Every movie buff will fall in love with these 12 vintage photos of Bollywood’s most beloved actors and actresses.

Bollywood has been a source of entertainment for over a hundred years. Many famous performers and actresses of the time period dominated popular culture via their performances. All of us have seen their movies and seen them in images, therefore we are familiar with these celebrities.

But there is still a lot we haven’t seen so far, even after all this. The archival photographs of yesteryear’s actors are a prime example. Yes, we have collected some extremely old photographs that show moments from the early days of Hindi cinema that have never been seen before.

A photograph with Ashok Kumar, Bindu, and Raj Kapoor all together.

What exactly occurred with Pran Saheb?

These things serve as motivation for Ranveer Singh.

In the manner of a young man, Ranjeet

Tanuja, the actress, is shown here with Danny Denzongpa.

In his typically dazzling guise, Feroz Khan is seen here.

One photograph featuring both Rishi Kapoor and Raj Kapoor

In a single image, Tabu and Devanand may be seen being executed.

Ranjeet and Amitabh Bachchan, each in his own unique fashion

The Sartaj of humour Mehmood, which makes everyone laugh out loud.

In our opinion, Jaya Bachchan possesses a stunningly alluring appearance.

Rajesh Khanna is considered to be Bollywood’s most iconic actor of all time.

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