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10 Ways To Use Vaseline (Product tips, how to and review 2016) ✖ James Welsh


Hey guys. Welcome back to my channel. Today, I’ll be talking about the most luxurious grooming product, you’re ever gonna come across, Vaseline! Obviously, I’m just kidding. This is petroleum jelly and it cost me 99P, I think. This one was from Boots like this, the pharmacy but this is like one of those Holy Grail products where there are million different ways to use this and not just in cosmetics. You know, this can be useful in so many different things but today I’ll be telling you the 10 ways that I personally use petroleum jelly in my grooming regime.


Little disclaimer because I know what people are like on YouTube. This is about the brand Vaseline, Vaseline the brand, in particular, not petroleum jelly in general. So, it could work for other brands but this is what I know is safe for Vaseline. But before I get going, make sure you follow me on SnapChat. That’s kind of where I’m speaking to the majority of you guys at the moment. Instagram is kind of crazy because so many people talk to me on there and it’s not very good at notifying me when I have a new message and I do like to see your pictures and stuff so whatever you feel comfortable with. And obviously subscribe if you haven’t already. So let’s just get on with it, we’re gonna start with number one.


Now this can be used as a lip scrub. I’ve seen this discussed quite a bit on YouTube and people are mixing in soap and honey and all that kind of stuff. To be honest, I find that the laziest and easiest way to use this as a scrub, what I do, is once I’ve washed my face, I’ll apply a small amount of Vaseline on my lips. Then with a different toothbrush to the one I brush my teeth with, I buyed one especially for it, just gently rub over your lips. I’ve told you about this before but I always thought there was something missing. I’ve never used Vaseline before but I find that the Vaseline kind of just gives you that nourishment and that little extra boost of moisture that you want as well as scrubbing away all that dead skin. I keep them looking healthy and plump.


Moving on to number two. Another one that I think we all know by now, I discussed this in a video last year, I think. I filmed for Ikon, if you hadn’t check that out, it’s my grooming hands, you can check out here but Vaseline helps to prolong your fragrance. So Vaseline is occlusive, it’s an occlusive product, which means, it kind of stays on the surface of your skin but basically, it’ll stay there pretty much all day until you wipe it off. So all you need to do is apply the Vaseline to your pressure points, well, places where you get, you know, a little bit warmer. The places where you’re gonna apply fragrance in general than just spritz the fragrance over that and you will find that it lasts a lot longer. Now obviously, I’d avoid doing it in places like your neck because you don’t want to walk around with a shiny neck but places like just in the middle of your chest or on your wrist or anywhere like that.


It’s a really, really good place to pop this. Moving on to number three. I don’t really shave all that often but when I do, it’s literally just under there. And I am guaranteed to cut myself. I guaranteed to have a like a little bit of a cut somewhere under my chin, which is mostly really annoying when you’re getting ready and you just want to look well-groomed and kind of tidy under there. And I found that Vaseline is the best thing for those little cuts so what I’ll do is if and when I do cut myself, I’ll place a big blob of Vaseline on the cut then leave it for like 10-15 minutes or basically finish getting ready then I’ll just wipe it off the dry bit with a tissue or a cotton pad and you’ll find that this stops the bleeding super, super quick and it also doesn’t leave any kind of scarring or any kind of scab as well.


You’re not left with that much redness, you will be able to see it a little bit like any cut in your face but it really, really does just help, not heal it– Yeah, it helps heal it pretty much, super quick. Number four. So I use this every so often not all the time to maximize the benefits of a night cream or your nighttime moisturizer. Vaseline is gonna work as a barrier. It’s gonna lock in all that moisture into your face. This allows the night cream or the moisturizer to work to its full potential overnight. So you’re going to keep all that moisture that you meant to be getting from that product and despite the heavy look of this product and what you may think about Vaseline, Vaseline doesn’t actually clog pores. Vaseline is non-comedogenic, I think, is the way you pronounce it, which just means it doesn’t clog your pores. However, I’m not going to rub this all over my face to like lock in that moisture, I’ll use it on patches where I get particularly dry so like around my nose, in the middle of my eyebrows, just here and even sometimes around here, I get very, very dry Some people do use it as an all over face cream but I don’t think I could physically sleep with a face full of Vaseline, especially, in this boiling hot– where there’d just be very kind of like suffocating I think.


Moving on to number five. Very similar, this also helps with eye cream so just like the face moisturizer put eye cream under my eye and this is a collagen heavy eye cream. And then, I’ll just dab the Vaseline under and again, this is going to lock in all that moisture and allow the eye cream to give your eyes that plump more energized awake feel in the morning. Now, this is a bit of a weird one but I think is a really good tip. In my old job, I had a lot of pictures of me taken. It was my job to start myself with Outfits. Constantly do Youtube for their channel as well. And that meant a hell of a lot of fake smiling, like you’d walk down the road and like smile, while they’re shooting away. And what you don’t realize about that is your cheeks, it starts to feel really heavy and really achy and your mouth goes dry and then like your lip starts getting stuck to your your gum and your teeth and like it’s really, really annoying. This is a tip I learned from America’s Next Top Model, years ago, and that’s put a light layer of Vaseline on your teeth and just on the top of the gum and this literally lubricates your teeth and your gums so your lip can go up and down freely and you can look like you’re smiling all the time.


