Make Money Online ?: 13 Real Ways I Make Money Online (2018)

– Can you really make money online? It’s a scam, right? There’s no way you can really make money online. No! No! What’s going on everybody? Jeff Rose,, with another video. And today, I want to talk about making money online, something that I was a skeptic about many years ago, but now it is my primary source of income. Now here’s the cool thing though, is that there are so many different ways to make money online, and I’m only doing a fraction of them. And there are a lot of other people that are killing it in other niches that hey, you know what, that’s there niche, let them do their thing. I wanna focus on what I know and what I can do. So today I want to share with you what are the 13 ways that I make money online today.

(strong jangle pop music) One of the first ways to start making money online is with Google AdSense. If you’ve visited any website, if you’ve been on the internet for at least a year or longer, you’ve seen Google ads. They’re everywhere! And one of the cool things about Google AdSense is that it’s so easy to get setup. If you have a blog or website, you can sign up for a free Google AdSense account. They’ll give the code that you paste onto your website and then Google does the rest.

There literally is no upkeep or maintenance to get this thing going. And for someone that is just starting out, especially like when I started out back in 2008, a long time ago, that was the easiest way for me to start making money. So Google AdSense, otherwise known as banner ads, is one of the ways that I still make money. Now I don’t use Google AdSense for a lot of different things. We’ve diversified our income sources on the blog, but that is just one way. Other ad-networks that we use are, MyFinance, AdThrive, and these are more specific to the personal finance or the financial space, so that’s why we use those. If you’re in a different niche, most like there are other ad-networks that will specialize in whatever niche that you are writing on. But banner ads, like Google AdSense and other ones I listed, that is one way that I’m making money online right now.

And it used to be my primary source of income, and at one time, I think the highest I ever got with Google AdSense was almost $5,000 in one month, from Google AdSense. That blew my mind, and that was at the beginning of my blogging journey. And when you go from making zero to $5,000 in a month, that will rock your world, and it rocked mine. But it got me more excited because I knew that there were other ways to monetize. The second way that I make money online, this is still within the blog and the blogging niche, is through affiliate income.

Now if you’ve heard anybody talking about affiliates, there are so many different ways that you can make money through affiliates. So for me, having a personal finance blog, it made sense to partner with affiliates that made for what my readers were looking for. So a lot of the readers on my blog are coming to me for personal finance, financial planning, investment-related topics, so they want to know how to set up a savings account or how to get their budget in order, how to open a Roth IRA, how to start investing, how much life insurance do you need to buy, so within that, it was pretty easy to figure out what are the type of companies that I need to seek out to help people achieve these goals. Now for me, with affiliates you can go directly to the company and they may have an affiliate relationship. That doesn’t always happen though. What’s been the easiest way for us is to find affiliate networks.

So these networks can include Commission Junction,, or Impact Radius, or Flex Offers, and there are several others that exist out there. But what these affiliate ad-networks do is that they’re like a hub for all the different affiliates out there. So they can represent different niches, whether you are in the health space, or if you’re in the online marketing space, or you’re in the personal finance space, like myself, they find these companies for you. So you can set up a free account at any of these ad-networks, and then you will see what companies have partnered with them to get their brand out there.

So you basically open a free account at one of these ad-networks, and you will see what other affiliate relationships exist. Apply. You may or may not get accepted. So if you are just starting off, and it’s a high reputable company, they might not approve you off the bat. And don’t let that be discouraging, all that means is that you just need to grow your blog, grow you readership, get more followers, get more fans, and then when you have some data to back that up, you can apply again, and keep applying until they finally say yes. So other affiliates that you can look into are ClickBank. ClickBank has tons of products that you can become an affiliate for. Or there is Amazon Associates. So if you’re recommending a book, like “Soldier of Finance” or a camera or any product that you bought that you just love, and if you sign up to be an Amazon Associate affiliate, they will give you a special link that you can share in an email, through texting somebody, or through your social media account: Facebook, Twitter, whatever.

If somebody buys that product through your link, then you’re gonna get paid a little commission for that. So there are so many different ways with affiliate marketing you can get paid. But that’s the key, with affiliate marketing, is that for you to get paid, that somebody has to sign up through your special link so that you get tracked and credit for that. Now affiliate marketing can feel kind of shady, especially if you’re just pitching a product because you want to get paid on something.

