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Fastest Neck Stretch to Stop Pain from Levator Scapulae

Hi folks I’m Bob Schrupp physical therapist, Brad Heineck physical therapist. Together we are the most famous physical therapists on the internet, in our opinion of course We’re going to talk about the fastest neck stretch to stop pain from the levator scapulae. Now that’s an interesting muscle. I always remember it as the levator scapulater Yeah, that’s the kind of humor you start doing when you have been studying day and night Let’s show them where the muscle is. You’re gonna see the backside of Gumby, we normally don’t show that but that’s all right Okay, we got our restraining order She has against us she doesn’t let us get any closer.

So this blue tape represents the levator scapulae, so just like the name says scapula you can imagine it attaches to the scapular the shoulder blade here and then it connects up to See two three and four the transverse process of those three vertebra and when the muscle contracts its primary Job is to elevate the scapula So if this part is fixed though Then it’s gonna turn the neck. so it does a little component of neck Rotation and maybe a little side bending but primarily it’s usually in with this and what happens with this muscle It’s a postural mouse.

It’s a flat muscle It’s not made for a lot of work But it can tighten up And you get a knot in that muscle and it happens a lot if you have poor pasture So you’re working at a computer looking at your cell phone a lot and that muscles working to pull that up, and you get this pasture Or stress, and this is you know if you’re all stressed out all the time, or you know your kids and It’s midnight, and they had 11 o’clock curfew And you wonder where they are. You know and you’re getting all stressed. I mean you can feel it right in here And that’s where often you get that knot So we need the way to learn a way to stretch this out And that’s exactly what we’re going to show you but Bob just wait there are 372 people aren’t there waiting Napoleon you see em by the way if you’re new to our channel Please take a second to subscribe to us.

We provide videos how to stay healthy fit pain-free we upload every day also If you haven’t already please go over to Facebook and like us Because right now the only people the only person that likes this is Napoleon here, and we’re trying to turn things around Sorry, but we’re done with you now, so All right, so we’re gonna show how to stretch this muscle. Hey. Let’s go for it So this is my favorite way to do it I remember my first year out of school and as a Therapist I worked with a woman, and I showed her the stretch in the office It was bothering her, and she just loved it so much She was going around to everybody else in the office you got to learn the stretch It works of wonders, so it can be really a wonderful stretch if you got some tightness one thing about this Bob And I think you’ll agree if you’re having neck pain, and you’re having pain and symptoms down in your arm This is probably not the stretch to do.

This is when your the pain is localized up to into this area Maybe some of that like you were mentioning you’re getting tension from stress This is a great stress reliever stretch. That’s quite the mouthful. Yeah, we got to get a speech therapist, but Bob’s daughter’s gonna come and help us out that’s what she does. In a chair, if you got your office chair like this and Your left side is tight you’re gonna grab the chair right here And we’re gonna lean this direction What that does is it pulls the scapula down and we put it into end range and locks it into place Okay, so as you lean you have to relax your shoulder. It’s pulling the shoulder blade down locking it into place anchoring it. So if you want to see from the back you can see I try to relax it and I’m holding down here and I can feel when it’s at the end.

Actually, I’m going to go the other direction same thing now this pocket right here I always tell my patients now once you get to the end Look down as if you’re trying to look into your pocket to see if there’s $100 bill in there, okay? And then if you can’t see it you gently take with your fingertips right in the top of your head Gently add a little more pressure. Now this is a thin muscle. It’s not a big bulky So you’re not gonna grab your head and just pull on it. The key to this is relax breathe relax breathe in Typically and this what I always tell my patients when you exhale Just think being relaxed, and that’s when you have a little extra force on the stretch But again not real hard just allow it to relax and stretch Don’t force it, so it’s a whole mind thing and if you relax and allow it to stretch It’s going to happen wonderfully and I can feel mine stretching really nicely right now.

Often times one side is more sore than the other I’m gonna go to my other side now Oh, this is uh that hundred dollar bill was gone a long time yeah kids went to college Okay so for the duration how long are you gonna hold it? I like to say between ten seconds to 30 seconds And it depends on how its feeling. Its’s an individual thing You didn’t look down in your pocket. I knew there’s no money in there. I wasn’t concerned And again both sides is always a good idea, but really focus on the side And you’ll know because as Bob mentioned it feels much better when you’re done. Now. We’re gonna do some some augmentive stretches Yeah, if you want to augment or actually make this even a better stretch I’m gonna start with this the back now back now, or you can work there that bear came Yeah, or you can take a hook cane that’ll work as well. This works a little bit better They make a variety of these.

We’ve got these listed in our products below in our Amazon Yeah our favorite favorite products, so you know you’re gonna get what you need what you need. I’m not gonna get it high on the muslce. I’m gonna usually go lower on this one. If we got one more time this This will make them feel better. Yeah, we’re not gonna get up at here. It’s kind of hard on the spine They’re gonna get right down where it connects, and where the knot is usually. It’s kind of meaty there And you can feel it you’ll know when you get there with your With your device there.

I’m gonna work on it And this I’m gonna hold again 15 20 up to 30 seconds and by that time you should feel it relax I always like to do it with movement I think you can go ahead and do it with a stretch You know get into that area and I’d go ahead and even work it a little bit like this Then i’d even look down a little bit do a little rotation I just think it just seems to get better results that way Then we have another product here We’re big fans of.

Well let’s go back after you get done using this for a minute or so Then you repeat the stretch. Oh sure the same stretch. We’ve initially went over Another tool that works good, and you know Bob and I are big fans of, the pure wave massager because of its uniqueness it goes actually in and out verses a Small amount of vibration. If you wanna make somebody really happy for this upcoming Christmas. Buy them a pure wave I don’t know anybody that wouldn’t like to have one of these Someone’s complaining about tight muscles in their shoulder their hamstring their calf or anywhere I got one for my sister. She works at a computer, and she you know she When you’re a physical therapist you get lots of calls and emails about what can I do about pain? I’m just like watch our video, and I send her one of these Okay, so this has different heads this one is a pointy head You can get into muscle pretty deep with that.

This muscles a small thin muscle. We’re gonna put the air-cushion. I Would think that’d be a little bit too aggressive to have the point It’s got a nice handle you can get right to that area One thing about this because it is powerful typically you’re not going to go up on your neck because it’s not comfortable How is it with the air cushionnis it all right wish that? No it still rattles. When you get up in the neck it’s pretty aggressive.h But that’s not really gonna help that muscle, but I’m gonna get right on that muscle and boy it feels good Bob I’m kind of having fun, and you’re gonna do that too high on to the head It would almost probably sound hitting like an empty drum I’m just gonna keep working it for a little bit You’re gonna do 30 seconds to a minute all right while he’s talking the other thing you can try is you can put some heat on there You can take a heating pad. We also like the thermo tex.

This is a lot more expensive. It’s infrared heat And this isn’t probably the one I would use this one’s actually made for the knee But there’s the Platinum model and we just had this discussion What we do is we keep the Platinum model right in our chairs And then we just go ahead and we lean up against it at night and good it’s good for back pain We’re not just lean we sit there And it also goes up over the shoulder here, and and the thermo text because it’s infrared it penetrates very deep 2.36 inches you remembered verses one to two milimeters So it goes this deep versus this deep ten times deeper than just a hot pack Yeah So it gets way down into that muscle and then once you get done with a hot pack or the thermo Tex again finish up with the stretch like we had mentioned look down for that $100 bill after you get the Scapula or the shoulder blade down and you’re leaning over a quarter in your pocket Brad Yeah, I’m happy with a quarter you better believe it Thanks everybody for watching take care You

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