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Dr. Jason Fung – ‘Therapeutic Fasting – Solving the Two-Compartment Problem’

That we want to talk about today Is why intermittent fasting And low carbohydrate diets succeed. While doing after calories does not seem successful. The problem with calorie theory is She is really wrong Because we do not yet understand the problem of obesity, well That’s why we can’t address them. I’m sure many of you have watched this program Called the ‘Biggest Loser’. It displays in North America, Australia and all over the world. And what happens is that there are contestants, They scramble for weight loss And undergo a diet Is a low-calorie diet And do a lot of exercise. You have seen Gillian and Michael (the show hosts) screaming at everyone. There are a lot of exercises. They don’t show it on the screen, But in fact there is a drastic reduction in calories as well. It’s not a low-starch diet It is like eating in moderation.

The problem of course, That this program broadcasts for a long time. There are a number of contestants, They went out and said that this system really does not work. The reason is that not all contestants did Is that they are under a court order stipulating secrecy. They are not allowed to talk about these topics But some have already spoken This contestant Susan said “They never filmed an episode where the old contestants meet” “Why? They all returned to their former weight” This is not limited to the Biggest Loser Program.

Lots of diets, We all have these low-calorie diets. They all work the same way It works well for six months but after that Excess weight comes back. Weight loss stops And then the weight starts to escalate And everyone knows it. Because everybody did this diet The question is why? This is what we must understand, This is what I mean when I say that we must solve the problem of the two storage rooms in the body.

I will explain that later Diet The Biggest Loser Program Although, we all know it doesn’t work In fact, it occupies a high order. For example the US News Agency last year Diet developed the biggest loser In third place for weight loss. And in overall eleventh place Supposedly it is an excellent diet. Did not which is about Methodology eat less and move more. Calculate your calorie intake And raise calories burned and here you will lose weight. That’s why it’s so popular, Because all the doctors recommended it and promoted it ..etc. The problem is There are some scientific studies That were made on these contestants. It is useful to look scientifically What actually happens For these people. They follow a system (eat less movement more). The biggest loser of course Adopts activation methodology. You eat much less And moving a lot more ,That’s why you get great weight loss results In season of seasons.

They took these contestants, They made them sign approval, They performed metabolic analysis on them, It’s interesting, It initially looked amazing Of course we all saw that program. The body of the rider before and after is awesome. The study supports that When looking for analysis before and after And the amount of fat that was lost In the sixth week and thirty week. At the end of the week 30 program, You can see that they lost Weight is already great!

Here 60 kg This demonstrates fat mass Most of the fat, They say you will lose muscle No, they generally lose fat A little muscle loss however occurs In general fat. This is their body fat percentage They come down statically The average rate is from 329 lbs to 202 lbs 329 lbs to 202 lbs That’s a great result, right? Body fat decreased from 49% to 28% .At the end of the program you have great results And all people are happy And pretending that everything is fine. But we know it is not why not? what’s the problem? Presumably it should work, You have to keep doing the program Weight loss will continue! But this does not happen. The reason we know from almost a hundred years Your metabolic rate starts to slow down. This is what happens to the metabolic rate, For all those contestants.

You can see the black dots, This is the basis of their metabolic rate. Before they start the program And vicious dots after And you can actually see that in all cases, These people did By reducing the amount of calories, They burn heavily. You can look at some surprising examples. For example He started burning 3,500 calories a day. And here he came down a lot He arrived to burn 1,700 calories a day, And it’s not just that But everybody happens with them If we take the whole group of people. The rate of decline in metabolism Over 700 calories per day. When you start burning 3,500 calories, That’s too much Or 2,000 calories you will end up 1200 or 1300 by the end of the program.

Then you are surprised Why not lose more weight! The reason is because your metabolic rate is much slower. If you burn 1300 calories and eat 1500 calories Remember that this is much less than I used to eat. You will begin to regain weight. This is exactly what happens and we all know . When you feel cold or feel tired Or you feel hungry be very bad Weight will come back and get bigger! Weight will come back and get bigger! Therein lies the problem.

