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Dr. Robert Morse [En, Fr] Q&A 348 / 5 — Kidney failure, Geographic tongue

okay this is B I have been diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure yeah honey that kidney failures everywhere and this is a big huge deal you got to fix this one kidney failure this is exactly you whine and say even in Paul your case you got to look at your kidneys to see what stage we’re at in that you know Paul you might you might want to get a complete blood workup and send it to me – you want a metallic paddle you’re but a little panel and your CBC with this you don’t get that that look let’s see what your blood showing us you get me that give me a copy of your eyes Paul I’ll take a look at you since this lady’s been diagnosed Bea’s been diagnosed with stage 5 kidney failure and has been told that I have to have dialysis ASAP of a kidney transplant if my girls are a match so far I have refused treatment as I have been searching for another way out of my predicament and I found your website I need help urgently as I only have 5% kidney function and not how long I have before they completely fail can you help me please B you’re in the UK or I call you right now on on YouTube so you guys can see me talk to her because when you put it out over YouTube if I call you over YouTube then you’ll be able to see that but I’ve got a long-distance number here and I don’t know quite how to dial you I used to know how to dial you can’t dial over there but I don’t but I’ll say this B you’ve got to get nothing but fruits berries and melons period I wouldn’t overdo now are you peeing are you urinating this is very key you haven’t mentioned this in here or and you you have to have dialysis so what this is telling me you’re not on dialysis yet perfect now you’ve got to look up right now go to your health food stores and find some herbs for kidneys also get on your fruits and your bags and this is what this is UK so the weather’s not going to be on your side but who cares you’re in trouble then you got to fix this beat I’ll have the girls call you matter of fact I have now call you teller it’s on this video and that you can look up this video but be you’ve got to get on your kidney form use your adrenal glands go then control the kidneys and get get get on the foods that clean and as strange and start to love on those kidneys you don’t want to do proteins or any any any type or you’ll just go ahead and lose your kidneys oh you want to save your kidneys you back away from protein you go visit later but you want to get into those kidneys and the fruits and the berries and the melons are the only level and you also want to get on some kidney herbs and start regenerating these kidneys get them filtering because you’re losing them and you’re losing them because they stop filtering and they themselves now are breaking down you didn’t give me a creatinine level here you guys want to talk to me like that give me some of these numbers and I’ll help you more about that excuse me there’s that mucus again but you want to get that you want to get that creatinine down you want to but creatinine below point six point five point four perfect your bun you want four or five at the very most if your bud is higher than that you’re eating too many proteins and you’ll never you’ll never get out of kidney thought you’re on proteins that’s what causes kidney failure so you got to do these things so I’ll try to get get you taken care of ASAP cuz this has been sitting here for a while to him oh that’s why when you get this bad and you’re in serious trouble you guys call the clinic don’t waste time they don’t bite you they don’t bite call them what do i do how am i trouble tell them what’s going on how do I fix myself because when you’re don’t wait for me to do a YouTube video for you I’ll get it to it but you are in trouble you go now because rolling on dialysis is only search to make you worse and then kidney transplant you take you from the same genetic tray you can’t do that and then to take someone else’s kidney when each kidney is used for each side of the body you don’t take a kidney we didn’t get an extra kidney when you haven’t learned a medical doctor to say crap like that I just I just want to freak out oh so you think God put one in there just so we have an extra one just so you guys can try spend another that’s that’s narcissism beyond belief one kidneys for one side one kidneys for the other side and you’ll see that you’ll learn that the same thing with the adrenal glands that’s why Jack the father got different readings on each side even heart rate was different on each side how about that one blood sugar is different on each side they don’t look at that so you just have to understand we are two halves working together and sharing common tissues and these site is a little different we’ve talked a lot about that in past videos I just wanted to so express my gratitude for spreading the truth of Health oh thanks Alan thanks my friend log YouTube men I am going to be an example of all my friends and family good because I tell you the world needs to see happy people the world needs to see healthy people the rule needs to see spiritual people we just keep playing in the same niche and same batter and the same cookies keep coming out so we need to infuse that a little bit to show them what a little elevation of consciousness will do to you how happy you can be how peaceful you can be it how awful you can be and how feeling good you can be and how out of pain you could be and how no tumors can grow in you and all those things I have been on and off with fruit for a few months but my new year resolution is to go all year with a 10% fruit and it’s going to great my heart goes out to you dr.

Morris and all the people who are helping spread the truth I will stay up strong and help others reach this level Allen love you but another warrior dude right there you know because what you guys are doing is developing your ability to be warriors ability to tell the truth the ability to help others instead of the opposite then we have to bring the positive sides out now you know some people just love to live on those negative sides in a site yeah but you could spend lifetimes there and the other side can take you into worlds and worlds beyond that experiences that are just unfathomable but fun stuff that there’s no words for that okay yep hi honey hello guys I keep hearing about a Facebook group from dr. Morris could you please tell me the name of it so that I can join them oh it’s funny I don’t even know Shannon it’s kind of the central desk for all of that she’s the school working with Artie you know working with everyone for now and so what’s Carolyn or whoever comes in we’re working on building offices here now I’ve got one almost done I’ve got another one to put in another two and then you know we’ll have more space here but yeah I mean I I don’t know which one that is get a hold of Shannon call it the clinic and ask for Shannon and see if she can help you with that we’re doing our best numbers just so busy and there’s so much going on and where we’re trying to develop our website into a really good thing for you a great learning tool we have a lot of information a lot of links to all you from the raw chocolate they did you see those beautiful things all wrong everything there is raw from that to some of your beautiful books that you’ve written to all kinds of things that that you guys are building and demonstrating to the world how good our side really is and how beautiful and healthy our site really is you know if we get away from bitching and backing bite backing in and gossiping and things we’re a good group and we have a lot to offer this planet in terms of spiritual awareness and and growth and health and how to get yourself out of hell belt or well well thought that’s pretty good I mean what else could you do in creation that’s pretty good you know that the divine has got a good weekend okay do gharana darada hi dr.

