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Are You Above Or Below Average?


Have you ever wondered how to pile up with others?

For example, in North America if you’re a man Taller than 175.7 cm or a woman taller than 161.8 cm you are above the overall average. If you weigh less than 88.3 kg as a man and 74.7 kg as a woman you are below average. Humans worldwide weigh an average of 62 kilos. If you read less than 12 books per year You are below average. But it isĀ  likely that voracious readers have inflated this number. Reading 4 books a year is the most common. And if you read more than 300 words per minute You are above average.

You write more than 40 words per minute You are also faster than the majority, If you have a Bachelor’s degree or higher You are above average. But if not finish high school And you are from developed countries You are far below the average with only about 10% of those who haven’t finished it. If you’re a man who can lift weights over 135 pounds, You are stronger than many If you are a woman, you can run miles In less than 7 to 10 minutes You are faster than others.

If that is exhausting you sleep more than 6.8 hours That is more than the majority. If you drink less than 3 cups of coffee a day You are below average. Still thirsty? Most people drink 3 to 4 glasses of water a day Frequent fluids make you urinate heavily? If you urinate less than 6 times a day you are below average, If you need more than once a day This is above average, based on studies> But that does not necessarily cause for concern.

The natural person releases gases about 14 times a day, That’s about 500 to 1500 mm. Do you have a family? If you end up having more than two children your life, in most of Europe and North America, That’s higher than the average. But if you have fewer than 6 children in Niger You are below average. Although you watch telvar for more than 5 hours and 4 minutes a day This is more than the majority. This is the same time that average people spend on their mobile devices. But if you’re a teenager and spend less than 9 hours on social media every day You are actually below the average teenagers.

Are You Above Or Below Average?
Are You Above Or Below Average?

Ordinary people also touch their cell phones more than 2,000 times a day. Do you think you’re smarter than the average person? Or you think you have better health or a stronger memory or that you are a friend more than the average person. It turns out that the vast majority of people also think they are better than the average person It is a phenomenon called imaginary superiority. It is a cognitive bias where people overestimate their own qualities and abilities.

A study showed 87% of the university students They rated their academic performance above average Interestingly, people with low IQ tend to overestimate their intelligence Those with higher IQs tend to underestimate their abilities. Men are more likely to overestimate their intelligence by 5 points While women underestimate their abilities. Perhaps most shocking is that in the cognitive test Even those with lower scores think they are above average Demonstrating a strong illusion Researchers think so because these are the worst in the test They are also the worst at understanding the skills required to do it well This article won the 2000 Nobel Prize In the words of Charles Bukowski: “The problem of this world is that fools are always confident in themselves.




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