We all know the cause of the problem Is a low rate of metabolism. You can try and compensate with more exercises .This is what you pretend you can do! You can see the baseline Below is the metabolic rate And the amount of exercise. During the program they burn large amounts of calories. Exercises as shown above The total energy burned was better, But when you stop exercising 5 hours a day! Exercises are greatly reduced. See here what happens to the metabolic rate This is the rate of metabolism at rest It has already dropped from the sixth week.

Do not blame yourself this happens all the time In the week of thirty fell more and more In the week of thirty fell more and more. Therein lies the whole problem You get a slow metabolic rate! Because you don’t burn enough energy, Does not have vitality and activity and feel very bad. And you can see that In this graph, This is the biggest losers program racers. You see the metabolic rate line going down, But there is a similar dangerous procedure It doesn’t seem to have that problem.

The question is why? You can look at the gastric banding process Gastric stapling, The stomach shrinks to the size of a nut You can’t eat. You cannot eat for months and months In the end, of course, the weight drops In the end, This is not new Interestingly, it works to lose weight in the long run. Yes, there are many problems associated with this/

Let’s be honest I would never recommend it, But given the scientific analysis And the rate of metabolism at rest By comparing it to the big action It rises gradually The question is why? This is another study of long-term impact For gastric banding process you can consider Starting line and post-operation later. And between them years Metabolic rate and total energy burned, Any amount of energy you burn It never went down Compared to a less intuitive diet. It continued to decline until exhaustion. This is, of course, the sad part It is the worst thing in the whole journey.

Where we know about the nature of the metabolism, It was introduced in 1915 We’ve known him for 100 years. It is very painful that we give people bad advice. Need to eat less and move more When they fail to lose weight, we blame them too! This is to blame the victim, Here the poor or poor person is the victim. Because they are obese or diabetic. They are given very bad advice and know that they do not work in the long run, We all did it and we know They do not work every time. And while weight returns Tell them you do not hear the words! You don’t have the strong will! You are supposed to eat those sandwiches! ..Etc of blame. That’s too bad.

We try to pretend that our advice is correct. And that sin will be from all others, It doesn’t make sense. How could it be 40% or 50% of people Morally bankrupt and claim it happens. Is it not logical that the advice itself was bad? So more realistic, We will explain why this difference.

To understand it We have to understand what happens when we eat. The level of insulin rises after eating, Most foods have a mixture of micronutrients, Fat, carbohydrates and protein. After eating, insulin rises to varying degrees Insulin is a hormone that gives your body commands to store fat. It stops your body from burning fat And start storing some sugar and fat. This is very normal Carbohydrates turn into glycogen, They are glucose bonds in the liver. It is the form of sugar stored in the body When you have a lot of them, The liver produces fat, which is formed fat. And stores the grease, When you do not eat any, when you fast and we mean fasting not eating at all Insulin level decreases. This is a signal to pull some of that stored energy. It starts burning some energy from glycogen Which is stored sugar. It will draw some energy from the stored grease. You can imagine glycogen as a coolant. Where food is stored for energy, The reason for likening it to a radiator is that it is easily accessible. Where you can put food easily And take food easily. The grease is like a freezer, You can store a lot of it But it’s far in the cellar. Hard to reach Food is hard to get out of. Where you prefer to use the radiator.

We have the same idea You have two energy storage compartments, One is easy to access and the other is difficult to access. The drawback of the radiator is that it has limited storage capacity. If you put a lot of things and move them to the freezer, The reason is that calories don’t work. Is that it works by imposing a single storage compartment, Where they claim that All calories enter the body in one way. And that all calories like some, They are stored in a large storage compartment. Such a tub And when you need energy They all come out in one way. So while following this simple, wrong model  Where when you reduce your calories, Reduce your weight And when the calories out Increase rate.

But the whole hypothesis is the model of incoming and outgoing calories. Completely void Because we know that it doesn’t happen inside the body. The body does not have a large calorie basin. In fact, sugar and fat can be stored Not a large tank for calories stored in the liver. This is what they claim to be the situation If you had this whole misinterpretation, To explain the process will not work.

