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Kovakkai Health Benefits in Tamil – Ivy Gourd


Kovakkai Health Benefits in Tamil – Ivy Gourd There are so many vegetables but we mostly like some vegetables and ivy gourd (kovakkai) is one such vegetable. Even though it is bitter we take it as ivy gourd has so many medicinal properties. Some people make it as vathal and take it. It has Vitamin A, Calcium, folic acid, phosphorus, iron and let us see what are the health benefits we get when we take ivy gourd. Ivy gourd controls the sugar level, people with diabetic hereditary should take this from 35 years of age to prevent diabetes and it cures tiredness due to diabetes. Make kovakkai raits by adding curd, pepper powder, cumin powder, ginger and mix it and take it twice in a week. It cures chapped lips, mouth ulcer, bleeding gums as it is a good antibiotic. If you make soup with ivy gourd stem and leaves and take it cures cold and nose block.


It cures skin diseases and if you apply ivy gourd leave paste with butter on wound it will be healed soon. It cleanses the blood, keeps the heart healthy and it cures asthma and jaundice. Ivy gourd cures the tiredness in women and cures white discharge and urinary infections. It keeps the body cool and it helps in reducing weight. When we mix ivy gourd green with other greens it helps to digest the food we take. When we take ivy gourd and ivy gourd green to cure problem in taste buds. If people with piles complaint take ivy gourd leaf juice for 48 days it will be cured..


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