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$4000 Korean Skin Treatment | WORTH IT??? ?

good morning guys don’t let my shiny face I got lots of sunscreen on this morning it’s so sunny here and so are you gonna keep getting a sunburn so I’m just constantly applying sunscreen so today is actually a really exciting day I’m here with sunny and we’re going to panel buggy skincare clinic to get a consultation for our skin and a complimentary treatment and I’m super excited because I’ve never been to a dermatologist before I’ve never had anyone look at my skin and recommend a treatment or a treatment plan or anything so I’m really excited in general I’m pretty happy with my skin I used to have really bad acne and that has pretty much cleared out I got I had a big pimple here the other day but in general I’m pretty happy with my skin but I do have a condition called vitiligo which makes patches of my skin lose their pigment so I just have random white patches all over my body including my face which are the ones that bug me the most you guys can’t tell on camera but around my eyes it’s all the pigment is gone from here so when I get even a slight tan this part will tan and then this part will remain white and I look a little funny so I’m gonna ask the doctor today if they have some kind of treatment that could maybe even out this color here to match the lighter patches we’ll see what we can do but I’m pretty excited we’re gonna relax here and have a tea we’re in the cutest cafe that I’ve ever seen in my life sunny found this place and I can see why she loves it it smells just as amazing as you would expect it to smell it smells like sweet dried flowers and just wait till you see my tea it’s so cute look I got an iced lemongrass tea and I just love the little details like they give you this cute little fresh flower and sunny got cam a mile and she’s got a cute little flower – geez so we’re gonna relax and I’ll see you guys again soon guys nobuggy dermatology so we just dropped our stuff off in the locker room so we don’t have to carry it around with us all day so basically in Korea we have this thing called cocktail IV so as you guys know IV are used for when you’re sitting have the one that has to fight it in C vitamin precise b6 b12 and everything so a lot of celebrity in Korea when they’re really busy they get this IV injection like a cocktail ID to support their system I usually get this one the vitamin C one yeah when you feel like your immune system is really low you can just come here any other time I would never think of coming to a skincare clinic or something like that that’s so cool they have a garlic one too you have sunny so this one’s really good for detoxing your body but they need smell like garlic afterwards so all of their explanations and like these pamphlets are in Korean but if you do speak only English and you come here they will have translators to help you so don’t worry about it I have sending with me here today so my personal translator I’m just gonna change my shoes into slippers so it’s a lot easier I don’t have to keep taking my shoes off okay so I’m going into the room now they’re gonna cleanse my face because I have Sun cream on no need to worry if you have makeup or sunscreen or any kind of skincare on when you go to the clinic because they will cleanse your face for you this was so nice I felt like royalty I never had anyone wash my face for me before it was super relaxing so they’re gonna use a machine here to analyze the condition of my skin 4head and now it’s time to go in and talk with the dermatologist the doctor that I’m seeing today is Kim M Jean and she recommended some treatments that she thought would be best for my skin so I told her what my concerns were and she made a couple of suggestions of her own and we decided on a treatment plan all the beds in the clinic are separated by either walls or curtains so it feels very private and comfortable so the first step was to remove the top layer of dead skin from my face they did this using this device it didn’t hurt at all it felt very relaxing was just like a very gentle scrape and it makes your skin feel super smooth and this will improve the effectiveness of the other treatments that we’re gonna do today next we started the LDF treatment and this is for reducing redness in my skin dr.