So the best model is two storage compartments. There are two places in the body to store food, You have a radiator (glycogen) and a freezer (body fat) Enter the calories in the radiator and come out of it. Because it’s easier and faster But there is a third factor that we have to consider. It is the amount of food moving from the cooler to the freezer and vice versa. Here the horse stud Where here fat is the hardest to reach.

The question is what controls this?

Where here’s the answer. The main factor is insulin, We know this because insulin prevents lipolysis. That means it stops pulling fat out. This is his natural task. If you have too much insulin Usually after eating a big meal insulin rises  It will direct the body to store energy in this direction.

When insulin is high, you cannot get energy from the opposite direction. This is the problem If you have a lot of insulin resistance, for example It keeps the insulin level high. They are like that far-reaching freezer in the basement  It is locked behind iron You can’t get it. Well what happens if Began to reduce calories? When you reduce the incoming calories and you can not get the calories stored, Your body will simply reduce your calories. This is already happening Because it will not lose weight to death! This is a frustration When we look at the Women’s Health Initiative It is a large study of 50,000 people. They cut the calories for the ladies 350 per day, For seven years With an estimate that people could lose 30 pounds In seven years they could lose 210 pounds. Of course this does not happen How much have they lost? Not even a pound.

What happened is that the body does not get stored fat because of insulin blocking. You only reduce calories , of course, that we are not breaking any thermodynamic laws It is worth noting, Prices inside and outside prices Yes you can count all those calories. But the most important is to know where and the process of storing them. This is our topic Not total energy. But where to go.

That’s what we’d like to know When you eat And burned quickly no problem it will be wonderful. But when you eat and turn into fat, Then we have a problem It is not a matter of calorie equivalence, When you eat an extra 500 calories Your body will burn it all no problem. You have no additional body fat And when you eat 500 calories more Insulin directs them here Here’s the problem. This is the problem of the two storage compartments.

When you look at what happens during fasting, Everyone is concerned Oh what about protein will burn muscle properly? This is a study by Kevin Hall From the National Health Foundation He focused on what happens during fasting. This is what happens For the first days of fasting What you see is that carbohydrate burning rises. You burn sugar You can see the fat index does not move for some days, You don’t burn too much fat. Then when glycogen runs out, Remember that glycogen is an accessible energy. But limited storage capacity When it burns all It starts burning fat You are now burning fat for energy. This is awesome This is Manerida But what happens to protein? Are you burning muscles? of course not It rises a little at first and then falls. Protein is not a stored energy source.

Why your body burns for energy You hear this discussion all the time. The muscles will burn! That’s absurd Then you tell me That way we design our bodies Is to store energy as fat And when necessary we will burn muscles! Okay I do not think so. It’s like you have a wood-burning stove You are storing firewood for fire. At the time of need will not break the sofa and burn and burn. This is madness.

The other funny thing If you have intermittent famine cycles Like a caveman, for example, You store fat and burn muscle. At the end of the sessions You hate big fat 100% This is like what happens to the bear Do not be silly You do not burn muscle Protein. Yes you need the amount of it To maintain fat-free protein. But it does not increase and this is what I mean It is not zero.

There are some of it But it does not increase with fasting. The reason for my talk about fasting and low-carb diets He is doing well Probably better than any action. Is that they emptied that radiator Remember that what you want to do is Get rid of all that insulin too. Because when there is no insulin, it directs your body to store that energy into fat. Now you can pull calories in this direction If you have too much insulin. And sometimes we do that When we give people exhausted insulin They cannot lose weight even if they fast. This is very difficult as they cannot access that fat. Just keep cutting the calories.

The point is That fasting provides the easiest way. You get rid of all that glycogen And you get low insulin and withdraw from body fat Gorgeous.

The whole question why not fast?

I asked my son of years how can you lose weight? He was six or seven years old at the time He replied, “Don’t eat.”  He simply said it. How would you be so wise? This point has overlooked 99% of doctors and specialists in the world.  If you don’t eat you will lose weight. Maalena understand that Aishobha Shi This is designed for us. As well as lions, tigers and bears.

