and I’m not gonna say that most entrepreneurs never get there, 100%, most entrepreneurs never get to a million dollars in revenue. You have a 4% chance at being able to have a million dollar business. That’s seven figures, so one, six zeroes. If you go past that, you have even a smaller chance of having a systematic business that grows, without you, being the founder, being there, driving the growth every single day of your life.

And that becomes a lot of burnout and creates a lot of problem for you as a human being. Because instead of being a human being, you end up being a human doing. And human doing this is not really what we were supposed to do here on earth, in my opinion. So if you’re here, if you’re watching this still, you might be thinking all this sounds intense. And entrepreneurship is by far, is the most intensive personal development I’ve ever done in my entire life.

If I look at any career I could go with, anything that I did, this is by far the most difficult thing I could have ever done and it’s the same for any entrepreneur that’s out there. So when it really comes to this, what is the reason, why is seven figures so important? Why seven plus figures so important? So here’s the first kind of thing I’m gonna tell you right off the bat. This like prized place of like one million dollars in revenue is like complete BS. Your lifestyle between 250k a year to one million a year, nothing’s gonna change. The only way that’s gonna change is if it took you 10 years to get to a million dollars. Because any time you’re growing fast, you’re putting the money back into the business. Now if you really look at it, if you look at paying taxes, paying your people, taking all care of absolutely everything; this basically gets you to a point of having like a nice cushy job in a nice place, living a good life.

I had someone the other day, this was brilliant and they said, “I realized that I had to be rich “because I wanted to be comfortable. “And in order to be comfortable, you gotta be rich.” And I was like, “That’s some shit right there. “That is some shit right there.” Now here’s my belief on this, the reason I wanna be wealthy and the reason why I want you to be wealthy is because of this. So if you ever go on Google, type in Maslow’s hierarchy of needs, not sure if you’ve ever, of course, we teach this in some school systems and so on and so forth.

But there’s essentially five of them. There’s the sixth level, we won’t talk about that today. We’ll talk about the fifth level. Now I’m not gonna go deep, deep, deep, deep into this today. It might be a session for another training at some point but most entrepreneurs are basically to the point of having, they have a place over their head, at this point, if you’re at 50,000 a month, if you’re at $100,000 a month, you’re basically around here. So everything’s taken care of, you have money but there’s still stress, there’s still stress. You have love and perhaps affection that might be from yourself or somebody else or whatever might be. Now most entrepreneurs, most people, regardless how much money you make, the goal’s always get to the top level which is self-actualization. The goal of that’s not to get to that, not so you can go buy a car, to buy the car you want and the house you want. But self actualization, this is really interesting, funny thing to you and it essentially makes it so that when you wake up in the morning, you not only know yourself, your authentic self.

You not just only know what you actually wanna do in this world; not what the world has told you, not the belief system of the world that has told you but actually you and this actually brings it to what you actually care about. Because more likely, the business that you’re in right now is not really, if you had $10 million in your bank account, more than likely, eight of 10 people that are watching this video, maybe you right now, you probably wouldn’t do this, what you’re doing right now in your business. That’s the truth. Now that hits you in the face, slaps you in the face, that’s okay. What got you here and what will get you there won’t get you to the next place. That’s why you can have the ability to sell businesses or transition businesses or whatever might be but none of this can happen until you look at your bank account and be like I’m good. None of this can happen until you can be like I’m good and not only am I good but my family is good. And this can’t happen until you then go out and say you know what, my community is good.

And then at that point, you can basically change whatever you want in this world. Entrepreneurs are the people that actually really change things. And we have the power to be able to do that. It’s why our mission in our company is to be able to help entrepreneurs change the world and solve the world’s problems by solving the entrepreneur’s problems and I think that that’s really cool because that ties directly back to why having a multi-million dollar business is so successful and why being a multi-millionaire, an actual multi-millionaire is so important because it changes how you look at the world. It changes your perspective of the world. And as soon as your perspective of the world changes and as soon as you realize the belief systems that you had are not true, as soon as you realize that your value system may be a little bit different than it actually is, once you realize that money is the largest amplifier for everything; good or bad.

And that if you are a good person, you are going to become a better person. Once you realize all of this, it becomes really easy to be motivated to have a multi-million dollar business. And I know for me, it is what motivates me to work with all of the entrepreneurs that I work with, a lot of people just like you. It’s not because I want them to have nice cars and nice houses and to be amazingly cool influencers on Instagram, I really don’t care about that. I care because we’re living in a time in our world where things are really interesting and fun and weird and I don’t believe in the government to fix that. I believe in people like you and me over the next 50 years are gonna do it but we’re only gonna do it if we build a foundation today.