Morris I stumbled on one of your videos late last night while trying to find more info on the lymphatic system yeah good luck I know we want to bring as much of that system we want to shove it in their noses so finally they wake up oh oh oh this is the lymph system oh what’s that that’s what we need to do so this rule starts using lymph instead of blood all the time oh there’s two systems oh no one talks about the other one very much but that’s where I haven’t oh that’s where the tumors are oh that’s where all the pain is oh well that’s where I’m experiencing everything that’s where the swelling is see so this is just good stuff and I’m glad you’re looking at the lymph system sweetheart because that’s just what you need to look up however after seeing several of your videos I’m really hoping you can help me with an issue that I know is probably fair city related even though the doctors say there is no cause and no cure my nose my little six-year-old girl look at this geographic tongue oh okay interesting you noticed that I mean she has a geographic GI tract remember your tongue is just an extension of your bowels you know this is gastrointestinal it’s actually mouth to rear so absolutely you want to get in I put is she’s six years old she needs to be on a high fruit berry and melon diet I wouldn’t even give greens to a little bitty person like that you know there’s there’s are four horses and cows and grinding animals that grind their foods but at six years old you can really get her comprehension levels or brain levels way up fixity neurological weakness fix the kidneys and adrenals stuff like that but I would definitely you know work on her GI tract now work on that when you work on something I use herbs and foods I use chemistry just like you use chemistry to bring you down I use chemistry to bring you back up different chemistry so the fruits and the berries and the melons perfect children perfect for a Doss are perfect for homosapiens that’s why we are designed the way we are we have the hands instead of the claws this is why we have the teeth that’s why we have everything the way we do it’s that simple we’re more primate ish sort of our frugal horse not much to us ranks omnivorous to be honest with you not hardly anything even though medical says all that’s where our closest vertebrae no it is that Brook abhors our you can’t even prove that that’s that’s ridiculous statement by the AMA far as I’m concerned my little six-year-old girl has Geographic target is really painful something okay that’s what we don’t want okay we don’t want to get pain in the tongue because I’ll tell you guys having tongue pain look at your tongue with a razor blade smash your tongue with a hammer that alright there’s a lot of sensory neurons there yeah and it’s coming right up out of her stomach so you want to get her off of any type of milky products anything on your six six months six years six years yeah oh yeah six-year-old girl she should have been on fruit since she was six months old you really the more we look the more research the more we see most babies need to be off breast milk at six months easy some can handle at that part when your baby starts getting mucousy up and your infections and stuff you got a pulling away from the milk so you’re gonna have one serious trouble going to the ER all the time getting antibiotics and going through that hell that that that creates but this shows that your daughter has probably a chronic GI tract honey and you want to work on that get her a little stomach image she’s pooping okay get stomach and bowel number one which doesn’t have anything in it but healers and I do just one capsule twice a day you can do one capsule three times a day wouldn’t hurt her but you can do one capsule twice a day they’re mainly anti-inflammatories and healers there’s some plantain in there a little drawing action to help clean that but I would seriously want to take a look at her kidneys and adrenal glands because that’s why your GI tract gets as bad as it is that on top of protein consumption and just acids rip up that grasses rip you up period period and proteins or acids it is really painful sometimes and causes her to dislike most foods and almost always there is a reaction to acidic fruits well you know that so color down bring her down make her some applesauce with simony and get get these sweet apples get the Red Delicious apples and make some apple sauce and put a little light cinnamon in there really light and never do on that cinnamon will help the GI tract the same time get stomach and bowel number one that’ll be very helpful the same time stay away from the acid fruits y’all so sore just if you can get sweet as honey sweet as honey orange is okay or tangerines but I would be down a little more to the grapes be a little more to the apples the pears a little more gentle foods if she can deal with some bananas some dates and figs blueberries blackberries pretty pretty powerful I don’t know how she could she would do with those but pretty powerful you could see some honeydew very gentle watermelon really powerful so maybe but you not to see cantaloupe possible so some of these were you know they just affect simple fruits berries and melon they’re ripio some of them a real real real powerful and so that’s how I would deal with this another way is you could get some Hilal tea and we got a little he long T make it into a little tea that she can drink a little sipping tea and have her sip that or put it in some juice you know like grape juice or apple juice and have her sip that and work that out of her because that’s not good that geographic tongue is geographic intestines shows a chronic and inflamed gut that’s why she can’t handle acid foods fruits because it’s she’s too acid here that’s one of the problems with acid fruits that’s why the sweeter the fruit the more base it is just because an orange is called an acid fruit not necessarily if it’s if it’s grown properly picked ripe that will be sweet as honey you won’t stick an asset to the boy your grapefruit your lemons get more bitter principals those are acids but in the final analysis all these acid fruits like like grapefruit and lemons they all have base chemistry as a result of that their their base chemistry dominant even though you can feel the acids in them but you want to picture a little daughter up right now because between when you look at the inputs you’re looking between chronic lymphatic bowels and chronic nerve that’s what you’re seeing in all the babies and all that that implies

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