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Eclampsia: The 4 Stages

Pregnant women were targeted by a hater. Pre-Eclampsia adds insult to injury for expectant mothers already dealing with a difficult situation. We’ll go over the symptoms, consequences, and test to see whether you’re suffering from it all in the sections that follow.

Pre-Eclampsia is a condition that causes convulsions during pregnancy. After the 20th week of pregnancy, it is more common with the firstborn child. Even if there are no indications or symptoms of pre-eclampsia, there are still chances of developing eclampsia, which can arise at any time throughout or after the labour process.

If you have eclampsia, there is only one method to know for sure: Eclamptic convulsions. Eclamptic convulsions go through four stages of excruciating agony:

This stage is often overlooked if the woman isn’t paying attention. She will merely roll her eyes, and at the same time her hand and face muscles will twitch.

After stage one, she’ll begin to clench her teeth, quiver her limbs, and even bite her tongue. She’ll also notice that the twitching in her face and hands has turned into clenching. Also, the lady will experience a loss of breath for about 30 seconds at this point in the pregnancy process.

In this stage, things go pretty nasty. Frozen, slightly crimson saliva will begin to flow out of the mouth. 2 minutes of this till it stops, and then a coma or heart failure is possible..

Stage 4 – If the woman is not dead, she will enter a deep coma. Can last for hours can be gone in a matter of minutes

This is clearly a situation that cannot be ignored. Consult your physician right away if you experience any of these signs. If you are not treated and monitored appropriately, you could cause the death of two people.

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