But this is really difficult because you’re not a CEO. More than likely, if you’re watching this, there’s a 95% chance that you’re really not a CEO. Now you might call yourself a CEO, the chief executive officer but you’re probably not. What you’re really are is an entrepreneur. Now an entrepreneur is driven from creativity. They’re driven from connection. They’re driven from learning new things and seeing the world in an interesting way. You value thinking, you value flow, you value having your calendar open so you can just think and be. Entrepreneurs are the best people to be able to do absolutely nothing and make the most amount of money from doing it. One time, one of my mentors, this is when I was 18 years old and I was very, very fortunate to have a mentor that was a billionaire and I never understood what he said at the time, I just laughed it off but a few years ago, I really got it.

And he said, “Scott, your job as an entrepreneur “is to have your feet on the desk doing nothing “as much as possible.” Now I thought that was an arrogant thing of him to say but it’s actually the accurate thing that an entrepreneur should do. It’s the reason I’m not the CEO of my company because I’m better at being able to form partnerships. I’m better at being able to innovate. I’m better at being able to look at the big picture and be able to understand where we’re going and being able to connect with the people that are needed to get there.

It’s doing things like this on video, it’s being able to connect with you as an entrepreneur that need the help of my business, just like you’re likely the same type of person. So entrepreneurs aren’t CEOs but right now, you’re playing both sides, you’re working in the business but you’re working on the business but you’re doing the creative and you might be doing the Instagram posts and the Facebook posts and being the influencer and doing all these different types of things and here’s the thing, you have to stop at some point and zero in on the zone of genius.

If you wanna have a multi-million dollar business, it doesn’t happen by doing all the things. It’s by doing what you do incredibly well. It’s your level of mastery that makes the ability to monetize and help the people that need your help because all that monetization and scaling up really means is you’re scaling up how much impact and you are directly, this is a really important, you are directly compensated by the amount of value that someone both receives and perceives that they have received. And that is how business works. And so one of the biggest things that I’m gonna be talking about with Project Nuclear in a little bit is you going from being an entrepreneur to going back to being an entrepreneur because in some lifecycle, we have to become the CEO of our business and then we need to hire somebody to operate as that COO or that operations person or whatever it might look like based on how much revenue you’re generating.

Oops. So one of the biggest parts of being an entrepreneur and being in your business is like you gotta have four hats. So a while ago, I published this on the Entrepreneur Magazine and essentially said there’s four different hats, you gotta put on. There’s actually a lot more but the four direct hats you gotta put on. So you have the entrepreneur, you have the investor, the CEO and the owner. Now essentially, whenever you’re making a decision, you’ve gotta put the right hat on. So if you’re looking at your profit and loss statements, do not bring the entrepreneur to that that conversation. Because the entrepreneur is like who cares about the, I’ll make more money, I’ll figure it out, the whole nine yards. So whenever you’re in a financial discussion, you wanna be more the investor or more the business owner. But then when it comes to say, for example, marketing and you’re figuring out the next marketing campaign, you do not wanna bring the investor, you probably don’t even wanna bring the owner, you wanna be the entrepreneur or the innovator that type of thing.

So here’s why I talk about this, if you run your business and you wanna scale your business up and you wanna go from 50k a month to 100k a month or a 100k a month to 300,000 a month, your job is essentially put these hats on and take them off when needed based on the six pillars that I showed you later. So you do not bring the entrepreneur to finance meetings, you do not bring the entrepreneur to client delivery meetings. You gotta be the all these four people because when you have a company that’s 20 million a year, you’re gonna be the entrepreneur, you’re gonna be the owner but you’re not gonna be the CEO and you’re really not gonna be necessarily the investor but at that point, where you’re two right now, you gotta be all four of these. The problem that people have when scaling and just another issue, another opportunity for you to evolve is you pick one of these and you go all-in and then you look at all your problems, all your challenges, all your opportunities with one lens.

And when you do it with just one lens, you’re essentially shorting yourself and shorting the potential because if you looked at your financials as the investor, you are probably gonna manage your financials better. If you manage your financials wearing the entrepreneur, you’re gonna suck because entrepreneurs, we don’t really care about money for the most part. So I wanted to add this in here for you because this is like you draw this graph, put it on your wall and be like alright, where am I gonna make this decision today? If I’m doing finances, am I over right here? If I’m doing marketing, am I over here? And essentially, use it to think about how you’re making decisions because it’s really important how you make decisions. And to that, it’s really important that you make the right decision at the right time. The right decision at the wrong time will bankrupt you. The right decision at the right time is what builds successful companies. So I want to talk about the typical growth patterns inside of the business.