But no, Prom season is among us, Graduation as well, where a lot of pictures are going to be taken. You’re going to be fake smiling your way through the day for all those pictures, all those selfies, everything like that. So yeah, it’s a mouth lubricant. I don’t know… Tip number seven. I’ve shown you this one in a video like maybe four or five videos back but I use it to tame my eyebrows. Now, I used to use a clear eyebrow gel but I find that my eyebrows would go kind of like hard and crunchy almost like I put hairspray through them which isn’t a great look, when you have black eyebrows you can also get like a lot of white flakes on them.


So I literally, just take a small bit of Vaseline and just run it through my eyebrow then with a small comb like a beard grooming comb or moustache comb just shake them up a little bit. You’ll find out that, that will last you like half a day then you just redo it during the day. Moving on to tip number eight. It is hay fever season here in the UK.


If, in America it’s allergy season, no one knew what I was saying but when I said hey fever out then they’re like, “Oh, you mean like allergies?” I was like, “Yeah, that would do.” Basically, it’s just when all the pollen wants to attack your face and it makes you sneeze and itch and everything like that. I’ve taken so many hay fever tablets. I’ve taken so many allergy tablets. I’ve stuck things up my nose but by far, the most successful anti hay fever allergy thing, I’ve ever used is Vaseline.


So what I’ll do is I’ll take some of this Vaseline and I’ll start to apply it to my eyelashes top and bottom, which also does help them look quite nice and yeah, nice eyelashes. And then I’ll perch the inside of my nose as well, just the inside of the nostril. Do not put Vaseline way up your nose for health reasons, I suppose. But I find that this helps trap the pollen before it starts to irritate your eyes or your nose. I got this idea from a product that I bought in a pharmacy that was for hay fever, which told you to do just that, “Apply to your eyes and your nose.” Then I realized, I was paying 10 quids for this product and it literally, was just Vaseline in a tub. So I just use normal Vaseline and it really. really works. Number 9. So you guys know, I’m, oil to my skin care, my hair care, everything like that but I really seem to neglect my nails. As you can see from how long and dirty they are at the moment.


I don’t know why I just feel like I don’t have time for it. I feel like that’s the last thing I want to do… it’s weird, I don’t know but what really, really helps with my laziness, when it comes to my nails is Vaseline, obviously. But what I’ll do is I’ll just apply a generous amount to my nails and fingernails, just rub that’ll win, really soften up those cuticles. Leave it for about 10 minutes, wash as much off as I can with water, it’s really difficult because kind of waterproof, wipe it away with a damp flannel and then you’ll find that your nicely moisturized. Your cuticles can be pushed back a little bit and the Vaseline website claims that Vaseline can help strengthen your nails ten times, it makes them, make them ten times stronger. So I’m not sure about that. They do look like sun shiny though, after. So that’s a plus. Number ten. This is my final but I find nearly the most useful tip that I do use every single day. You know, when you’ve done your hair, all the products in, you finish it off with that hairspray and you’re not gonna touch it now because it’s done, then you look back in the mirror just before you’re about to leave and you have a two stray hairs, just popping out, doing their only thing.


You obviously, don’t want to apply more hairspray. Don’t want to go back and try to add a product in to try and keep it on. So the best thing to do is use a tiny bit of Vaseline on your finger and just smooth it back into place and this will hold pretty much the whole day as long as you do not touch your hair, this isn’t gonna move. This works for all around here, any stray hairs around here. You think as well that your hair will look greasy and shiny with some Vaseline on it, but it just looks like a normal natural shine.


I’ll find out with my beard as well. if I ran out of beard oil ’cause that’s, Vaseline is something I always have on me in my bag. I’m out and I don’t have my beard oil, I can use this to kind of just tidy up my beard. Shape my moustache a little bit as well. So it’s great at controlling stray hairs. Anywhere on your face and hair. So there are my ten ways to use Vaseline. I’m sure there’s a million more like a million like using it to soften hard foot skin.


But there’s loads of hacks for you ladies out there as well as you gents that wear makeup. I did see a video that was like 50 ways to use Vaseline. But if you guys know any other ways of using Vaseline that you think I’ve missed, keep it clean, obviously, please. Then please leave it in the comments box below. So this video is also part of a ten ways to use kind of series that I’ve kind of accidentally started, where you can see ten ways to use aloe vera gel and ten ways to use argan oil as well so make sure you check them out. But that is it guys, be sure to subscribe and I will see you next time..


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