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2 Standing Best Exercise For L4 L5 Disc Bulge Exercises L5 S1 Disc Exercises by Dr Walter Salubro

Back pain with L4 L5 disc bulge. Leg pain with L4 l5 disc bulge or even L5
S1 disc bulge. Shooting pain down the leg, numbing, tingling
in the legs. These are symptoms that are associated with
disc bulges either at L4 L5 or L5 S1 areas of the spine. They can be debilitating. They can be aggravating and totally decreased
quality of life, function, and of course cause a lot of pain.

Hi Everyone, this is Dr. Walter Salubro and
in this video I'm goint to teach you two standing exercises to relieve symptoms associated with
L4 L5 disc bulge or L5 S1 disc bulge. Check this out, follow me. Helping you relieve pain, conquer stress,
and supercharge your health, the chiropractic way. And before I show you these two standing exercises
for relieve L4 L5 disc bulge symptoms or L5 S1 disc bulge symptoms, be sure to subscribe
to my channel, hit that red subscribe button, hit the notification bell as well so you get
notified for all new content and videos that I give to help relieve chronic pain, whether
it's spinal pain or disc pain or nerve pain. Okay. Exercise number one is back extension standing. Take your hands, put them on your waist just
to support yourself and you're going to stand back like this as far as you can without causing
aggravation in your back or any leg symptoms.

And what that does is it opens up the space
where the discs are and relieve any pressure from any compression of this being squished
down in that flex position. So extend, hold for one to two seconds, repeat
that to five to ten times. Now, before I show you the next exercise,
the key thing with any exercises is never ever do them if they cause an aggravation
of back pain or leg symptoms. Only do exercises within your tolerance. Okay, exercise number two. Also in the standing position, it's a pelvic
tilt exercises. And some of my other videos I showed this
exercise seated but can also be done standing. So again, you're standing, I like to put my
hands on my pelvis over here and you are going to arch your back, round your back, arch your
back, round your back.

But looks like that. Arch your back, round your back, arch your
back, round your back. This is a complete pelvic rhythmic coordination
exercise. What it does is it helps to mobilize fluid
into the disc, bring more health and nutrients and vitality to that disc and also decrease
irritation and pressure with that mobilization. So it was a very, very effective exercise. It can be done seated. Check my videos to see the see the seated
pelvic exercise or it can be done standing. Just this again, so pelvic tilting, it's all
pelvic motion. So there we go to exercises that can be done
standing to help relieve back pain pressure or discomfort or leg pressure comfort because
of L4 L5 disc bulge or L5 S1 disc bulge. So hope you found those two standing disc
bulge exercises for L4 L5 disc bulge and L5 S1 disc bulge useful. And if you like this, click the like button,
share it, add it to your playlists and of course subscribe to my channel to get new
updates and video content. And if you have a question, leave it in the
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This is Dr. Walter Salubro and I'll catch
you on the next video. To learn more about how corrective chiropractic
care at Back To Health Chiropractic Centre can help you with your chronic pain problem. Visit Back Health Chiropractic Centre is located
at 20 Cranston Park Ave, #6, Vaughan, L6A 2W2..

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