So essentially, most businesses grow a little bit like this. If your business is like this, you’re basically, your ability to make the right decisions, you have no ability to make the right decisions. Unless you have money in your savings account, you’re gonna go in debt by having this growth pattern. So this is launch model, this is you doing the sales. This is you managing the finances. This is you spending money out of your business like it’s your bank account, your piggy bank. This is the typical growth pattern of a business which is oh my god, we don’t have money, let’s go make some more money, let’s do some promotions. Alright, we got money, cool, everything’s great. Two months later, we’re down there, ooh, uh-uh. This is how most businesses, it sucks, this sucks! How can you hire people? How can you make the right financial decisions? How can you spend money on ads the right way? This is basically looking at your bank account, being like oh I have X number of dollars…

We all have threshold, right? We all have financial threshold. A lot of people have a financial threshold; first, it’s $50,000 in the bank and then it’s 250,000 in the bank and then it’s a million dollars in the bank and if it goes below it, we freak out, we try to go create some stuff and it motivates us again. So this is kind of like the the lion trying to find its business model.

Now here is the problem with this business model; most entrepreneurs actually enjoy this business model. Because if we had a business model that grew like this or even an exponential curve like this, we’d get bored. Here’s the truth about growing your business: growing your business is boring. Growing your business is doing a lot of things over and over and over over and over again, in repetitions. Another mentor of mine actually said this to me about five years ago, four years ago, sorry. He said, “Scott, I didn’t get rich from doing innovation.

“I got rich by having repetitions.” Because what do I wanna do? I’m still like this, I’m not gonna say that I’m any better than anybody else. This here, I would much rather that because I’m on a new mountain. There’s a new mountaintop every three months. Let’s go on the mountaintop and what do entrepreneurs do? We are fueled by the next mountain. We are fueled by the journey, by the adventure. We wanna say that we’re fueled by impact and everything else and in a way, we are. But most people that are not on the fifth level, the hierarchy of needs, self-actualization; this is where they stay. This here is when you have to keep on firing employees, team members because you don’t have enough money. This is when you’re looking at your ad spend and sweating each day when you’re spending money and you don’t know when it’s gonna come back. If you want a real business, this is not possible. You do not grow a business this way. This is how you get adrenal fatigue. This is how you just honestly, you blow it up and you go nomadic and you say screw it to everything.

I did that, that’s why I’m using the example. You know what I mean? This here, I know it doesn’t work because I am experiment number one, doesn’t work, guarantee you, I have seen so many other entrepreneurs do it. I mentor people every single day to try to get them out of this. If you can’t get this nice growth curve, at least get the exponential growth curve, for God’s sakes. This one here, this one just… You are better than it and if you can’t figure out a way to get your kicks and your dopamine hits in some other way like go start skydiving, scuba-diving, get a family, something, because I guarantee you, this here is the way to grow a business. This right here. This here is what all the entrepreneurs do that are on Instagram making themselves look a lot better than they actually are. Cool, all right. So this is the part of the conversation where I tell you and two things, this is a part of conversation where I’m way more fun than the first part of the conversation.

Second part, this is the part where I tell you how I can help you. So no crazy NLP marketing stuff here, just me telling you how I can help and what I do that has helped dozens upon dozens of entrepreneurs scale multi-million dollar businesses. And here’s what I realized, here’s what I realized. And here’s what we do inside of Project Nuclear. If you don’t know what Project Nuclear is, I’ll tell you about it in a minute and you can decide if it sucks or it’s great, up to you, really.

So essentially there’s four different main phases that someone needs to go through to be able to really scale a sustainable, scalable multi seven-figure business. So not a business that’s going up and down, you have a month of 400,000, a month of 100,000, month of 500,000, a month of 200,000. So first off, and if you don’t know what the ROI method is, I’m not gonna go into it today. You can search in your browser, we might have a link there,, you can go into the rabbit hole, all it is it is a methodology for marketing and sales. Here’s the thing if you cannot get your marketing and sales automatic and you don’t have people that are willing to work with you and you’re getting a steady flow of perfect clients looking to pay the perfect price, that have a connection to you and your brand, you can’t scale a business.

