How To Make Money Online In 2019 (FUN METHOD $100 A DAY!)

so you want to learn how to make money online in this video I’m going to show you a cool little technique that’s really fun and you can get started right away so let’s go into my office right now and get started I’ll show you how you can make money on line alright guys I’m about to show you one of the most lucrative industries on line today is one of these old-school methods it is a lot of fun and I’m going to show you one of my secret methods that I got taught by some of the best doing this particular method I like to show you guys stuff that actually works ok that’s why I’m you know somebody do is take a long time to come out because I like to show you stuff that actually works and find you the good method alright guys so let’s get into this but before we get into this make sure you hit that subscribe button drop a like drop a comment because I love to go over you guys questions and comments so let’s jump into this guy’s what am I talking about here I’m talking about getting domains and flipping them but I’m going to show you how to do it with my secret little technique right here so this is a website called just dropped calm and you can search for domains to buy and sell however there is a secret little trick that I haven’t really seen a video about and if you click on the daily deals tab every single day they list a bunch of domains that have really awesome names you can sell them for a lot of money if you sign up to their email list you get them sent to your inbox to prove this actually works and this is a really good method to do I’m gonna take this one here which is called relaxed fit jeans okay today this came up for sale for $69 you could purchase this for $69 someone’s actually already purchased this what I did is I went to an SD bot to get the estimation of this particular domain right when I checked it because I want to see so they say it’s worth $2,400 someone has already purchased this domain and they’ve relisted it already this is today for 1988 dollars so someone has gone and got this dropped domain these are domains that kind of like you know that expire and they’ve resold it now the reason this is very lucrative guys is because domain names are like real estate online they the prices just continuously go up and price and it is something it’s good to accumulate so I like to actually do buy domains from this site today it was like to accumulate these domains for a long time I might sell them in ten years for six figures or whatever right so I try and find good names that I can hold and sell it for a higher price later on in the future but what you can do to make a quick buck you can make a hundred dollars online you can make 200 300 this is a great way to make money online you can buy these domains guys and you can sell them on websites like so this is we can sell websites and domains and people were selling domains for five hundred thousand five hundred dollars nineteen thousand dollars ninety nine thousand dollars nine thousand dollars five hundred five hundred most of these guys are selling the domains on here guys power from the one dollar ones for more than a hundred dollars each okay so you can make at least double your money if you want to get rid of them quick but I recommend selling for at least a thousand dollars or more and you can also go to auction sites guys like GoDaddy auctions and you can get people to get into bidding wars and they compared a lot of money from your particular domains this is a really fun way it’s just a fun way to make money this one here right now is it seventy three thousand dollars it hasn’t had any bids but there are quite a few here three thousand a thousand of two thousand right then we have this website here which the relaxed-fit jeans was actually listed on so that they listed it on this site here and there are domains for sale here as well we also have pseudo calm or sido where there are domains listed as well if you know five thousand three thousand a thousand so if you’re willing to put in a little bit of work guys and going accumulate domains from this website so this website is just dropped calm and I go to the daily deal section you can also search for domains but you usually don’t find any good ones you can also join the news Lynette and get them sent to your emails but you just go down here guys and you find these domains okay really simple but if you want to actually take these domains and you want to put them into our website chord SD bot calm now this isn’t 100% accurate this gives you a general idea what your domains worth there’s only worth as much as what someone’s willing to pay for it if I put in you just put in these domains guys and make sure you get a domain that’s worth like I would say five hundred to a thousand dollars or more like you want ones that are worth like two or three gram but if you were just want to sell some domains quickly get domains that are worth like 500 to a thousand and I use sell them for a little bit less than that okay because you’re not gonna sell it for what they’re worth of this people just people know that their solution are what they’re worth that’s worth a little bit less or it could be worth a lot more it depends you know some people will pay six to seven figures for domains I tried to buy the domain ecommerce com he wanted over seven figures I was contemplating it and I thought no that would be silly because I probably want to make that backed a long time but to the right person that we worth a lot of money so the right people will buy these domain guys and you can make good money like $69 $79 $99 and they are really good names that’s why I like this website just drop calm because the names of cool we have master or study that is worth 4 grand we have printing matrix we have that very great for a printing company right we have guidance taught us and also try and go for the dot-com domains they make the most money and then we have get here first these guys it just goes goes it goes forever okay it just keeps going and keeps going and keeps going you can click on here and we’ll show you more domains but most of these we gone now you need to visit this daily and scoop up the best domains like click the remix that’s a great name we have credit inquiries that’s great for finance and finance statements guys finance statements calm do you know how G that is that’s so oh gee it probably won’t be worth much but to be honest to a finance company that’ll be worth a lot of money so we have nine hundred ninety nine and ninety dollars right I reckon this will probably go for ten grand I don’t know it’s probably being purchased by now and this is actually for sale right now on that same website for twelve hundred dollars so someone guys today has purchased finance statement calm and they now have listed it for sale on on this website right because it wasn’t for sale before because these guys had it it was an expired domain and now it’s for sale guys so you see what’s happening you go to this website you acquire these domains around about $60 was $70 and you go and sell them on flipper com GoDaddy and there’s other ones as well other auction sites we have active after Nick comm which is where these guys are selling this domain this one here and then we have pseudo calm as well okay guys this is very lucrative if you understand how lucrative this is you can make a lot of money put in a little bit of work and you can make good money doing this you’ve seen the proof I put in finance statements calm and is already for sale for twelve hundred dollars that is a huge increase this will easily sell for twelve hundred dollars he could even sell it for five hundred and he makes good money so that’s it for this video guys I just wanted to share this quick easy cool fun way to buy domains and sell them online or buy them and accumulate them and hold them for a long time you can buy a domain now for seventy bucks it’s worth fifty thousand dollars next year or the year after or the year after it’s good to kind of accumulate these because they can make a lot of money later on but the secret is just dropped com go to daily deals and you’ve seen the proof I’ve already just showed you some domains that were bought for $69 and they’re already listed for sale for 1200 and the other ones listed for $1,900 which was this one right here just to show you again guys so you can understand this is do it real quick for you in the video this one here relaxed-fit james comm is now for sale for 1988 dollars this was purchase from drop domains comm for $69 go and give this a go guys check out my other links in the description where I have other playlists to other make money online methods drop a like drop to subscribe to drop a comment and we’ll see you guys in the next video

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