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Effects of onion juice on hair

For Indian guys, applying onion juice to their hair does not seem shocking. Many people utilise this time-tested, all-natural method to regenerate hair. But do you understand the science behind it and the effects of onion juice on hair? Sulfur, which is needed for strong, thick, and lustrous hair, is present in onion juice.

Why Is Onion Juice Used For Hair?

A common question I hear is why people use onion juice on their hair.
Indian males are not likely to be surprised to learn that you may use onion juice as a hair treatment. Many people have had success with this tried-and-true method for regrowing lost hair. Are you, however, familiar with the science that supports this theory? Do onions have any kind of effect on hair? and what are the effects of onion juice on hair? Juice from onions contains sulphur, which is necessary for healthy hair growth and makes hair more robust, thick, and shiny. Onion juice not only stops hair loss but also promotes new growth.

Onion Juice: How Is It Made?

It is necessary to peel the onion’s skin and wash it under the faucet before making onion juice. The onion should be finely chopped before being thoroughly blended. Now squeeze the paste into a cheesecloth to extract the juice. You could also use a spatula and a sieve to remove the juice from the grated onion as an alternative to this procedure.

Does Onion Juice Help with Hair Loss?

For many years, onion juice has been used to treat hair loss. there are many good effects of onion juice on hair, Additionally, it gives the hair sheen and lustre. It has a reputation for treating dandruff, preventing premature hair ageing, and helping with scalp infections. Because it contains a lot of sulphur, it can promote healthy hair growth and stop hair loss. It is crucial to keep in mind that it is not a standalone treatment for hair loss.

Onion juice side effects on hair

Before using onion juice on your hair, it’s important to understand the potential effects of onion juice on the hair. Below, we go over the potential negative effects:

1.An itching scalp and onion juice

The high sulphur content of onion juice has the potential to irritate the scalp. If onion juice is not thoroughly washed off after usage, it may irritate the skin indefinitely. Wash your hair well after using the onion juice to prevent itching scalp. Use of onion juice should not exceed twice weekly.

2.Hair loss and onion juice

Ironically, the biggest drawback of onion juice for hair is hair loss. Onion juice’s excessive sulphur content causes itching and irritation. This might harm the follicles, scalp, and hair. Weakened hair roots may result from frequent scalp scratching. In the end, it results in hair loss or irritated hair roots.

3.An unpleasant odour and onion juice

The unwelcome odour that goes along with onions is another unfavourable negative effect on hair. Even after completely washing the hair, this odour persists due to the collagen in the onion. Additionally, it could cause even more harm if you use any chemical-based solid shampoo to try to remove the odour. To avoid the strong odour of the juice, it is suggested to use freshly extracted onion juice.

4.A dry scalp and onion juice

The result of drinking onion juice is a dry scalp, which is one of its negative effects. When applied in excess, onion juice absorbs natural oils and moisture from the scalp. It causes your hair to become dry and eventually nutrient-deficient.

5.Scalp eczema and onion juice

Sulfur in excess can damage hair. This onion juice side effect may result in a condition on your scalp known as “scalp eczema,” which is uncomfortable and painful. Avoid using onion juice regularly to prevent adverse effects comparable to those of onion oil.

Are There Any Side Effects from Using Onion Juice for Dandruff?

Are there any dandruff-related adverse effects of onion juice? No- In fact, the high sulphur content of onion juice has antibacterial properties that feed hair follicles. Onion juice’s effects on sensitive types of scalp, however, can be very potent. Make sure you avoid utilising it in a concentrated state. Side effects from this include redness, itchiness, and irritation of the scalp. So what do you need to do? Combine onion oil with emulsifiers like coconut or olive oil. Combining aloe vera with onion oil is another excellent suggestion. Natural dandruff treatment with aloe vera also prevents hair loss and promotes healthy hair.

It’s crucial to understand that treating genetic hair loss caused by disorders like androgenic alopecia or pattern baldness cannot be done with onion oil.

How Can You Get Onion Smell Out of Your Hair?

Users of onion juice have admitted that the odour and unfavourable effect it has on hair. Unfortunately, there isn’t a perfect fix to completely get rid of the odour. However, for your last rinse to get rid of any remaining onion juice, infuse lemons with water to lessen the severity of the fragrance. While your hair dries, you might also try misting it with rose water. It might greatly lessen the unpleasant odour.

Are the Drawbacks of Using Onion Juice for Hair Worth It?

When weighing the benefits and drawbacks of applying onion juice to hair, experts strongly advise that, if done correctly, it can be good for your hair. To put it another way, this indicates that it is important to practise using onion juice at the recommended frequency and concentration.

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