I mean you could scale a hustle but you can’t scale a business without that. So the first part is being able to get your messaging in, your positioning, your offer, omnipresence and ROI stands for relevancy, omnipresence and intimacy. So essentially, I say the best way to be able to market to someone is to be relevant to them. So to have the right messaging, have the right offer, the right positioning, the right unfair advantage, all these different types of things. Then, create this blue ocean approach so you’re relevant to these types of people and then show up to them all the time and the omnipresence and the intimacy utilizes a lot of different scientific, psychological behaviors and functions that we know work because there’s so much science backed up in it and so much research backed up in it. So I created a methodology to make it so that you understand how to make it work really well and if you implement that, you create the first level of baseline. So you have a bunch of people that wanna work with you. So what happens when you have a bunch of people who wanna work with you? Then the rest of the business literally deteriorates in front of your eyes.

So now the problem is you have an operations and delivery and team problem. And again, I’m not gonna go into this today but the ALPS protocol, the ALPS protocol, essentially is what we’ve developed to be able to help you on the operations, client, delivery to be able to make it so that you have all these people coming in, wanting what you have and now we ought to be able to create a system to be able to deliver it because I guarantee if you have 50,000 a month, 100,000 a month. If I tell you know what, Paul, how many new clients could you take or how many more leads do you need? Typically, most of the time, if I say hey, I can give you and this happens a lot. And this is why we developed this protocol, we launched this methodology, it broke so many people’s businesses, we had to launch a second methodology to fix the fact that everyone’s businesses kept on breaking from having too many leads and too many people wanting to work with them.

So first we fix the marketing and sales problem then we fix the operations and team problem. Then after that, so after you have marketing and sales, I don’t wanna say fixed, I’ll say accelerated, we then wanna be able to accelerate the backend. And then we implement the playbook. Now the playbook’s essentially how everything works because if you have to be the one that knows how everything works and your team is not empowered, if you don’t have the right culture, if you don’t have the right systems and processes in every single part of your business, everything from your finances to your operations, to your client delivery, things are gonna break down and they’re gonna continually come back to you but worse off, it’s gonna make it really difficult to be able to scale up in a profitable way.

So the whole idea here is that things get more and more profitable. When you put marketing out at first, it’s gonna be less profitable but you have the right client delivery, right operations, you’re gonna have higher lifetime value. It’s going to allow you to build ascension levels. It’s gonna be able to allow you to build in monthly reoccurring revenue because you don’t wanna just have a revenue that’s coming in every single month, you want monthly reoccurring revenue. You wanna be able have continuity programs. You wanna be able to wake up every single, the day that I woke up and I had more money coming in on a monthly reoccurring revenue than my expenses was the day that my business just became so easy for me because everything I did was now working on a profitable endeavor or a profitable advantage.

And then finally, is the machine. So here’s basically what happens and I know I’m front pacing this a little bit and I’m trying to lead you in to the whole idea that Project Nuclear is the best idea for you if you’re over $50,000 a month in your online business; quite honestly, that is the truth. The reason I have conviction, the reason I’m telling you this because I don’t think there’s anything else out there better than this for being able to scale an online business.

If it was, I’d either acquire it or I’d partner with them. So quite honestly, from all the results I’ve seen and everything I’ve seen out there, it’s just literally the best. Now, the playbook creates the operational side and the backend side. The machine allows you to get out. So you build the business, the machine allows you to get out because if entrepreneurs work more than 10 hours, five to 10 hours per week in their business even on their business, they start going completely wonky, especially once you get the two million, three million, four million on a yearly basis.

Because once you get to a point where you have more money than you need, you have to figure out a reason why to keep working because here it’s easy. But if you do not get to having it as a machine that is ran by somebody else, inside of the business, if you do not get to a place where you have the right help from a mindset perspective, you’re gonna do what I did which is completely go off the rails and thankfully, that happened back in the past and I’m not blowing up businesses anymore. Because you see, we wanna build businesses where you don’t have to blow it up. We wanna build businesses that are based upon you, your authentic self but also not reliant upon you. You gotta realize that there’s a difference between you being the business owner and of course, you being the business and that is the difference here. So overall and inside of Project Nuclear, we do this just over a year, where we bring you through this four-step process, each part is four months and essentially, what we do is we bring you through the four phases of being able to stabilize the front, the marketing, stabilize the backend and then of course, be able to build a sustainable and really self-sufficient business that delivers value on a day-by-day basis, regardless of what you are bringing into the business itself.

It doesn’t mean that you’re retiring anytime soon. It just means it allows you to build a business better and if you’re anything like me, once you get to the machine level, you’re like alright, what else can I do? What else do I really wanna do? And this is what led me to being here right now and talking to you right now because I realized, you know what, if I wanna be able to change the world, I have to have thousands of people like me that are really value-centric and that are wanting to be able to be amplifiers in our world and to be more than just an entrepreneur and that only happens when you have a business that’s profitable, that’s sustainable and that’s scalable that doesn’t rely on you being there 50-60 hours a week because that’s not the life that anybody wants to live.