So make sure you’re partnering with companies and products and services that you stand behind, and even better yet, that you have used yourself. And it’s really no different than if you’ve ever been to a restaurant that you love, In-N-Out Burger, gimme some burgers, I love In-N-Out Burger and I want to tell everybody about it. So if you have a restaurant that you love and you love telling people about it, the same could be true, and should be true, if you’re gonna become an affiliate of this company and represent them through affiliate marketing. And the third way that I make money online is through consulting.

And this one (sigh) I’ll say just kind of blew me away because you never really think that you’re worth somebody paying to talk to you, like, “Am I really that important?” But if you find yourself, when people are coming to you to ask you questions about something that you’ve done, that you have personal experience on, and you have people coming to you over and over again, asking you the same question, then you could get paid a consulting fee. The trick is though, you just have to ask! You gotta be brave enough, to have confidence in yourself that yes, you can charge for this.

And for me, I just started putting it out there. And with consulting, the easiest way to do it is you can set up a free PayPal account, you can set up a PayPal special button so that they can pay you through that way. Or they can just PayPal you some money. And I’ll show you there are a ton of other apps that you can use to get paid. Just make sure that you guard your time and be confident with that. An easier way, and looks a bit more professional, is a free account through

So what this is, it’s a online site that for anybody that wants to offer consulting on any topic that you have, once you set up your free account with, you just list what your experience are or what you want to consult on, and you’ll fill in a profile, this is all free, so people can find you through their website, or if someone comes to you and wants consulting, you can send them your special link that shows what you offer and what your rate per minute is. Clarity then takes care of all the payments so they’ll pay through there. They will charge you a small percentage of whatever that consulting fee is, but I like it because it looks good, it looks professional, and you don’t have to mess with having to send them a PayPal link.

All right, the fourth way that I make money online is through online courses. And how this evolved, it actually came from the consulting that I was doing on See, people were paying me. Financial advisors were paying me on how to learn about online marketing and how did I grow my blog to what it is today? So initially, I was doing it for free, and then I realized, “Man, people are asking me a lot of the same questions “and are taking up a lot of my time.” So I started charging consulting fees for that. And then I just got tired of answering the same question over and over and over again, so then I took all that content that I was giving away for free and then charging consultant fee, and I turned that into an online course.

So this is called the Online Advisor Growth Formula. So I set up this course, and I’m using to host my course. So all my videos are there, all the PDFs, and all the information is there in this course. And then people pay me to get access to that information, because a lot of people want the fast-track to get to where I am today with my online marketing.

So the online course, just the whole online course arena, is one that I’m really excited about, one of the things that I’m really pushing right now. So Teachable works really good for me because I had a bit of a market that I could go to with my course idea. So I could promote that to the email list and the Facebook groups that I’m in. But if you don’t have that market, if you don’t have that list, that audience to go out to, then there are other platforms that you can use to market your course. So you can look at or So with these sites, you can create your course and they will market your course for you, so you don’t have to do a lot of the leg work that you would if you’re trying to market your course and you don’t have an email list, you don’t have a blog, if you don’t have an online platform.

Now the trade-off is that depending on how you make those sales, they will take a larger cut of your course revenue. So whatever your sales are, they’re gonna take a pretty big cut. Now you’ll keep most of your cut if you are marketing it yourself, but anything that they do, any sales that they make with their platform, they’re gonna keep a large majority of that. But like I said, if you don’t have a platform, that’s still a way to get yourself out there, make money selling your experience and information. The fifth way that I make money online is through my podcast. So Good Financial Cents, I have the GFC podcast. And this isn’t something that I do a lot, but if the right sponsor comes along, I’ll definitely market them to my audience if I think it’s a good fit. So with the first sponsor that I had, and this blew me away, we struck a 90 day deal, so I think it was about 12 shows total, and they paid me $8,000 to include a little 90 second clip at the beginning of each podcast.

So we’re talking 90 seconds times 12. So we’re talking less than 20 minutes of me mentioning them on my podcast, I got paid $8,000. I was pretty blown away by that. So that is just one way. If you have a podcast, if you enjoy doing podcasts, there is money to be made. Once you grow that audience, once you grow that listenership, there are definitely companies out there that want to get in front of that. So whatever niche that you choose, just look to companies that you want to partner with, seek them out, they could have an affiliate relationship, they might want to do a private sponsor as well.

