Arma 3 – Examining The Horizon 2016

2015 was yet another busy time for our units from marksmen DLC and April through the nexus revise in December we’ve investigated a number of propels edicts and platform updates with that in judgment we’d like to offer up a brief retrospective of our wield and sketch out some of new developments we’ve lined up for ARMA 3 in 2016 since we’re aiming to keep stuffs moderately concise we’ll take a look at precisely ten favorite fragments of last year’s superb develop crossing brand-new content gameplay and much more besides the standout marksmen DLC feature artilleries stabilization was an engine-driven solution to a tricky intend difficulty rest or deploying pretty much any official tradition generated weapon on any terrain or object alongside some extravagantly detailed rifles end with brand-new supplementaries sounds and animations establishing marksmen DLCs premium artilleries yielded the opportunity to add a brand-new class of machine gun the gradual made to improve our AI has been ongoing since propel but with suppression we interposed an important brand-new peculiarity which tied together a lot of our previous organization work introduced as an experimental multiplayer mode in marksmen DLC endgame was eventually fleshed out in Nexus update it’s helped us to compose helpful brand-new platform systems and ratify Network optimizations in March we were happy to wrap up the make armor Narwhal competition and now to the winners and runners-up and sharing half a million euros across various categories of categories although the ARMA 3 implements box experienced numerous additives terrain processor stands out as a welcome utility which crowds the gap between geographic data and our proprietary terrain revising pipelines in June the PC gaming see at e3 was a awesome opportunity for us to discover Tanima our next terrain an undoubted centerpiece of this year’s expansion ARMA 3 a pacs allowing mod makers to define dependencies via Steam Workshop was an important step on the path to improving the maintenance of custom-made content and simplifying the process of joining modded multiplayer busines the so-called organization liberation of our ARMA 3 gangs web work facilitates situated quickly and readily find like-minded tribe and a big variety of community groups and play forms out there endgame tournament was a fine way to round off its first year the opportunity to wrap some parish groups and a superb opportunity to showcase new happens like spectator mode of course there’s much more we are capable of dig into to get a sense of it all check out a few 2015 sitreps fair warning though there are 48 of them so looking ahead to 2016 we’ve got a lot more sand to cover once again let’s pick out just a few of the things that were most looking forward to without doubt the standout feature of the forthcoming Eden update is a purpose-built 3d scenario writer following a few months of dev ranch testing and feedback it’s almost ready for its official liberation another passionately apprehended feature already live on dev ranch is our launcher based server browser alongside advanced filtering alternatives the spotting and automatic download of dependent mods vastly streamlines to connecting multiplayer recreations 2015 initiated great improvements to audio accuracy and that’s said to continue this year a new approach to audio configuration will enable more genuine features and cause a richer soundscape originally scheduled for aidan update but now targeting ARMA 3 apex of visual update has the intention to renovation video games lighting configuration and acquaint brand-new C shader and screen spaced thoughtfulness tech various categories of usability betters are in store for 2016 switching artilleries interacting with objectives configuring competition predicament and more our objective is to address some long-standing UX requires we’re looking forward to extending ARMA 3 units we aim to introduce episode administration integrate particular regions of the servers in game and make jumping into multiplayer quicker and easier than ever we want to continue establishing scripted the mechanisms and mods play-act more effective and do more working together with local communities further dialogue command improvements additions and optimizations are on the horizon several written multiplayer organizations such as revive and dynamic groups or example last year as we thoughts towards apex along with optimization we hope to extend and finalize their functionality the coming into effect of new vehicle categorizes namely light impres motor vehicles and VTOL aircraft stands to create some fun brand-new gameplay the possibilities and render new ways of exploring our large-scale terrains speaking of terrains our final part we consider to be the crown jewels of ARMA 3 apex 100 square kilometers of South Pacific archipelago and Yonex battlefield it Stan of course we’ve exclusively scratched the surface of our strategies here which will flesh out as we close in on future milestones when we’ll have a lot more to expose as always we’re appreciative for our team’s originality and faithfulnes thanks to of course to local communities and players which you are proud to see outdo two million last year overall 2015 has been a vital staging object now we’ve got high hopes and big-hearted aspirations for 2016 we hope you’ll join us on the road to ARMA 3 apex bye-bye for now

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