Mario Maker 2 : Revenge of RubberRoss

– Uh-oh! “The troll level.” “Don’t trust anything.” Oh man, this is gonna be a scary one. Hey, look, a door with an arrow pointing to it. Let’s just go in there. Uh-oh! You trolled me! You got me-! “Spin it to win it!” The- Now, this a level from Game Grump… “RubberRoss”, who- He said that “I could never beat this level because he’s a better person than me.” So let- Oh-! Oh, wow! “Go down a pipe!” (Laughs) Okay, this is hard. (Laughing) What’s that Game Grumps? “Go down a slide!” (Laughs) Oh, man. Phew! They- They always were one of the worst channels.

Stupid-ass Bob Ross. Always sitting there painting a tree. Telling me to be cool. “Be Cool, dude!” (Laughs) Be cool- Be- YOU be cool! “Be cool, Bruce. Let’s just smoke some weed.” I don’t smoke weed, Game Grumps! Sorry! And when they were talking that shit on that game… …and they said it was no good… I know- always- I always knew they were nitpicking and biased. I always knew it from Day 1.

This is a pretty good level though. That is if you like Bad Levels. (Donald Duck Sound) Okay, Game Grump. Wanna make a dumb level? I’m not even going to try on this one. Sorry! Not trying! I’ll probably will lose. See? Tony, hold my jacket. That’s it. Nah, nah, nah. Now you- Now you fucked up! Now I’m going to enter into my Mario Phase… in 3… …2… …1… Mario Phase: Activate! Choo! (Power Engaged SFX) (Laughs) Now, what will you do, Game Grumps? What will you do?! You’re powerless to me! Look at what I’ve done! I’ve activated my Mario Pha-! Funny story about Game Grumps, they still do the, uh, the human sacrifices. But nobody cares. Everybody turns a blind eye. Not- Not me. Yah… Oh- Oh- (Laughs) I will say- I will say… …great level though. These guys know how to make a level. (Laughs) Oh, you gotta hate ’em though. Bah! Here we go… Yah… Poom! Poh! Ayeee… I beat it! And I beat the level. What a-? What is-? What-? (Stuttering) Huh? What do you do-? (Laughing) Ohh… It’s a prank level! It’s Joker’s trick. Oh, if I knew earlier, I would have been playing a whole different way…

I didn’t know they did troll levels like this- Ohh… You see-? You see what I’m talking about? One time, Game Grumps stole money from a charity livestream and spent it on crack to sell to children. So it’s not my fault I can’t beat the level. Great people, by the way. Great level. I like what he does with the slide here. That’s really nice. It’s like “Boom, you bounce and you get a little slide.” Very nice level. Now, watch this… (Laughs) So- Sorry, Velociraptor! Does that piss you off? To see me defeat your level, so easily? I bet his yelling at Roll right now.

(Laugh) “Hey, (unintelligible)” You people are pi — piece of shit. Wheeeeee… (Laughs) Ahhh… Wheeeeee… (Chuckles) … Top 10 Worst Humans… #10 Charles Manson. #9 The Game Grumps Channel. Okay, now, watch closely what I do here. I’ve- I’ve concocted an — an all-new strategy. I’m not- ‘Cause I’m not gonna play the game by their rules. I’m gonna play- See what I do-? See what I do there? And you die… But still… You see what I’m talking about? And look, you can go under here… you can get crushed by this thing, that I didn’t know it was there. This is for all the people betrayed by Game Grumps… – “I think the Game Grumps fanbase, is way too much, of a fucking hug box.” – This is for all of you…

– “I think it’s pretty obvious that Game Grumps,” “the main series that is,” “is on its last legs of a dwindling viewership.” – Let us unite… – “Mother…” “Fucking…” “Click…” “Bait!” – This is for everybody that… contributed to their Kickstarter, for Shovel Knight 2. I don’t even think they have the license to that character. Choo… (Laughs) (Laughs) You guys suck! (Laughing) Game Grumps sucks! They can’t make hard levels! They can’- NO!!! Wait a minute… What if you just go this way? Are you f-? … ♪ “Yamamura’s Dojo Menu” – Super Mario Maker 2 OST ♪ .

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