Six. Six. So my book “Soldier of Finance” is the sixth way that I make money online. I wrote this book back in 2013, which seems forever ago, but that book is still driving revenue today. So yes, people can go buy that book on Barnes & Noble, if they have it, or if there’s any other bookstores that exist nowadays, or you can buy on Amazon. So it’s fun because I think every three months, every six months, I get my royalty check from my publishing company, which ain’t a lot, but it’s something. So as long as I’m still talking about my book, mentioning my book on my blog, in videos, in my podcast, I’m still generating sales. So people will still buy that book, and I can market that thing online and still make money. The seventh way that I’m making money online is another one that I’m excited about, ’cause this is a new adventure that we’re trying out. So what this is is we’re offering starter kits, or bundle kits, for different niches, they’re different goals that people are trying to accomplish.

The first one that we rolled out is with our Make 1K Challenge. So this is basically a blogging challenge for those that are interested in making money online, specifically with a blog, and we’re trying to show them how they can make their first $1,000 through their blog. So if you wanna check that out, it’s a free email challenge at So once you sign up for this free challenge, we then offer a bundle or starter kit, and this is the Make 1K Challenge starter bundle.

So in this bundle, we offer four PDFs, and a behind-the-scenes look at the top affiliate that I have that’s making me over $50,000 a month, and how we do it. How we actually do that, how we make $50,000 from one affiliate. So, this is all included in this starter kit, this bundle, for only $7, and it’s a nice price point for those that aren’t really sure if they want to get involved with this. They’re not really sure what you’re all about, but you know what, for seven bucks, let me give it a try.

So the cool thing about that is now you actually have a customer, somebody has taken that first step in trusting you, maybe with just seven bucks, but it’s still something, so that, now they are in your world, they’re in your community, so that when you have something else to offer, another course, you’re gonna be able to do that. So these bundles, these starter kits, we just roll this out with this one challenge, and we got other challenges that we will be rolling out in different niches, we’ll say, helping people accomplish certain goals. So this is another one that we’re very excited about. All right, number eight. The eighth way that I’m making money online is by selling leads. So I have a few other sites, specifically my Life Insurance By Jeff site. So with Life Insurance By Jeff, I also do this on my blog Good Financial Cents as well, is that we have a lot of people that are looking to buy life insurance. And at one point in time, I was the person, I had an agent in my office that was taking care of this.

So if people were calling in, or using our online quoter, we were the ones following up with them and figure out what their life insurance needs were. But we had so many, and I just got so inundated, that I just couldn’t handle it, so I just had to get it out, get it off my plate. So now we have a call center that takes care of that for us and we just sell those leads and let them take care of it, to get people what they need. So with that, we found lead buyers. So there are lead buyers out there willing to pay a premium for either a life insurance leads, annuity leads, auto insurance leads, Medicare, Medigap leads. There are so many types of leads that are out there, and these are all just in a personal finance niche that I’m speaking to, but think of other niches that people are looking to buy leads, to offer them some sort of product or service.

So that exists out there, and this is one of our very lucrative, multi-revenue sources right now are these leads. So we’re putting a lot of focus and how do we get more leads, how do we sell those leads at a higher price, make sure that we’re giving them leads that actually convert versus junk leads that are just a waste of time. All right, the ninth way that I’m making money online is through writing, and I don’t do this as much as I used to now, but when I first started my blog, I couldn’t believe that people were actually willing to pay for me to write an article for their website.

So I started doing freelance writing. I think I started and I was getting $100 per article, which blew me away, ’cause a hundred bucks, just to write a piece of content? But then it kind of hit me that it takes me a lot of time to write. So yeah, $100 is good, but I want to get paid more for my time. And plus, I’m not the greatest writer in the world. Or I guess I’m decent, but it takes a lot of mental juice, mental energy that I don’t have to write. So I started increasing my freelance writing rates, and it went from $100 to $250 to $500 to $1000, to where now, I can get paid anywhere from $2000 to $3000 to write an article. Now I don’t get a lot of those deals, I don’t want you to think that I’m getting those deals left and right, but they do come along, and as long as it’s a good fit, and a brand or company I want to partner with, I’m definitely willing to entertain that, especially for that rate.

So people will pay to write. Now that’s for me, I know a lot of other bloggers out there that are freelancers, so they’re writing for other sites, and they would get paid anywhere from $100, $250, $500, $1000 per article that they’re cranking out. And if you’re a good writer, and you can do that really quickly and really good, this is definitely something that you want to look into. Another personal finance blogger, and also a friend of mine, Holly Johnson from the site, she actually has a course on how she grew from zero for freelance writing to making over $20,000 a month from writing.

