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Essential Tremor and Diet

“Essential tremor and diet” As documented in The Case of the Frozen Addicts, a bad dose of so-called synthetic heroin has caused users within a few days, a condition that manifested as an advanced stage of Parkinson’s disease. Young men and women remained due to contamination with a chemical called MPTP trapped in their bodies, which was a substance almost completely immobilized. In some cases, they could only move their eyes. This key article ended with a positive idea that it might at least help us find the culprit for Parkinson’s disease. Maybe there is a similar substance that kills our brain cells. Due to their structural similarity to MPTP, attention was focused on the class chemicals called beta-carboline alkaloids, such as “harman”.

Indeed, higher levels of these toxins are found in the cerebrospinal fluid of patients with Parkinson’s disease. These beta-carboline neurotoxins are implicated many other human diseases, including tremor, addiction and cancer. I have already talked about the role of diet in the prevention and treatment of Parkinson’s disease, but the most common movement disorder is not Parkinson’s disease, the most common is the so-called essential tremor. It affects 1 in 25 adults over 40 years and up to 1 in 5 people aged 90 years. This makes it one of the most common neurological diseases. Except for a potentially debilitating handshake there may be other neuropsychiatric manifestations of the disease, including difficulty in walking and various severely impaired cognitive functions.

Could these beta-carboline neurotoxins play a role in tremor? Harman is one of the most potent neurotoxins leading to tremor. When you expose people to this substance, they develop tremor; if you remove the substance, the tremor disappears. What if we are exposed to it for a long time? This recent study found that people with essential tremor they have much higher levels of this toxin in the bloodstream than people without shaking. The highest levels occur in those who have essential tremor and cancer. This suggests that harman may play a role in both diseases. And the higher the harmonic levels, the more severe the tremor. Where do these substances come from? Mainly meat: beef, chicken, pork and fish. So if this potent shaking neurotoxin concentrates in heat In the modified muscle tissue (meat), meat consumption is associated with increased the risk of tremor? In this study, men with the highest meat consumption had a 21-fold higher risk essential tremor. To put it in context, let’s go back to the original studies about smoking and cancer. Smoking was associated with a maximum of 14 times the risk, not 21 times. So yes, harman is a potent human disease-related neurotoxin And cooked meat is the main source of exposure to harman, but which meat specifically? As with other heterocyclic amines, levels may be highest in chicken meat.

Blood levels of this neurotoxin can be released within five minutes from eating meat, in this case a slice of turkey. Five minutes? After all, the meat has not yet been digested! This rapid absorption shows that it already occurs in the mouth. It gets directly into the blood and avoids the stomach. Most importantly, it also bypasses the detoxifying enzymes of the liver. This can lead to higher levels of toxin in the perfused organs such as the brain. Due to its high lipid solubility, harman accumulates in brain tissue. An advanced method, ie proton spectroscopic magnetic resonance imaging higher levels of harman have been found to be associated with a more extensive metabolic rate dysfunction in the brains of people suffering from essential tremor. Harman is also found in some heated plants, such as tobacco. Chicken breasts contain approximately 13 micrograms and cigarettes on average around 1 microgram.

Half the pack of cigarettes would expose us a little less neurotoxin than a portion of chicken. Grilled salmon can have just like chicken, however fried pork seems to be the worst. But fried reindeer meat is not far behind it and is one of the top five. Also, I would not recommend eating too many butterflies. Harman is also produced during the combustion of tobacco and when roasting coffee beans. However, coffee consumption was not associated with a higher risk and, in this respect, tobacco.

Perhaps it is therefore some other substance that is present in the meat and is responsible 2000% increase in the probability of this brain disease.

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