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Can Diet Cure Autoimmune Diseases? Dr Michael Greger

Autoimmune diseases are when your defense system – which otherwise protects your body from disease, decides that your healthy cells are “foreign” and attacks them. About 50 million Americans are said to be infected with autoimmune diseases, and there are about 80 different types of diseases like this. The most common are; Rheumatoid Arthritis, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Lupus, Multiple Sclerosis, Some Osteoarthritis, Celiac disease, Vitiligio, Screloderma, Psoriasis and inflammation of the digestive system such as Colitis and Crohn’s disease. To understand the impact and onset of autoimmune diseases, see the link with Doctor McDougll which is fascinating. Current methods of treating most autoimmune diseases are aimed at reducing symptoms, as doctors believe there is no cure method. Anyway, I recently heard a great story by Dr. Michael Greger on this subject, and here’s what he has to say; Autoimmune diseases are inflammatory diseases and plant foods are not only rich in antioxidants but also anti-inflammatory. So eating whole plant foods has proven to cure many inflammatory conditions like; Rheumatoid Arthritis, very effective in fighting Osteoarthritis, which acts as an inflammatory process, Systemic Lupus – a terrible autoimmune disease, although no studies have been conducted with other diseases, judging by its impact on rheumatoid arthritis – See also my other findings (, These dramatic improvements, even within a few weeks of changing your diet, Multiple Sclerosis – an autoimmune disease where your body attacks your nervous system, this (vegan) diet has been shown to be more effective in treating MS than any surgical procedure or drug in history.

Named Swank’s diet, according to Neurologist Dr. Roy Swank – Herbal diet with reduced fat content and people who have been on such a diet and who were followed for not only 3 months or 3 years but 30 years and 50 years and what happened to these patients? Absolutely stunning results; The BIGGEST impact on Multiple Sclerosis is diet; It’s not one food or one magic bowl, it’s the ENTIRE WAY of NUTRITION. Interestingly, studies show that people who have returned to a normal diet – because they felt so good, they were no longer in a wheelchair, without any symptoms and were cured and could eat whatever they wanted … They eventually lose you and die because they go back to the “normal” diet and MS returns, and terrible things happen.

Crohn’s disease. The strongest impact on Crohn’s disease?!? Are they steroids? Operations? The BIGGEST influence and prevention to this day in the medical literature is the herbal (vegan) diet. Same with Multiple Sclerosis, MS and Crohn’s Disease, THE BEST THAT WE HAVE IS THE FOOD MODE, And the reason why doctors don’t tell patients with these conditions to eat healthier is probably because they don’t know, or haven’t been taught or thought deliberately that “my patients do not want to do this.” “I know my patients … they won’t eat it.” If you know someone who suffers from autoimmune diseases, please share this video with them.

Have you seen any improvements in the transition to a plant-based diet? Leave your comment below and share your opinion. Like and subscribe for future videos. Follow me on Instagram @ 801010inlondon Thanks for your attention and see you next time !! Translation: SP .

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