Kim recommended this because I told her that probably one of the biggest skin issues I have at the moment is that I have too much redness and I always feel like I have to cover it up so hopefully this works it was very relaxing zero pain at all I almost fell asleep it was quite nice actually this next cream that they’re applying to my face is actually a numbing cream and they left this on for about an hour I think it was to make sure my face is nice and numb for the next treatment we’re gonna do which is the all therapy ultrasound facial treatment which can be quite painful so that is why they give you this numbing cream once the cream had done its job they removed it all and it was time to go into the next room to start the all therapy treatment so all therapy is an ultrasound machine it uses sound energy to penetrate deep into your skin and what it does is it encourages the regeneration of collagen in your skin so it’s all natural there’s no chemicals or fillers or anything like that all it’s doing is stimulating your skin and encouraging it to create some fresh new collagen now I must warn you this was quite painful so be prepared for that some portions of the face hurt more than others I felt really sensitive along my jaw area but I held out because I was really hoping that I would get the results I wanted but just be aware of that if you are going to try all therapy prepare yourself for the pain the numbing cream does help reduce the pain but because it’s penetrating deep into your skin you can still feel it Pinal buggy dermatology clinic is a certified provider of this all therapy treatment there are fake machines out there so make sure you are confirming with the hospital that they are properly certified and that they have a legit machine before you do this treatment [Music] alright guys it’s been officially three months since I did the skin treatment so I’m going to let you know what I think tell you how my face looks now and if I think it was worth the cost of the treatments as for the LDF redness reducing treatment it wasn’t painful at all which was great it was actually quite relaxing it just felt like a massage for my face it was really nice it cost just under three hundred dollars American and I noticed results from that right away actually my face was a little irritated from the treatments right afterwards but after days of giving it time to settle down I really noticed a I would say a 50% reduction in the redness of my skin and that’s really my biggest skin concern at the moment I still get pimples but they’re not too bad I don’t really have a problem with blackheads or anything it’s just my skin constantly had quite a bit of redness in it so I was always using like a BB cream or a tinted moisturizer or something to cover that up but now that it’s about 50% less than it was I feel a lot more comfortable going out without anything on my face which is really nice because I do that often I I really only wear makeup when I go to a meeting or make videos or you know out for dinner or something special but my everyday life I just don’t wear anything so it’s nice to feel a little more comfortable in my skin so if you do struggle with redness I highly recommend that treatment they do recommend that you get more than one session I only had one session and I would say I noticed about a 50% reduction in redness so I’m sure if I had continued and done a few more I would have seen even better results but definite thumbs up for the LDF redness reducing treatment as for the Al Farah like I mentioned in the video it was very painful it doesn’t look painful because you know there’s no cutting involved there’s no injections it’s not a laser it’s just an ultrasound right it shouldn’t hurt it was very painful I have a high pain tolerance with this it’s one of those pains where it’s kind of like a dental pain like a when you’re getting your teeth drilled and you get like a sharp pain deep in your your jaw it kind of felt like that the cost is quite high it was just over three thousand dollars American I believe but the results have been amazing you guys I’ll show you guys the before and after shots here so you can see the difference so this is three months later this is exactly three months later when I took this after photo and you’re supposed to continue to see results up until six months I believe so it should continue to improve but this is already such a huge improvement I very very happy with how it looks and it feels tighter it feels a lot tighter they also said that it you would see like some lifting and tightening just in your face in general because what it’s doing is producing more collagen so your your face gets like plumper and and tighter and I did notice that these lines here are a little less than they were before so that’s cool they didn’t bother me or anything but I guess that’s an improvement I think I would have to say it was worth the pain and worth the cost I would say if you’re very self-conscious about your chin area like I am and diet and stuff like that doesn’t have any positive effect on it it’s often a genetic thing this saggy double chin so if it does bother you then I would say that this is a worthy investment but only if it really bothers you for myself I have to see my face on camera all the time I get people commenting on my looks all the time so so for me it’s nice to have an improvement in that area but yeah it’s not a huge deal it’s just a little double chin so if you have one don’t worry about it again I’m just very picky about how I look because I always have to stare at my face in videos and listen to what people have to say about it as well so for me I think it was worth the trouble of having the treatment done and I’m very happy with the results I’ve seen if you guys have any questions please leave them down below and I will try to answer them I’ve got the information of the clinic that I went to down below if you want to contact them yourself and I guess that’s about it thanks so much for watching guys and I’ll see you again soon [Music] you [Music]

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