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Best Sleeping Positions for Back Pain, Arthritis, Anterior Tilt, & Stenosis

Hi folks, I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist and I’m Brad Heineck physical therapist and together we are the most famous physical therapist on the internet in our opinion, of course We’re going to talk about how to sleep with an anterior pelvic tilt the best sleeping position to sleep when you have this problem right make yourself comfortable get a good night’s sleep and we’re gonna go over the reasons why an Anterior pelvic tilt is gonna actually maybe increase your pain especially if you have certain disorders right like arthritis and spinal stenosis and DDD right Degenerate Disc Disease, right right there you go it’s all coming in just a couple minutes All right.

If you’re new to our channel, please take a second to subscribe to us We provide videos how stay healthy fit pain free. We upload every day And if you haven’t already go over to Facebook and like us Because Brad and I asked children. We were not liked it’s a sad story, but we’re trying to turn things around So go to Bob and Brad, there you go. All right, Brad take it away Okay, Anterior pelvic tilt we need to clear this up and we’ve got a nice demonstration right here We’re going to use Bob.

Bob will help show this and we’re not I was going to show you can show the pelvis too Can you face that way Bob there you go. Can you pull your shirt up a little bit there you go So we actually put this nice blue belt so you can see now this show us his Anterior pelvic position the pelvic position. He’s in there pretty much a neutral position now Bob. Can you go and level? Yeah level this way now Can you go into actually we’re going to use the stick to show we’re level now go into that anterior pelvic tilt Did you see his, oh go back to the anterior pelvic tilt. There you go. Now now Bob Does this very well a lot of people aren’t able to do this. But some people are actually stuck. Go into the anterior pelvic tilt They’re somewhat stuck in this position I’m saying somewhat stuck because I think a lot of times they can change it if they work properly with it, but That’s what we’re looking at now show posterior pelvic tilt and then that instead of going this way We have a posterior.

The angle goes opposite direction So that’s the anterior pelvic tilt and that could cause problems it can be from tight hip flexors Okay, it can be from Bob fill me in here. Well, I wasn’t sure I was supposed to talk. You were daydreaming weren’t you. No, but I want to show it on here because what happens when you do anterior pelvic tilt You’re actually jamming all these little joints together on the back They call them facet joints and if you have arthritis in your back That’s where it’s really going to be a contributor to low back pain.

Yeah, and if you have spinal spondylolisthesis And if you have spinal stenosis throwing some diagnoses out there. Actually, probably even degenerative disc disease. Sure All those things are gonna feel worse if your back is in that arched position For a long period of time. Now you can do it briefly I mean when you’re lifting or something like put your back in that arch But you don’t want to be in that way all night long You’re jamming those joints together all night long .

Precisely, everything gets kind of well, it gets all scrunched up and there’s poor circulation Things are irritated. We just don’t like that. So We what we’re gonna do is give you some solutions so you can sleep Well throughout the night even with that anterior pelvic tilt until you get it straightened around. Now one of the things Brad, we get asked quite often. Do we recommend a mattress? Right. I remember for years we are asked this and Brad and I get approached by product companies every day, literally every day and we would never found a mattress We liked until now. This is the Sleep Ovation mattress. This can actually solve some of the problems We’re talking about today. Right. Because of the way it’s built. What it has is, it actually has individual I know this sounds like a commercial but this is the one mattress we do like. Right, It’s got these individual baffles like 700 of them. And the reason we like this is when I was younger actually, I have a friend that wrote a book a textbook and he found the best pressure relief came from this type of cushion and This is a ROHO cushion It’s very expensive, but it really offers excellent relief in the wheelchairs for People with problems.

Right, for pressure sores. And so if you look at this, it’s built very similar to this mattress it’s got individual cells and um so this has got individual cells So it really spreads out the pressure That you’re gonna feel. That’s as much as I’m going to say about it If you are interested in this mattress, we always get a deal for our people so if you go to the link You know hit on the link below right where you will get $300 off and if you put in Our code you’ll get another $50 off It is a wonderful mattress and that alone can solve your sleeping problems if you don’t Want to get a new mattress or you can’t afford a new mattress.

We’re gonna show you some less expensive You can do at home. Things you probably already have at home. And should we go.. You want me to be the guy or what? Yeah. Yeah, you do this cause I’ll take my shoes off and i’ll get comfortable See cause he’s got the penny loafers and I have tied shoes. Plus you’ll be able to see this if you need to right what? Do you want me to start with probably the back? Yeah, supine Bob. So, if I if I’m like this You know that’s putting the pressure on that back So I’m actually want to go flat like this.

