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10 Best TMJ Exercises to Stop Pain in Your Jaw. (Temporomandibular Joint Disorder)

Hello folks, I'm Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course Bob. Anyway today Brad we're going to talk about 10 best TMJ exercises, 9 9? 9! What did you change it? Well, that's right. Well plus a bonus. Okay. Just keep watching you'll see. Exercises to stop pain and By the way, a lot of people probably don't know what TMJ is They just feel that it's your jaw, painful locking etc., but no they don't know what the words TMJ what it stands for Is it the mouth jaw? Well Temperomandibular joint Okay Everyone has TMJ, everyone has a temporal mandibular joint, two of them, we'll be able to see it on here really well Yeah, we beheaded Napoleon All right so right here is Now this is exactly what it looks like with the exception you don't have a spring in your mouth like that But the joint it's kind of a really odd looking joint compared to a lot of joints It's not like an elbow or a finger joint And there's the muscle configuration in here you got a very strong jaw muscle to close your jaw, There's muscles up in here too, all attached into the jaw, it gets kind of complicated, but anyways that is your TMJ joint and it's amazing the symptoms that that joint can cause You can get a lot of pain and a lot of, they result in headaches, Oh, yeah, get pain in the ear, you get headaches neck pain clicking and locking the joint.

It's not a pleasant thing. I had it once. Oh, you did? Yeah, just on one side, and it was very uncomfortable, and it wasn't fun And I think what I got it from, I was chewing on my front left and that's one of the things you're not supposed to do I know they're even concerned about when you go to the dentist and you have your jaw open really wide for a long period of time, one of the problems that can result in You ever get it where they got things wedged in there and they're doing a crown or something like that? Yeah, it's not fun, the dentist isn't fun for a lot of reasons, and that's just one of them. Well first Brad, if you are new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos on how to stay healthy, fit, pain-free And we upload every day, also go over to Facebook and like us because Brad and I were traumatized as children And nobody liked us and now we're trying to turn all that around, We're really doing good at it, We're moving along, we don't need any psychologist, okay here we go American Academy of Family Physicians is where we got these from So you know it's good, so you're gonna do these daily okay and some of these exercises up to six times per day But the first one, these are specific and the whole idea Bob is to get the jaw muscles to relax they're tightened up on you, and regain the range of motion.

Let the TMJ joint go in where it's supposed to and Things will work on it. Its hyper irritable because the muscles are working overtime, working all the time, you got to get them to relax So take the tip of your tongue and put it right behind your two front teeth right on the gum right next where the teeth meet the gum Yeah, that's a the standard relaxed position for the jaw, and then you're just gonna open and close Go ahead, open and close your mouth Slowly, okay And you're not gonna open up as wide as you can, just a very comfortable range Okay, if you get so far and it gets painful, you stop and just go in that pain-free How many of these are we doing? We can do up to ten of these And then number two they call this the goldfish exercise I'm gonna do a half opening on this Now this one instead of putting the tip your tongue right behind your teeth you put your tongue on the roof of your mouth Oh really, okay.

Okay? So you got it there It's hard for me to talk to you and do it at the same time, and this one: six repetitions. You're gonna open your jaw half way Just half way, so it does look like a goldfish. Yeah, right yeah then You do that six times and this one six times per day the next two are six repetitions six times per day, kind of even it out throughout the day.

The first one how often do you do the relaxed jaw? That one? Yeah. That one ten times? Yeah, if you have good success with it Once a day, but you could do it more than that. I think this is just like exercises that we do for therapy for the other parts of the body, sure Depends how much you talk I suppose The next one, same thing, but instead of going half opening you're gonna go open it up, and if you can without pain So tongue on the roof of the mouth and Open it as wide as you can, as long as it's not painful, go up to the pain Well the tongue is gonna limit you, in how far you can go But you have to have the tongue in there to get the right mechanics I'm glad I brushed my teeth today. Wow okay Your wife must love you Okay chin tucks Because posture is very important with TMJ, so when you do these Make sure you got your shoulders back, actually with all these it's a good idea to get those shoulders back Pay attention to your posture and your chin tucks like this.

