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चमत्कारी तुलसी के गुण और फ़ायदे │ Health Benefits of Tulsi (Indian Holy Basil) │ Life Care

Health Benefits of Tulsi ( Indian Holy Basil) with Milk tulsi tree is worshipped in the homes but few people may be aware about the medicinal properties of Tulsi in many diseases tulsi leaves is used in any of the forms have a look at the use of tulasi leaves Milk mixed with tulsi leaves is a panacea for many diseases we will explain the diseases in which Milk WIth Tulsi is used mix 3- 4 leaves of tulsi in boiling milk and drink on empty stomach you will remain healthy and free from sickness the antiinflammatory factors present in tulsi destroys the symptoms of flu so drinking milk with tulsi, flu gets over and there is no possiblity of flu in the future drinking hot water with tulsi relaxes the nervous system and controls the stress hormones and gives relief from stress and depression tulsi and milk contains many antioxidants and nutrients which makes the immune system stronger and also prevents from growth of cancer cells so drinking milk with tulsi gives the efficiency to fight against cancer milk with tulsi is more effective to cure kidney stone and is proved because due to urine acid reduces and kidney stone gets over slowly if yoiu have headache or migriane then mix tulsi leaves in the boiling milk and drink migraine will almost be cured if you have heart disease then you should drink milk with tulsi on empty stomach in the morning heart will remain healthy and will stay away from many diseases if you have cough and cold then mix tulsi in hot miik and drink cough and cold will be cured and also immunity power will increase i hope that you may have liked this home remedy and you will also try it but take care that tulsi leaves are mixed only in boiling milk you will surely get benefits from it Health Benefits of Tulsi With Milk Special video ends here

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