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वज़न घटायें Lose 500 cal/day Guaranteed WITHOUT Exercise | Rx Wt Loss #3 (Hindi+sub) Dr.Education

If you also want to know about health Subscribe to my channel and hit the bell Icon So you get notification for all the upcoming videos Today I’m going to tell you 10 ways To burn 500 cal every day without exercise To quickly lose weight with the best way If you follow these 10 ways regularly In your diet I can guarantee You will lose weight very soon Number one Your snack Usually we all Snack in between breakfast lunch dinner Like tea, biscuits or rusk etc You need to substitute your snack with With fruits Salad Only fruits and salad As much as you want As frequently as you want Number two Skip your dessert at least once a day Minimise consumption of high calorie, sweet foods Number three No Cold drinks.

Do not consume soda or sugar containing drinks Not even Diet Coke Number four Skip second servings while having meals Only have the amount you put in your plate first time If still hungry after first serving Then eat either salad or fruits As much as you want Number five Replace few things in your diet with low calorie substitutes For example, instead of regular full cream milk have skimmed or toned milk Make curd or yoghurt from toned milk Avoid eating at restaurants Even make non veg at home Use oils with less saturated fat like canola oil, Olive oil Rice bran oil And most important thing Never reuse oil that has already been used for frying purposes Only rice bran oil is heat stable Which can be reused Reusing any other oil can be very harmful to your health Number six When you eat at restaurant The serving at restaurant is usually bigger than our normal diet So try to not eat it all Eat the amount you normally eat Pack the leftover meal And eat it later Number seven No fried food Do not consume any fried food be it veg or non veg Number eight Change your pizza Eat thin crust pizza Do not eat it with double cheese, extra cheese or cheese burst ‘Have only two slices Number nine Use plates Do not directly out of a box or container This way You will end up eating more than required Number ten and most important thing No alcohol There is no nutrient in alcohol only calories Quitting alcohol will save you from consuming empty calories This way you will also not consume the extra snacks we eat with alcohol Or have it once a month If you follow these ten tips regularly I can guarantee You will lose a lot of weight very soon If you liked this video share it with everyone Like, comment and Subscribe to our channel Press the bell icon So you get notification for our upcoming video

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