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DR-HO’S Neck Comforter: Introduction

Now if you have headaches, neck pain, or circulation problems with your arms then there is another product you should be using together with the Pain Therapy System, its called the neck comforter and you can find out more on our website. Now just to quickly show you, this is a neck traction device. So basically you put it on, and it works by air so we just close off the valve. So we just pump it up, and when you pump it up, what it will do is, it will lift the weight of your head, off your neck, ok to give you good neck support. But more importantly, it helps to lift and stretch the neck muscles and press the shoulders down. So let me just pump it up first, so first, I’m feeling right now, just like my head is getting a nice little lift.

Now you don’t stop there. It’s not just a neck support, it actually stretches your neck so you keep pumping until you feel, ahhh, okay thats good, okay I can now feel my shoulders being pushed down, and my neck muscle is slowly getting elongated, alright. Now you should feel, things are starting to relax and by the way you should be leaning back and just let your neck relax totally while you’re doing this okay.

So you just sit like this for about 20 minutes and during the treatment session, as your neck and shoulders start to relax more, you can add a little bit more pressure, to have a little bit more stretch so whatevers more comfortable for you. And once you have a set, theres a little valve here where you can put that little ball in, close off that valve, just like that. And then, ahhh, just feel that pressure being released ok, no more weight on your neck, it just feels nice.

After 20 minutes, you just release the air, simple, you just turn this valve, the air comes out and and we take it off and oh I’m telling you, this feels so good. It feels like you have full range of mouvement, no more you know, cracking in your neck when you’re turning because everything moves nice. So this is what you do, if you have neck problems, neck pain, neck stiffness, tension in your shoulders, if you have recurring headaches, migraine headaches, tension headaches, if you have trouble sleeping, okay then you got to use two things together, ok you got to use the Pain Therapy System first to relax the muscle and to relieve the pain, after 20 minutes with the Pain Therapy System then put the neck comforter on, right away, right after the pain therapy session right. Then that stretch and it improves the posture, of the neck. So the two of them combined will give you the best results. Once you try it, you can understand how good you can feel.

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