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Exercises for Arthritis Pain Relief : Hip & Knee Stretches for Arthritis Pain Relief

Hi! I am Monica and I am going to show you a stretch you can actually do for your hip and your knee if you are having arthritis problems either on the floor or lying on your stomach on the bed. I will show you on the floor here, so go ahead and lie on your stomach. I will show you on the left leg and what you are going to do is just grab your heel and slowly pull it towards your butt. So you should feel a nice stretch all over the front of your leg right here. You should be holding from anywhere from 30-60 seconds. If this is kind of awkward for you, what you can do is grab a belt and put it around your foot and then just pull on the belt so it is not quite as awkward as reaching far back. You can also see variations of this exercise or stretch standing. You can see people standing and pulling the heels to your butt, which is fine too and whatever is more comfortable for you.

So again a nice stretch for your quads..

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