Right. A lot of people. I have a patient yesterday that couldn’t sleep like this Sure, he’s been sleeping in the recliner. But if I took one of these leg wedges sure it actually he could lay there Comfortably because look what’s happening now. I’m actually again rotating that pelvis . Sure, and I’m opening up the Joints there’s not pressure on them. Those facet joints open up. And it allows things to relax more circulation everything you need to be comfortable and sleep well. Well, yeah, these are really inexpensive and they feel really good. Brad and I really like these things. You sleep with these for a while sometimes don’t you? It depends, Yep, as a matter of fact last night. I slept with my sleep wedge. And my wife.

And you’ll see you’ll sleep with it For a couple of hours you’ll sleep with it and then you take it. All right, okay now You said I know we said things you already have at home people may not have that but you probably have a few extra pillows Yeah, you would probably take quite a few pillows to get up into that range But you can see how that even then just that by putting in a bend in your knee can help You know rotate your pelvis back right So you can stack pillows or whatever you need to you could use three depends on your pillow how thick there and what not But that’ll be a real nice way to get you more comfortable as well What if you tend to sleep on your stomach Brad? Well, you know, that’s one thing. We’ve got a video on sleeping on the stomach We’re really not big fans up, but we always get comments people say they’re a stomach sleeper and they’re gonna stay a stomach sleeper They’re comfortable and that’s fine.

So why don’t you lay on your stomach Bob? And once again with this you just take a pillow well if I’m on my stomach and You know again this could cause me to have the anterior pelvic tilt right? It actually can You know where she probably if you have arthritis and such. So if you go ahead and take a pillow like this you can help Kind of turn it the other direction again, right? So this may help with all these you’re gonna want to experiment and try and see what works. It may work for you I mean, we’re always surprised at what works for patients and doesn’t work It’s you know, it’s it’s not it’s not cookie cutter, right? But just keep with it do some of these options and you’re gonna find the recipe that’s gonna work for you Sideline Bob.

This is one where this mattress works really nice, Brad. I know, this then I was working with this the other day and I was like, I don’t even know if you need any of these things No, when you if you’re using this mattress, you won’t need to do the next two things But again, we’re going to give you a list of inexpensive options. Sure with the exception of you know, if you’re gonna put a pillow between your knees, maybe then that would be the only thing But we do want to oftentimes there’s this gap in here if you’ve got a mattress particularly an old mattress That is kind of wore out has a hole in there so to speak but this mattress again Look how well it fills in that gap.

Right. Because if you don’t have the gap there your back can actually round out a little bit like this. As a matter of fact, we can Yeah, there you go. Can you hold that pelvis right here Bob? Yeah, that’s right. Yeah. There you go So what happens is the spine we want neutral but it sags down and then you get this curve in there Which is okay for a little bit, but after a while it’ll start bothering the facets on the top .

Exactly, the nerves on the top I have this exact situation With the bed I got right now. Okay now, let’s see Here we go. All right Just take a simple towel roll Put it through there and you can actually even pin or tape it or something. Right. So you don’t have a pin sticking in the middle of the night. And that can actually fill in that gap too. Right, and the towel roll you can roll thicker thinner depending on your body shape and how your mattress is. They do make Sleep rolls, they call it by McKenzie. We we really McKenzie make some excellent products and you can use this. We won’t put it on Bob But you can see it wraps right around and it does the same same thing as that The other thing is if you’re sleeping on your side It does a lot of times to help kind of bring your knees up a little bit Sure, sleep in that fetal position.

Right, because it opens up the back and you know, the problem is now if you have if you have a Herniated disc you don’t want to do any of these things sure. This may make a herniated disc or sciatic actually worse The Flex position? The flex position, right. So and even I’m going to make this, I don’t know that this would make it I think it depends on the severity of the herniation, you know that can vary whether you use the leg yeah, again, this is going to tend to be for people who have spinal stenosis arthritis, spondylolisthesis, anterior pelvic tilt, and degenerative disc disease,.

So these are the things, they all fit together in the same category, so all right Well Bob, I think once again, we’ve solved another problem that we can fix with the body except Yeah, we can fix about anything, except a broken heart. There you go. And we’re working on it though. We’ll eventually get to it. Say no more, Bob. All right, I won’t..

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