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Behind the Smile – Rheumatoid Arthritis (Part 2)

Jane how are you feeling today I wouldn’t just hide how you feeling money I know sometimes you feel sick but I can help oh no you’re not I know it’s why you can come to my place but that’s okay just still the best mountain which is right she doesn’t need to see me struggle doesn’t matter to her he’s strong like her mom can’t explain Oh [Music] why do you think it’s too hard to talk about so it means sure promise just I don’t want to be a bird this was in depend you know and it won’t let to stop me [Music] we can support you with all the fun you just need to tell me when you need help stress to deal with I know I can be distant and grumpy very grumpy sometimes but a promise I will try my best to help I could help you make lunch I think I’ll be great is it actually it’s more important to us that you’re as strong and as healthy as you can be even if it’s hard to let us know you’re both amazing that anything left talking about it is going to help you won’t know until you try Jane Jane are you really okay actually this week’s been difficult okay how does RA affect your everyday life does it stop you from doing anything honestly tiredness can be overwhelming and sometimes I don’t know how to cope I just don’t have any energy the pain in my joints can be excruciating just getting started in the morning is difficult sometimes I just sit there and cry okay before we talk about how I can help you does RA prevent you from doing anything what are the things you wish you were able to do [Music] you

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