It's interesting how much this plays a role in your chewing and you can just try this, try chewing like this All slouched And it's just even your whole throat and everything doesn't work like it should So the chin tucks are really a good one to do not only like Brad said for your neck and posture It's really important for the TMJ. Yep. So are you gonna do this one? You know They're recommending holding it three seconds, which Ithink I'm fine with that I'm fine with that too The American Academy of Family Physicians, we agree, we concur, ok next one And then I would do that one throughout the day I think you could do that, that one's always good to do, Now this one resisted opening the mouth, okay? So you're gonna put your thumb or whatever you want your fingers underneath your chin And you're gonna get off a resistance and open, do you got your tongue behind them? No, And it's going to take three to six seconds to go through the range of motion so You can do that five to ten times, depending on how it feels I think a lot of this is like anything you have to see how your body responds to these.

A lot of times the muscles, if you can get them to really contract hard, then they relax easier, it's contract relaxed, all these concepts are the same From the body to the jaw and then grab ahold of your chin. Okay, open it up, a comfortable opening and close with resistance. Yeah, you got to get a hold of that chin, And again same amount of time, three to six seconds of resisted So Jay Leno wouldn't have no trouble with this I hope our audience isn't so young that they don't even know what that means, or Donna Fargo She was a country singer back in the seventies. I think I remember her Good singer. She had a big chin? I think so yeah. As a kid we used to make fun of it. I hope she's not watching. Sorry, Donna. Yeah, good voice though. So yeah a very pretty woman. Okay tongue touching the top of the mouth. Now this is the same as the first one, but we just did the fingertip or the tongue top of the teeth And now we're doing tongue and the roof of the mouth, and then opening it again, mm-hmm opening close slowly This is one you want to be relaxed, just let that open, always good posture too throughout all these, good reminder Bob I should give you a slap right there in the chest But we don't get violent in here.

You could walk into this Okay now This one's kind of fun for me Get some tongue depressors, or if you don't you can get some popsicle sticks, about a quarter of an inch thick, so I've got three tongue depressors stacked on top of each other Just something that's smooth, about a quarter inch thick, and then you know it's clean, so you don't infect your mouth with anything, and you put it in here And then you just slide your jaw right to left, just gently letting your lower teeth slide across the sticks okay? How you doing Bob? It's looking good And then as it gets more comfortable back and forth you add another stick. Oh just another one? Yeah, well whatever is comfortable.

Obviously you're not going to go up to three inches and have your mouth wider than this But to a reasonable functional mouth you make it up to half, so I think what's nice about this is it provides a guide which allows you to relax You can stay relaxed with the sticks in the mouth. You know you don't want to bite it, but you have to be touching it Just so it slides, and then the next one is the same thing, but you're gonna go forward and back. So really all we're doing on all these exercises is working all the TMJ muscles in all different directions, and trying to do it in a relaxed fashion So that the mechanics of the jaw become normal, with good range of motion Number ten, oh you're gonna make one of those? Yeah. The number ten one is if you go to our video on this for the massage Sure right, yeah We've had a lot of good success with people having problems because if those muscles are that tight as you're having problems with these and it's just not working well then you got to get in there and do a manual massage on those teeth, and we go through all that, on how to massage those muscles And people have had really good success Oh, yeah, we get a lot of positive comments with that.

We used to make these as kids, you remember these? I do Bob. They explode like this and I learned how to do them even with four of them I Invented this so you can do with four, so if this is like your children have TMJ and you have these popsicle or these tongue depressors you get a bunch from the doctor then you can have them play with this afterwards, Yep see so you can make it with four even, I never did the four one. Yeah, I invented it I did! Oh really. And then you know okay, that's gonna blow it up. We've digressed severely Good luck with that jaw joint, thanks for watching..

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