Correct. She’s making $20,000 a month plus, just from writing articles for other people. So that’s what she does. She loves it, she’s great at it, and she gets paid a good chunk to do so. Another way to get paid for writing, and I’ve mentioned this in another video, is through Amazon, whether you’re writing eBooks, you’re writing Kindle books, there is a market there where you can get paid a lot of money to write eBooks.

So it’s just a matter of getting content out there, having a series, so if you’re having multiple books, and just marketing the crap out of it. So that’s another way you can get paid through writing. Number 10! Number 10! Number 10! We’re on Number 10! The 10th way that I make money online is through sponsored content. So this can be through sponsored posts. This could be through sponsored social media updates. So how does this work? The very first time I did this, it was one of those, once again, I got blown away.

So a company was willing… They basically gave me an article, they wanted me to publish this on my site, and they would pay me to do that. And I think the first time I did it it was like a hundred bucks, and I’m thinking, and I just mentioned how I was getting paid $100 to write an article. Well now, I don’t have to write anything.

I just have to take this article, copy and paste it into my blog, hit publish, and you’re gonna pay me a hundred bucks. Is that, really? You’re really gonna do that? What I needed to realize was that what these companies wanted, they just wanted the back link to their site. So that’s the reason they did this. So $100, I mean, it was hard for me to say no ’cause it was so easy. I then started increasing that rate, so $100 turned into $200. I think I got up to 300, and then 500. Now, check this out. Now if I do a sponsored post, I can get paid $4,500. Yes, that’s $4,500 for one article on my blog. That blows me away, and if that blows you away, I don’t think I’m charging enough, especially just for the size of my blog and the traffic that I have now.

I know other bloggers that are getting paid $10,000, $15,000, $20,000. Yes, $20,000 for a sponsored post, a sponsored article on their blog. Now that’s crazy. Other ways that you can get paid through sponsored content is through social media. So you’ve seen it on Twitter, you’ve seen it on Instagram, you’ve seen it on Facebook, thinking about these celebrities, these brand ambassadors that are showcasing this product that they’re using. They’re getting paid for that, right? You know that, right? Kim Kardashian is not promoting her favorite energy drink because she loves it, she’s getting paid to do that, and she’s getting paid a lot more than I am.

So that’s one way to do it. My wife has been paid. I don’t know exactly, I think she got paid a couple hundred dollars for posting something on Instagram for a product that she was using and she liked. She also has got a lot of free stuff. I think we’ve got a free carpet cleaner, a free vacuum, free lights, free rugs, and a lot of our house, a lot of the stuff is free that she’s got because of the following she has on Instagram. But like I do, like I preach she firmly believes this to. She’s not gonna promote anything that she wouldn’t use herself. So kinda gotta watch that for the sponsored content.

So I wanna make sure that if I’m doing a sponsored post, that it’s definitely a company that I’m comfortable with sharing with my audience. So yes, I get paid $4,500 per sponsored post. Hey, brands, if you’re listening to this. That rate is now going up, so don’t get used to those rates. I want to make sure it’s a company that I’m comfortable with so I say no a lot more times than I say yes.

So I’ve turned down a lot of deals that, yes, they would’ve paid me my asking rate, but it just wasn’t a good fit, so I’ve said no. And I’m totally cool with that, because you’ve got to protect your brand, your image, and protect your community. Number 11. The 11th way that I make money online is through webinars. So webinars are an easy way to showcase your expertise on any topic that you have, preferably if you’re trying to pitch a product or a service. So I’ve done webinars in two different formats. First of which is for my financial planning practice. So we do a lot of online webinars to promote our expertise, to talk on specific topics, whether that be retirement mistakes, longterm care insurance, annuity mistakes, just truth about mutual funds. I’m trying to think about some of the topics we’ve done. So we’ve done quite a few different topics, and the pitch at the end is that we’re offering a retirement planning strategy session.

So what this strategy session is is just a free chat with myself or the advisor at my office, if they want to work with us and become a financial planning client. So if you have a service you’re trying to market, online webinars are a great tool, relatively inexpensive to get your face out there in front of a lot of people. So that’s one way I’ve used webinars is to market my service, my financial planning firm. The second way is to promote my course that I mentioned previously. So with my course, the Online Advisor Growth Formula, the one way to market this is through Facebook ads, through our email list, but to really show people that you know what you’re talking about, why also giving them value bombs, left and right, is to have a webinar, where you’re really showcasing your expertise, and also giving them actionable steps that they can go do themselves if they don’t want to work with you.

