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Good Afternoon Thanks for Coming Thank you so very very much Appreciate you Coming to Participate in This Message That is Ours? not Mine but Ours so this evening Between You and I We are Going to Process the Information that We need to Process today? Because it Is Evident That something must Have gone Wrong We find Ourselves Sick? Why Should, we be sick? So tonight we Hope that? I would be to you As you have been to me this Evening you came you came to listen What are We ingesting? And Whatever we are ingesting did our? Archeologists Paleontologists Historians Or egyptologists Did They Take Time out to ask about The Food That Would Maintain my Hormones my Central Nervous System in Perfect Working Condition? No they didn’t ask These Questions This was Never even Thought off They went on to Tell us about Plato The Philosophers Plato Aristotle diogenes As As If Though That Matters The Archaeologists, Were Telling Us about the Various Fossils that was Found in Egypt ten Million Years ago? The Others The Historian They Talked about What Took Place in Africa so Many Hundreds of Thousands of Years ago but Never did One Said that he found, or that they Found A Food That is consistent With our? Cellular Structure and that Is of most Importance But I stand before you today at 65 Feeling very Healthy I’m Feeling very Good I Didn’t go to School to learn ABc or One-Two-Three I didn’t go to Kindergarten I didn’t Read Any Books on how to win Friends and Influence People Just to stand before you and Talk Haven’t you heard Many Says well I can’t Talk Because I’m very Nervous but what? Could Make you Nervous to Talk to your Brothers and your Sisters I mean you talk to your Husband you talk to your wife Why Can’t you talk to a group? Something in us That Fear That Fear that Fear that comes With the Food that, we eat that? Was the Violation all the Time, We couldn’t See it We cannot See it Even Now? The Bodie was not design to be Sick Bird doesn’t get Sick Elephant doesn’t Get sick, he Needs no vet The Lions need doesn’t need A vet Neither is a giraffe or? Any other Natural animals Why do, We get sick There has Been A Violation A Violation that is Costing Us, our Life Today and It Would Have been okay if I live happy until I die Because of The Violation But That isn’t was Happening Because of The Violation I become Stressed I Become Extremely Stressed Until I die Why, do, We get sick What is the Violation the? Violation Comes With Creation The Understanding of it The Violation Is when we have? Forgotten Or Dismissed The Ecclesiastic when it is Said The Herbs are for the Healing of the Nation’s Remember what We said That God Made Food for a Plant Specifically for Plants each Plant has a Different food Birds Eagle eats meat not a sparrow not a hummingbird he Sucked the nectar from the flower Gorillaz He eat Leaves Polar Bear he Eats Seal and Blood Homo Sapiens It’s Making a Mistake Someplace Somewhere Because Among The animal There Are some that are Carnivorous and some that are herbivores But Among Homo Sapien Everybody Eats Meat Something Is Wrong Because if Among the animals and Plants You Could See a Distinct food for each Cellular Structure Well how Come Homo Sapien are exempt from that Same law There are no vegetarian Among the Homo Sapien How I found out That Black People Should Be Vegetarians Because When i began to remove you from that meat and that stuff that Grease You Begin to say in One Week how the Pain that you had for Years Begin to Disappear is fish good? Fish rots in the intestines That’s Where the Worms go? Exactly Right Anything that walk crawls swim or fly And that has a head Remember what We said and This Could be Investigated That Carbon Hydrogen and Oxygen Are The Main Players in Not only Supporting life but in The Manifestation of life You See everything that is Constructed by the Universe Creation Or God Has the Structure of Carbon Hydrogen and oxygen and It is Starch Less Whatever Substance that Is Created by the Universe is Starch less Blood and Starch Blood and Starch Blood and Starch is Going to prevent you from doing what the ant does With each other Anything that God Made Is On the Alkaline Side? Why the molecular Structure is complete It was Made By Nature not men? Anything That God Made has no Starch That’s Another Thing Anything That Nature Makes Has no starch Anything Man-Made has to have Starch Because Starch is a binder to Titrate Two Unequal Chemicals you have to use a Starch Starch is not A food Starch is A chemical When we believe? That The Milk of A cow an animal Is Sufficient To Afford Nutrition to a Human Body Then One has The Question that Because I am not an animal That’s Common Sense I think Animals Produces Milk for animal babies Human Beings women females Produces Milk for Human Babies But something Happened to Us that we elect to do Just the Opposite Instead of Us Giving our Babies The Milk of A female Human We elect and Chose to give our Children The Milk of an animal I Think that if We are to be Scientific Intelligent and Lowers on the Strata To Use of a Common sense Is There Something Wrong With That And then to Compound the problem.

