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15 Milk Secrets & Nutrition Facts | Milk Myths vs Facts

Today Milk episode is on the top 15 interesting facts and myths on drinking milk – topics like Milk and Kidney Stones, Milk and Sleep, Milk and Weight Loss, Milk and Asthma, Goats Milk, Milk Contains Hormones, Milk + Fish = Vitiligo (White Patches), Milk and Puberty and many other truths on milk. Coming up! 1. DRINKING RAW MILK IS GOOD FOR HEALTH? This is a Myth. The consumption of raw milk increases the risk for infection and serious illness. All milk intended for direct consumption should be pasteurized. Pasteurization kills potentially harmful bacteria without affecting the taste or nutritional value of milk. 2. MILD CAUSES EARLY ONSET OF PUBERTY? Particularly in girls. This is a Myth. No doubt the age of onset of puberty in girls has now significantly decreased, but milk is not the reason for early onset of puberty and there is no scientific evidence to support milk or diary products for early onset of puberty. 3. MILK IS THE BEST SOURCE OF CALCIUM AND VITAMIN D? Milk is a source of calcium and vitamin D, but certainly not the best.

For example, two tablespoons of chia seeds have six times more calcium then milk! 100 ml of milk contains 125mg of calcium while 100 grams of ragi contains a whopping 344mg of calcium. That says it all. 4. BOILING MILK REDUCES ITS NUTRIENTS? This is again a Myth. Raw Milk has to be pasteurized to kill all potentially harmful bacteria and, there is absolutely no harm in boiling milk again and again. There is no significant loss of its nutritional value. 5. DRINKING MILK IS GREAT TO START YOUR DAY? This is True. Milk is actually great for breakfast because it gives you the essential nutrients right at the start of the day.

But drinking milk on an empty stomach as soon as you wake up may not be the best thing for you. Drinking a glass of water is actually beneficial as soon as you wake up. 6. DRINKING MILK CAUSES BLOATING AND INDIGESTION? Well, This is true for people with Lactose intolerance, but not for normal people. Lactose intolerance is a digestive disorder in some people who do not have sufficient enzyme called lactase to digest the sugar lactose which is the main sugar in milk and other diary products. 7. MILK IS HEART HEALTHY FOOD? This is false! Whole cows milk contains 5 to 10 mg of cholesterol per 100gms. Milk and other dairy products are one of the top sources of artery-clogging saturated fat. 8. MILK CONTAINS HORMONES? This is a Fact! Hormones are naturally present in most foods of plant and animal origin. In cows milk, it called Bovine growth hormone (bGH). Bovine growth hormone is a peptide made up of amino acids and when ingested, is completely digested in the gastro-intestinal tract like any other protein and thus has no hormonal activity in humans.

9. MILK HAS A LOT OF SUGAR? Sugar is a general term used many times for any carbohydrate whether its glucose, fructose or lactose. Milk contains a carbohydrate called lactose. Many people confuse this natural sugar in milk for table sugar which is sucrose. But remember, Chocolate and other flavored milk contains added sugar (sucrose), making it much heavy, specially important info for people who intend to loose weight.

10. DRINKING MILK CAUSES KIDNEY STONES? This is a big myth most people do not know. Many studies have shown that Drinking milk or calcium derived from foods does not increase kidney stone risk, but calcium from supplements has been associated with higher risk of stone formation. 11. DRINKING MILK CAUSES MUCUS AND ASTHMA? This is another myth with no scientific basis. There is no relationship with milk and bronchial asthma. 12. DRINKING A GLASS OF MILK BEFORE BED GIVES YOU SOUND SLEEP? This is actually True.

A glass of milk helps to induce sound sleep because milk contains a protein called alpha-lactalbumin, which is a source of the amino acid tryptophan, which is essential for synthesis of serotonin, which is a neurotransmitter hormone that helps to regulate mood and sleep. 13. GOATS MILK has lower fat content than Cows Milk? This is True. When it comes to the trans fat content, Buffalo milk has highest fat content, then comes cows milk and lowest is goats milk.

14. DRINKING MILK CAN HELP YOU LOOSE WEIGHT? Drinking milk will not make you slim. There are no studies suggestive of any benefit of milk to loose weight. Instead, depending on your total calorie intake value, it can actually make you more fat. 15. EATING MILK AND FISH TOGETHER CAUSES VITILIGO OR WHITE PATCHES ON SKIN? As per medical science, Vitiligo is an auto-immune disorder and has no direct relationship with food. There are no research evidences to support this claim. Infact, In many parts of the world, fish dishes are cooked with milk, yogurt or other dairy products without any problems.

But as per Ayurveda, this combination can trigger some sudden chemical changes in the body to pollute blood and cause skin problems. But no studies have proved this claim. If you found this video helpful, Please Like, Share and comment below with your feedback. Consider subscribing if you are new to this channel. Stay Healthy!.

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