And that’s not the life where you’re living up to your fullest potential. So what do you do? So you know what you need to do, you have all these different pieces, you need to be working on the pillars, you need to be working on all these type of stuff so what do you do? So what I did over the past number of years, I hired mentors and coaches and advisors and therapists and went to masterminds and events and all these different types of things. The list is endless, how much money you have to spend in order to grow and know what to actually do and then have the mindset to be able to do it and then figure out the finances, it’s a lot, it’s a ton. And all these people cost a lot of money, mentors and all these different types of people.

Also don’t forget about hiring the actual support you need for the implementation side and then you don’t even know do I even have the right strategy? And is this strategy just something that I made up and I think it’s gonna work because I might be a little delusional and I don’t know if this is gonna work because remember, entrepreneurs we’re really good at being delusional, we’re really good at being in reality distortion field. So what do you do? This is the part of this conversation where I’m like hey, Project Nuclear, you should probably apply! So it’s why created Project Nuclear. So origin story time. I kept on working with people, kept on mentoring people. And they kept on having a lot of success. And so whenever people have success, the word travels and so on and so forth but I have a problem. People need more than mentoring, people need coaching, people need advisory, people need help on all the pillars.

Got to tell you and I’ll be very honest with you, not great at operations, not great at finance. I’m really good at marketing, really good at sales, really good at mindset. Out of the pillars, the three pillars, those are the ones that I’m really good at but you know what, there’s other people out there that are really good at those other things. So what I decided about over a year ago now, I decided I was gonna take all the pieces, I was gonna take all the pieces so that I was able to create a business growth accelerator, not a mastermind, not a program, not a curriculum but an accelerator. So I looked at how does Silicon Valley do this? How does tech companies do this? And I brought this back so being able to of course, have masterminds, being able to have all the components that you need from an accelerator.

So having a mentor, having coaches, having people there that have been able to do this. And so we’ve built an entire team that allows for implementation support. We’ve built masterminds for in-person, we’ve built an online community, we’ve built an entire infrastructure to be able to take entrepreneurs that are at 50,000, 100,000 up to $250,000 a month and being able to, in a systematic way, bring them through a year-long process that takes a lot of work to be able to build your hustle, to be able to build your business into being a real business, one that distributes value every single day.

At the end of the day, I didn’t wanna create a scenario, I didn’t wanna create another mastermind, I didn’t wanna create another coaching program. I wanted to create what I needed when I was at a million or two million dollars a year in my business. And I always searched for it and there was always this piece and always that piece and always this piece but there’s nobody that was able to take really, a group of people that we’ve done and a group of entrepreneurs to help the next generation of entrepreneurs. And that’s what we’ve done with Project Nuclear. And I’m really proud of what we’ve been able to do here because this is not just some other program. This is not you just going in and just going through. This is the level of intimacy and the type of people that you need to be able to scale up because if you try to scale up by yourself, it’s really difficult. I failed and went a million dollars in debt doing it. I’ve tried it many times. I’ve had a lot of failures. I had a lot of good things but overall, I knew there was a better way to do this.

I knew there was a better way to be able to take somebody in, that’s at 50,000-100,000 and be able to help them scale up and you know what, I was right and that’s what we’ve been able to do. Time and time again, when a person has the right business, when a person is the right person, when it is the right market and they have the right values alignment, we’re able to systematically scale them over the span of a year. And we’ve been able to see it time and time again. And we have lots of results that we can share with you to show that, which may or may not be on this page, depending on where you view this video. I want you to apply for Project Nuclear if you’re generating above $50,000 a month.

I want you to apply for Project Nuclear if you want more than just a piggy bank to utilize on a month by month basis. I want you to apply for project nuclear if you’re done just being an influencer on the internet. I want you to apply for Project Nuclear if you wanna actually have a business that someday, you can sell. I want you to be in Project Nuclear if you’re ready to have the commitment and look at yourself in the mirror and actually know that yes, I want to have a business that supplies not just the lifestyle I want, not just the impact I want but it literally gets me to the place so I can wake up any morning and be like I’m doing what I was supposed to do here on planet earth because we need more people like that.

And the more you have a profitable business, the more you can be the truest, most authentic version of you. So all the details are probably either above this video, below this video wherever it might be; whether it’s through the application or reaching out to me, take a look at this, take a serious look at this and if you’re ready, apply today and let’s see if this works for you because I know there’s nothing out there that can do this. I know there’s no group of people out there that can do this better than us. And it’s time for us to be able to help you scale the mountain. I’ll see you soon. .

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