Is that the animal that we selected to Afford Us this Milk Is an Animal that, was Made Through the Process of Hybridization An Animal that Is god less God, did not Make a Cow You see, why, we are Tightening this subject as the reconnection how Many of you is sitting in The Audience? Understood That or knew That well I suspect that Many of you doesn’t Why Because in 1985 Which is Approximately 17 Years ago The Osha, Research Institute Took a Position and Showed The Public of New York on Wl I That Carrots Are Artificial Because They are Artificial They are Unable to Deliver The Nutrition That One is Looking for Because it is Hybrid You See to Understand Nutrition One has to Use only Those Substance There are Electrical and The Only Substance on This Planet That Are electrical are the Product that Came with Creation Carrots Didn’t beets Rice beans Wheatgrass Whaet All These Things are Hybrid plus much More So what, we are Noticing Is that? There is gross miss information When it Relates to healing and Nutrition because if in 1985 We didn’t know that? Carrots was Artificial What Else exists that, We are Unaware of? Dr..

Sebi Explain to the People Watching this tape the word Electric Electricity and How it Pertains to Its Necessity Boundaries Within The Body Structure Analysis Now that was the Best Question that could have been Asked Why Because if Something Is of Usefulness in my Structure in my biological Structure It must Necessarily be Electrical And the Only Substance that Is electrical That I electrical are Those substance that come From the forest Because the Jungle Because The Molecular Structure Is complete not broken If Something Is Made by mother Nature One Could Easily use the Common sense and See where this stuff Is Natural Is Complete but if Something Is made in the Laboratory well Naturally Common sense again Shows Us It Could not be of Usefulness Each Mineral on the Planet iron Has 12000 Electrons per Atom Calcium Has 9000 Opium Has A specific amount and so it goes through the whole ramification Ramification of Life a Hundred and Forty Two mineral expresses Themselves in A Different Way Because that is Necessary To Maintain Continuity To Maintain That Individuality of each Plant The Bones is Calcium not the blood the blood is iron Iron Is one of the most Important Mineral on the Planet Now the Reason for that Is that iron Is the only Magnetic Mineral On The Planet it Attracts Every other Mineral to it so when you ingest iron you adress you are ingesting Every Other Mineral on The Planet and There Are 102 This is why When People come to us that are Severely Anemic? We recommend our iron our? Natural Vegetation Cell Food Which is iron Fluorine Not only Does it Revitalize The Cells in The Blood but We Should know this That iron Is What Conveys Oxygen to the brain and Oxygen, Is what The Brain Converts and uses for Electricity it is the food of the Brain in the Reconnection, We find that Carbon Is The Determining Factor in Reference to life The higher The Concentration of Carbon The higher The Quality of Life When Carbon, Is absent life is also absent So what we did? After Understanding That These Things Were not Forthcoming We decided to travel the World? Once Arriving at the Understanding that when God Does Things it Should be Respected We went to Africa Central and South America? We find the tropical Plants We put them Together and This Is what we found That There is only One Disease and that was said for the first Time to the supreme court of New York in 1988 That There is only One Disease That One Disease that Is Afflicting us Is The Basis for all Manifestations of Pathology The Mucous Membrane has Been Compromised Compromised by what By an Acid Substance you See our Body our Alkaline The Food Should be Alkaline Being that it is Alkaline it is acid free and it is electrical The African bio Mineral Balance Is a therapeutic approach to Pathology that Address The Disease on Two Levels One an Intracellular Cleansing an Intracellular Chelation We have to Clean the Cells of what of the Toxins that has Been Accumulated and Brought the Disease in The first Place We have to Clean the Toxins out Is as Simple as that? And second We have to build the Body back up with what With Energy that Is Natural from the Natural Plant One of the Main Players Is Iron It is impossible for you to get sick if your iron Level is up par Everybody that sick is Anemic Guess who, was my first Patient? It Frightened the Hell out of me I’m Washing dishes see it Was a Morning a Monday Morning I was washing dishes and I have my little girl Usha On The Counter And a man Came across my Kitchen Window Young man I say yes sir I heard That you have been experimenting with herbs Said Yes, well I’m Blind I’m blind for 10-11 Years? Could You Help me i Said i’ll try If you make me See i give you a million Dollars I Gave the man the Substance When am I going to See i said by Friday now why Did I select Friday until this day i don’t know But I was so sure of Myself but how could a boy that Didn’t go to school be so Sure of Himself so the man went Home with the medicine and then Wednesday Good Morning Young man I Raised my right Hand he said you raised your right Hand I Wink my Left eye he said you Wink your left eye i said the man is seeing at that point of my Journey I couldn’t explain that I Know it’s a bunch of Herbs that Cleanse the man Body But There were all alkaline Plants I have a sister um Who has She was Diagnosed With Alzheimer’s? And I’ve Been Keeping my Care for two years I do have her on a fresh food Diet all Organic Foods are Raw Foods and I’m Seeing a big Improvement but I feel as, Though she Needs some other Things and what else Can I do to Help her Alzheimers? She has Alzheimers yes okay, Alzheimer’s that’s A brain Problem right Remember What I said there is only One Disease Okay, when you have Mucus in the nasal Passage it is sinusitis when your heart Mucus in The Bronchial Tubes is Bronchitis? When you have Mucus in the Lungs is pneumonia but Now you have.

