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hello friends i am Dr. Manali Shah i am from Clearskin and HairMD clinic my topic is female hair loss is not just mere hair loss but this hair loss can be associated with underneath diseases see hair loss is divided into two main categories like diffuse hair loss and localize hair loss diffuse hair loss is where hair can lose from all over the your scalp and that is diffuse spread localized hair loss is where patchy hair loss occur from particular area of the scalp now there are different causes of diffuse hair loss like nutritional deficiencies then Telogen effluvium and localized hair loss where causes scarring alopecia areata and non scarring alopecia areata now we will see this causes one by one nutritional deficiency is one of the main cause of hair loss nutritional deficiency like anemia is main cause of hair loss in females most of the females they have iron deficiency where hemoglobin percentage is a very low so this type of alopecia areata can be improved with proper nutrition no apart from iron deficiency vitamin B12 deficiency vitamin D3 deficiency then calcium deficiency can also cause hair loss lack of protein intake is a another reason behind hair loss nowadays vitamin B12 and vitamin D3 are very much low in on patients like a most not only vegetarian but non-vegetarian people also point this deficiency so not only food intake but sometimes oral medications are required to normalize this deficiencies so in certain conditions extremely take of vitamins also can cause hair loss like vitamin A excess intake can cause hair loss vitamin A intake excess amount can cause hair loss so nowadays diet restrictions are because of extreme dieting can cause hair loss without maintaining protein and carbohydrate intake mineral intake that can cause hair loss apart from that the second main common cause for diffuse hair loss is telogen effluvium hair has a life cycle and it goes to different stages of growth like growing phase resting phase and falling phase growing phase that is anagen phase most of the hair are present in growing phase and lose 90 percentage hair 10 percentage hairs are present in telogen phase in certain conditions where body goes through physical stress then these hair anagen hair suddenly goes into telogen phase and sudden hair loss occurs such conditions are like long term illness like malaria typhoid dengue fever then severe operations then bed conditions for long time pregnancy where female goes to lot of physical stress during delivery so these are certain conditions where body goes to physical stress in this condition we can find telogen effluvium where hair goes complete hair loss occurs from all over the scalp now we can go for next causes for hair loss localized hair loss that is alopecia areata alopecia areata is a condition where hair loss occurs into patches on usually scalp or sometimes beard area these patches they can collage and it form big area can involved complete scalp areas called as alopecia totalis two percentage cases these types of alopecia can occur all over the body called as alopecia universalis this is autoimmune condition where own body immune cells act and they destroy their own body tissue so in this condition patient has to look invisited further for any other associate hormone disease like thyroiditis diabetes mellitus vitiligo extra now apart from this scarring alopecia is one of the cause for patchy hair loss that is any skin condition can be associated with this like morphea lancoparais adequ misdiagnosis these can be evaluated to find out the cause behind the scarring alopecia in this cases patient may be having complaints of itching and the next most important thing is hormonal imbalance like PCOS PCOS where there is hormonal imbalance in females nowadays because lot of junk food intake and psychological stress there is hormonal imbalance can occur so this is one of the main condition nowadays we can see in youngsters hair fall occurs in the particular area of the scalp that is frontal part in this case there is extra androgen hormone secretion from the ovaries sometimes the hormone may be the normal level but in organ sensitivity can be there and hair loss occurs from the frontal part of the scalp frontal hairline is but passionate occurs lots such hormonal hair loss can be seen androgenetic alopecia what we can called we can called for this this also seen in cause in cause of human within behind in this case is estrogen is the main hormone which maintains the hair in growth phase but because of certain hormonal changes estrogen level decreases and hair most of the hair goes into telogen phase and hair loss occurs know we can think for another cause like trichotillomania certain psychological disturbance can cause such type of hair loss patients suffering from such type of hair loss they pull hair and they feel relief after pooling out hair usually they do so during while their studying while their some deep they pull out their hair till the feel relief and particular associated areas are involved and the area where hair loss is there this is very patchy and hair are in different slams and different length so this can be diagnose by clinically also and by proper rest taking such type of such type of patients like hypomania patients require proper counseling and counselling of the patients and also counselling of the relatives also to quite the habit of pulling the hair these patients also sometimes requires like psychiatric opinion psychiatric counselling also so these are different hair loss causes and we should not ignore hair loss anytime so initially you should consult a specialist dermatologist and then you can go for treatment proper investigations which are needed should be done and then you should get treated properly so don’t ignore the hair loss any time and you will get proper research with that thank you if any queries you can mail me on this mail id you

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