Either way, these webinars are used to promote my course, and at the end of that, like, “Oh yeah, I trust this guy. “He definitely knows what he’s talking about. “He’s given me some stuff that I can use. “I can only imagine what’s in that course. “I’m gonna buy that today.” So with webinars, it’s another way that I make money online. Now the cool thing with webinars is that you can do them live, which we get predominately. So I was doing live webinars. We have this specific time, people will sign up, and then they show up and you give your live presentation. Well now, there’s plenty of tools out there where you can record it once and then you can do a Evergreen webinar, which basically is a replay of that webinar.

People can sign up, they can still watch it, and for example, somebody can be watching one of my webinars right now as I’m recording this video, and they can be making a purchase on my course. That is legit! That is what I call a passive income. Boom! All right. The 12th way that I’m making money online is a new one, it has to do with you watching this right now, is with YouTube. Now YouTube is not one of my main revenue sources, and I don’t want it to be one of my main revenue sources.

I’ve had my YouTube channel now for over six, seven years, and I didn’t turn ads on until a month ago, or two months ago. I was just kinda anti-ads on YouTube. But I thought, “You know what, screw it! (laughing) “I’m gonna put some ads on there “and at least get paid some revenue for the time “and effort I’m doing into my YouTube channel.” Sorry. Sorry. Sorry. All you gotta do is hit skip though, right? Skip ad. I don’t make the ad where you have to watch it. You skip it. Watch the video, and get paid, maybe a little bit. But there are a ton of YouTube channels, YouTube content creators, that are making a killing, just by doing videos just like this, and getting people to watch that video two, three years after the fact, and getting paid on it.

So if you like doing videos, if you have a knack for it, and you wanna do it, start a YouTube channel, build your base, throw in some ads in there, and get paid a little bit for your time. The 13th way that I’m making money online is by having a online community. And there are a few different ways that you can do this. You can do it on a blog, like a WordPress blog, and you can have a plugin and have an online forum.

That’s one way to do it. I know a lot of people that are charging to be a part of their communities, they’re membership groups. Or you can have a Facebook group, and you can make this Facebook group free, or you can make it where people have to pay to be a part of it. Now there are trade-offs, pros and cons for each. For us, we are doing a free Facebook group, and this is for our Marriage More podcast, our Marriage More community. So it’s a free community that we just want people to have a safe space to come, talk about their marriages, open up any struggles that they’re having, any ones they want to share.

But within that community, if there are books that we want to offer, or if there’s any t-shirts that we want to create for our online shop, we can market them, promote them there. And we’ve created a community where people trust us, that if we share something with them, then it’s something we know they’re gonna like and hopefully appreciate, and they’re gonna buy it from us. Now we don’t want to take advantage of that by any stretch, so we’re not gonna pitch stuff left and right. I mean, we’re very protective of that community. You don’t want to invite people in, invite somebody over for dinner, all of a sudden, now you’re just pitching ’em, “Hey, buy this! You need to get this. “I got a great opportunity, you need to sign up here! “Do this. Get three more people.” But if you can create a community out of a common goal, a common objective, people want to be a part of that.

People want to feel like they’re a part of something. One of my good friends Shane and Jocelyn Sams, they’ve had a few different communities. They have one now for their Flipped Lifestyle community, which is basically showing people how to create an online business. But prior to that, they had an online community for teachers, for lesson plans for teachers. And they were making a lot of money from this community of teachers looking to have lesson plans. So it’s crazy, the type of communities that you can build and rally people around. And if it’s something that you’re passionate about yourself and you wanna connect with others that have that same passion, then an online community is something you should definitely consider.

All right. That’s the 13 ways that I’m making money online right now. I think I got them all. Obviously there’s a ton of things I didn’t talk about because I just don’t do it. And I’m thinking real estate, I’m thinking about Amazon, dropshipping. There are so many different ways to make money online, it is the new economy, right? Take advantage of what is in front of us today.

Internet, laptops, iPhones, whatever that is. You can make money online, and I hope that me sharing some of the top ways that I make money online gives you some inspiration to take action and just do one of these things. Or take one of things I’m doing and then find something that is your passion, and get it started. ‘Cause I want to see you making money online, making money from a side hustle that allows you to accomplish your financial goals. All right, if you like this video, do me a favor, like it, subscribe, comment, share it, whatever. Just make sure we get this message out there so people can start changing their lives and making money online too.

Until next time, peace. All right, number six. Six. Six. Six. Number 10! Number 10! We’re at number 10! We’re getting close. Number 10th. (upbeat techno music).

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