Mucus Where? for you to have Alzheimers Where is the mucus? The Brain So, we have to remove the mucus from out of the system Especially the brain but then? We have to feed the brain That’s Where? Biochemistry Come Into Play The Brain Like if The Sister was suffering With Rickets that’s Bones right so we have to Address Calcium if She Had Leukemia it Would Be Blood that’s iron but now she has Alzheimer’s She has Mucus in the Brain Which prevents The Brain from receiving what Oxygen Now what is the Brain Composed of? Copper and Carbon That is What Produces Electricity Copper and Carbon? It’s simple Copper and Carbon Produces Electricity You go to A Electrical Plant and all you’re Going to see is A big Wheel Turning and It’s Copper but against the Wheel But These Carbon Brushes and The Friction of the Carbon and The Copper Produces the Resonance They Call Electricity Electricity Is not fire it is Vibration But when You Short Circuited it’s become fire yes sir Mr..

Chard Pitcher who is charles fisher he, was the Manager for Ll cool J? that’s my second case of Hepatitis C Yes what is Hepatitus C the liver has Been Stressed Beyond Hepatitis C. Is Nothing Elena Maria Lehner from san Pedro Had Cancer of the liver her Mother and her Aunt Bought the Black Dress To bury her the Daughter Sent her Home to die My Elena’s Sister saw Newspaper with me in it to, say A is a man down there and we Kappa I Got, A big Mouth that Says he could do a bunch of Stuff and She Came Two Years have gone by Marie Elaina is Healthier than her sister yes What is Hepatitis C Is when the liver has got so toxic and loaded with what With Poison Blood and Starch so, we clean it Clean the body because you have to clean the intestines you have to clean the liver you have to clean the blood Here it Is aa Moringa Moringa Has 23 Times The iron in Spinach Spinach has iron No because Spinach Let me Take my Time Because There’s A whole Lot of Information I don’t want to Jog it up Anything that Has a ph of 7 plus is Alkaline Anything That has less 5 4 3 2 1 is acid Spinach Acid why, Compare Moringa With Spinach when Spinach Has a starch base it has no iron 7 Times the calcium in Milk Milk has Calcium Well i stopped drinking Milk 42 Years ago And i could Fall on my knees you drink Milk With moringa the Carter Said the listed With Making some Pages Here You are not gonna fall on your knees at 73 you won’t even have knees Down There Eleven Times Vitamin-A, that you find in Carrots, Carrots has Vitamin A? Carrot Belongs on The Acid Side of life So right There Understand it to mix With Carrot Juice why, Would it do that Then Up Here They Talk About the Ayurvedic System of Medicine Recommends Moringa The Ayurvedic is Indian The Ayurvedic System of Medicine Recommend Cow Milk The Ayurvedic System of Medicine Has Never Cured Any Disease no moringa nor any other System in the World You know what what it’s like? When Steven seagal’s tells me? To come to his House Because he, had a headache for Five Years But I knew why the headache, was in his Head it was Removed in Less Than 10 Minutes? He had the Plant and Said This Plant is Powerful I said yeah Powerful huh? yeah the headache is Gone Hi Brothers and Sisters Friends and Everyone Else Obedience to the laws of Life it’s a thing that, We have to go Into it Gradually This isn’t something that we’re Gonna Jump off Into it Immediately Steps but yes Prevent The Starch You Begin A good Journey Prevent the Uric Acid the Carbonic Acid and The Lactic acid free of Those Acids Those Things that you’re Pursuing Would immediately be given to you just like They’re given to me Thank you very much

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