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Autoimmune Disorder & HIV: Physiology Video Project

Matthew: Welcome, I’ Matthew Nhu: And I’m Nhu, and this is… Together: OUTDOOR NEWS Nhu: On to today’s news, we will be talking about the immune system, Matthew: More specifically the autoimmune disorder. It is a condition which occurs when the body fails to tell the difference between self and non self. Matthew: The body makes antibodies that are directed towards the body’s own tissues. Nhu: Autoimmune disorder does fatal to the immune system. Nhu: It kills good cells and leave your body prone to other infections and diseases Matthew: Now moving on to Catherine Catherine: Thank you Matthew. Catherine: The treatment for autoimmune disorder actually doesn’t actually have a specific treatment. Catherine: All you need to do is to control a healthy diet or maintain a good lifestyle. Catherine: If you get a serious autoimmune disorder, get aspirin and go to the doctors, THANK YOU!!! Nhu: On to the next news, we’re going to talk about HIV. Matthew: HIV is an auto immune disorder, pronounced HUMAN IMMUNODEFICIENCY VIRUS.

Matthew: So what it is is it’s a virus that once it gets to the human body, you cannot get rid of it completely, so one you have it, you have it for life. Nhu: In order to know better about this disease, we’re going to go to our reporter Marina. Marina: Thank you Nhu. Marina: So how is HIV transmitted? Marina: HIV occurs to intimate contact with a body fluid of infected individuals or intimate contact. Marina: Major transitions include contact with blood, semen, or vaginal secretions. Marina: Drug users who share contaminated needles are also at risk of receiving HIV. Marina: Few people who are infected with the virus are getting after receiving a transfusion of blood or using contaminated blood products. Marina: Back to you guys. Nhu: Thank you Marina. Nhu: So Matthew, how is HIV treated? Matthew: Well Nhu, unfortunately there is no cure for HIV, Matthew: But ARV, which is pronounced ANTI RETOVIRAL REGIMENS, is made to maximally suppress the HIV virus and stop the progression of HIV disease.

Matthew: It could slow down the disease’s progress, and prevent secondary infections and complications. Nhu: WOW, that’s a lot of information!! Nhu: So now that you know all about the autoimmune disorders and how HIV is a type of them, Matthew: So, if you were getting a tattoo, and maiding with an individual, PLEASE KEEP THIS IN MIND!! Nhu: Thank you for tuning in with out door news. Matthew: Until next time..

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