This is what our body is designed to do, Our body is designed to withstand cycles of starvation. Where there is no food. The caveman does not have a McDonalds or a cooler and nothing. Vimer you days do not have anything to eat, That’s why I found your body fat. A common myth That fasting puts you in an emergency. This is really ridiculous, Because an emergency means Metabolism is so low that you gain weight. I heard this in a previous topic. This is exactly what happens when you try to reduce calories. If you don’t do anything about insulin And only reduce the incoming calories Your metabolic rate decreases And be in a state of emergency.

But what happens during fasting? Does that happen too? Okay Here is a study showing four days of continuous fasting. This is for a normal person, What we see above is that the weight comes down. This is excellent, This is what we expect.

But what happens to your metabolic rate during rest and this middle line. This is your metabolic line It does not come down but rises. You burn more energy than before. You may wonder why?

This explanation is very logical Imagine again that you are a cave man There is nothing to eat and winter time. If your body starts emergency You have no chance of getting something. Because you’re exhausted you can’t go out to catch mammoths. You need to sleep You’ll die this way But your body is not that stupid. Your body says if you have nothing to eat I will provide you with energy I also raise the amount of energy, I will withdraw it from your stored fat. Because you need to go out and eat and refill that store. And that’s exactly what happens Otherwise we wouldn’t be here. We will be like insects and ants around the world.

So what happens to the amount of oxygen to consume? That’s how much oxygen you burn Is it falling? It does not rise. Again You have more ability and energy to do exercises. Why? First you are burning fat for energy. Your body is happy with it There is too much fat why not. The other thing is Adrenaline level body gives you a boost of strength.  To keep your energy level high, This is what you need to survive.

So insulin is clearly declining And your hormones go up. And remember that obesity is caused by hormone imbalance. When your hormones rise, you are able to burn fat. So there is no emergency Quite the opposite You can do so-called intermittent fasting. He is fasting day and no day According to studies, a full fast is not counted. You are allowed to eat 500 calories on fasting days. It is not considered fasting but the calories are too low and you will get some benefits. If you look at the rate of metabolism at rest The first line You can see it from start to day 22 Several weeks of intermittent fasting. Low metabolic rate, Fat burning rate, It increases and rises. You burn fat This cannot be questioned You can measure these things as you burn fat Why? Because you don’t have carbohydrates to burn It has exhausted that coolant. And exhausted all the sugar stock Fat is burned and that’s excellent.This is exactly what they want.

Myth 2: The muscles will burn, I repeat and repeat The idea that you’ll burn protein for energy never happens. This has been scientifically known for 20-25 years. Looking at urea Long column here. They are broken down proteins in the liver.  You can see that you secrete a quantity of nitrogen every day. Also take a quantity of nitrogen every day This is in the natural state In the case of fasting Where there is no food What happens is that urea is not produced. Nothing enters too What we notice is that you do not burn muscles. Because in the case of burning muscles urea level is very high. At least equal to this But the truth is your body constantly protects protein And muscle mass. This is what happens when fasting You can do 70 days of intermittent fasting. 70 days over two months And what you will see is When measuring the amount of fat and the amount of muscle, As in this study you can see That the amount of fat drops well from 43 to 38. And the amount of muscle does not change at all.

These are some myths that are passed on. Emergency and burning muscle! What is more, they say it never works  Okay, play with me If you don’t eat do you think you will lose weight? in fact yes. This is not a field of debate and argument. Because it certainly will work I didn’t say it was easy.

This is a second topic, Can you do this long talk about it I think most people can. If you can, yes, you will definitely lose weight. Back to 1960 Different studies were conducted on patients They put them in the hospital and watched them. And you can see that people lost weight This is my response to those who say women are not supposed to fast.

why not? You think you won’t lose weight? You will lose If you are under healthy weight, then you are not supposed to fast. You will be in health problems for you But if you need weight loss, yes, you will lose. This is exactly what these studies have proven. Men lose weight Women also lose weight, We can see that the descent is constant and continuous. There are no fluctuations and no leveling.

