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avoid these things in joint pain, arthritis , knee joint pain | how to cure arthritis naturally

home remedy tips for joint pain and arthritis and knee joint & shoulder joint pain diet plan for joint pain quit sugar for three months avoid sugar diet for three months sugar diet will never give you permanat relief in pain if u continue to take sugar then u will neve rget success in weight loss u get energy from fruits, vegetables, and so on avoid normal salt. use rock salt or pink salt, saindha namak no heavy exercises follow meditation to avoid mental stress sleep well. before 11pm after meals eat one tspf —mixture of flax seeds, sesame seeds, amla dried, cardimom for digestion and peaceful sleep dont eat fast food forget about negative thoughts and negative people change ur attitude. never think of past dont pamper to the disease which you are sufferring talking about piain and disease will lead you in more pain if u will think about disease again & again then it will never go away think of good things which you have dont take tension, dont give tension to others.

take care thanks .

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