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Hi here’s, A quick video to show you how the GT metrics speed website works. This is a tool that enables you to test the speed of your website. How fast your pages download and so on.

Now this is another great tool, they’re all slightly different there are a few and you never quite get the same score with them all. Because they check the different things. But there’s no this is nonetheless a great tool and I’m going to show you why.

Right now let me just take a copy of my URL, my test website which I want to put in there. And let’s click analyze.  Now the reason I like this – oh by the way it tests from Vancouver in Canada that’s the only location as far as I know and maybe if you log in or you sign up you get different locations. I don’t actually know that, I only use the free version which is what you see right here. I’ll put a link to that under the video but as I say this tests only from Vancouver and my website is hosted in the UK with the UK host and it’s not being served globally through something like Loffler. So obviously somebody in canada when experienced a slightly longer loading time than somebody who’s closer to let’s say London.

So here are the results the fully loaded time is 3.3 seconds which is not bad the PageSpeed score is a great be 82 percent. The why slow score is be as well be great 83%, this shows you the total page size and the number of requests. As I said this is a test website it’s a pretty light website it has some big images on the page which I deliberately put there to create a bit of weight, just to be able to throw something at the test.

Under your performance scores you have a detailed breakdown of what’s working good and what isn’t. For example you can see here that most of it is a grade a most of it scores 100 95 92. What it sees a problem with here is service scaled images and that’s a great. And I can click on that and actually bring down that section and get the where else to the actual images that are causing the problem. I can actually click on each of these URLs, go to those images download them to my desktop, open them up in the graphic editor and save them as web images. I could then upload them to my website.  I could then run it to like WP Smush to remove all the metadata from that image. That would make a huge difference.

But the point here is that without a speed test tool like this, you can only guess sometimes that what it is that’s causing a bottleneck on that page download time. With this you run a test and you can identify what the problems are and then you can address them one by one. You also get a waterfall here which actually shows you split second by one millisecond by millisecond what is actually going on when somebody types your URL. When somebody visits that page and the browser has to fetch all the information and download it.

This shows you what goes on and you can click on the plus on any of those items to actually see the data, that’s been dealt with at any one point which is tremendous information. So yeah it’s a great tool and there’s one that I always use when I’m working on a website.

Oh yeah the point I was going to make is that you can quickly see what the issues are and let’s say in this case that you know it’s with the images. I could fix these images and add them and then just click retest when you’re ready.  When you make a change on your website, just click retest and then see whether that change has helped the performance or has made it worse. You can always roll back if you’ve made things worse. Okay so I hope you enjoyed this I’m going to put a link to this tool on in the description under this video so yeah go test your website

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  1. I haven’t checked in here for some time since I thought it was getting boring, but the last several posts are good quality so I guess I’ll add you back to my everyday bloglist. You deserve it my friend 🙂

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