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3 Exercises for shoulder pain Salem Chiropractor

[Music] [Laughter] hello everybody its dr. Vance here at Vance chiropractic and functional neurology thanks so much for checking this video out I’m gonna show you three quick exercises to alleviate shoulder pain and tension we’re gonna start with this guy it’s the farmer Kerri you’re gonna use heavy weights as heavy as you can handle and hold it for a whole minute in good posture with your chin lightly tucked in if your shoulders hanging you should feel a stretch on your upper back that is your trapezius muscles and this shouldn’t be easy you guys it should be hard and the next two exercises are with the band you can get these pretty much anywhere online exercise stores and it has a nice little door stopper I’m gonna start with my facing away from you I’m gonna have my hands always palm forward palms facing forward holding the holding the band again this these are both a minute long and you do not shrug your shoulders and you do not bring your scapula strongly together you just leave them in the back there with your chin lightly tucked in the last one is this now the band is coming from behind you and your arms are in the same position you see just lightly in front of you elbows straight pulling on the band’s you’re not shrugging your shoulders your neck is lightly active and you just hold this position for a minute now if you want to get the most out of these exercises I recommend doing them at least twice run through that whole routine twice or ideally three times and this will make a huge difference in alleviating tension and really retraining how you use your shoulders so thanks again for watching I’m totally easy to find and connect with Facebook Instagram here on youtube and at my website please reach out to me if you have any questions and go ahead and try this at home for yourself and let me know how it works like or share this video take care

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