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Cord Blood Transplants: A Sickle Cell Cure

I don’t have a problem on what I do I will do it again if I had to for another child some days I just felt kind of normal some days I just felt what it would be hard to explain to people how like I’m absent one day and then I come back with bandages on my arms I was Linda did a lot I had I couldn’t do sports and I really wanted to do sports some days I just didn’t want to do anything but if I had a joy ping you know those were the bad days because usually I would give them to my leg and I’d be limping that day or to my arms and you know taking Tylenol at school and all that telling my mom you know you’re hoping something’s not wrong yeah you do you have one arm better than the other this one you like the you know yes this is what I call Old Faithful the conventions right now in our country are that children who are not having many problems from sickle cell are not referred and so it tends to be that older children are referred who are medically more comfortable I see if they’re medically more compromised it would seem that they would also have a higher risk of the transplant not going very well yeah you’re absolutely right and it’s double-edged sword because the best time to do it is when they’re young and when they’re healthy because yes they get through the transplant the easiest they recovered the quickest they have less complications they’ve had less infections in their life so their risk of infection is lower and they just do better overall but transplant in general is successful and there are no serious complication cures for cures the patient if you say well there are risks associated with transplant I don’t want to take them in every child I just want to take them in a child I’m sure isn’t gonna do well you know then you’re looking at waiting until that child gets sick and that may or may not be the case right right my medical life and my life were kind of split to me I think of it as my two worlds so I would get rid of one of the worlds that I wanted to get rid of for so long so I wait the ups and downs you know pros and cons list you know it could be fatal you rodent there’s just a lot of pain a lot of stress is gonna be put on but you just have to really think about you know when you leave and come out you’re gonna be brand new you’re gonna have a lot of brand new everything you’re gonna transform completely she’s been in the tournaire for thirteen years and this a big light at the end of it and that’s exactly what this transplant gave her that light give us a second chance opportunity to live again just to live life to the fullest I will tell any parent take a leap of faith there’s something that will cure their disease or even help to reduce the suffering that they go through so I think any parent should not think twice about it you did you hear her say she do it herself if she were see your to experience but I couldn’t work why not I don’t know because kids don’t like it when that person comes to work I don’t want to be the person that people don’t look forward to see

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