This is the problem of weight stability and weight recovery and weight recovery Fasting has many advantages and benefits. There is no other system. Where other diets dictate what you should do, Fasting the opposite, something that you should not do. One of the biggest benefits of fasting It is very simple It can be explained in two minutes. Everyone understands the essence Yes, there are differences There are fasting for fat, juice fasting, fasting water and dry fasting.

All those different types But the common is the ease of understanding. This is important when people don’t understand it They can’t do It is also free and available. You know, I always want home meals And get well cooked meat broth. In fact Most of us don’t have time, desire or money. For example, if you want to eat plant-fed meat every day, It will cost you a lot as well as organic products. I don’t mean a legacy, but it is expensive and some of us have no money. Send me people from the Philippines, Saying we have all these things but I can’t pay for them. Okay Fasting costs nothing .

The third advantage is that it fits all. You can cook everything you want but it takes time, Sometimes we don’t have time And fasting does not need shopping, preparation, cooking, cleaning, not even eating! Really nothing Perfectly fit The idea is not what to do, But what you should avoid. Here lies the difference, It is something you can include.

The fourth advantage is flexibility. It’s not like saying you’ll eat six times a day. Sometimes you don’t want to eat six times a day. Maybe busy But fasting gives you more time. You can do it from anywhere, You can do it tomorrow Or to leave the whole next week. Then come back and do. You can do whatever you want It is completely flexible. You can do 12 hours or 12 days no problem. The idea is that you can add it to any diet, Because it is very flexible.

According to your need Suppose you want to follow the rice diet or anything. You can still fast with it That’s the point If you don’t eat meat you can still fast, If you do not eat wheat You can still fast, You are allergic to food You can still fast, Don’t have enough time? You can still fast, Don’t have money? You can still fast, You move around all day You can still fast, You don’t cook You can still fast. And most importantly He has unlimited power Sometimes as a doctor you want to do something. But he is not strong enough Continue fasting until you get the results you want.

As I said if you don’t need you will lose weight It is impossible that you do not lose weight. Can you continue. This is another topic I won’t say it’s easy Or you don’t need health monitoring Especially if you are being treated with medicines. But you can start it Someone 75 years old Complete a 30-day fast And feel the best condition. World record It is 382 days. You can continue.

The whole idea is that fasting gives you open choices, Because it is not a diet, Not a system Like actor George Castanza, he talks about nothing Gives you power and freedom. We will be free from all these restrictions. We now have all those health problems in the world. The most important are heart attacks, cancer, strokes, diabetes and kidney disease. All due to obesity and diabetes, Yes we have the ability to free ourselves Of all those modern diseases. Just apply the method known 5000 years ago!

The ancient Greeks were practicing fasting completely. Not for health purposes where there was no obesity at the time But the benefits are the potential energy and full mental focus After the age of hunger, civilization and abundance of food began. Religions came later and began to enter fasting periods, When you look at any of the major religions in the world. They have fasting periods And celebration periods too But they are balanced with fasting periods. Religions do not try to kill all religious people and followers Not as say fast until you die hahaha ..


No never, They command fasting because there is something essential and useful in fasting. It is clear Fasting will cleanse the body and clean. The common thing between the leaders of the three religions throughout history Agree on its usefulness Prophet Muhammad, Christ and Buddha. They all agreed to one thing Fasting is very useful. It is particularly useful Not only for the spiritual side but for the physical side.

We need to clean our bodies from those accumulated waste. The excess sugar and fat we need cleaned from time to time Just like spring cleaning. And by applying the method of the ancients remaining through the ages, We can break free from all that In the last century, we got rid of many incurable diseases.

But we have these diseases of the times But we have the way and science Maalna only applied This is ironic that we do not fast without reason Where everyone repeats and repeats that we have to fast Why don’t we fast? Even my little son deduced intuitive information thank you

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  1. I do enjoy the way you have framed this particular situation and it does present us some fodder for thought. On the other hand, coming from what I have witnessed, I only hope when the actual remarks stack on that people remain on point and not embark upon a soap box involving the news of the day. Anyway, thank you for this superb point and even though I can not really concur with the idea in totality, I regard the viewpoint.

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