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Fordyce Spots – It’s Causes, Symptoms, Treatments and Home Remedies 2017

fordyce spots a tiny raised pale white red or skin colored spots that are present in many individuals these bumps are usually located on the genitalia and on the lips they are asymptomatic but it’s or irritation occurs if people treat from improperly both meddling both men and women can be affected by for desk spots these spots are 1 to 3 millimeters in diameter and do not cause pain these oil producing glands are themed on the moist tissues which lie in some organs as well as body cavities or mucosal surfaces they are not linked hair follicles fordyce spots are named after the famous American dermatologist John Addison for days 1858 to 1925 and are also known as Fordyce gramoo for Dasia spots for dices condition and sebaceous prominence John Addison was the first to describe them clinically in a medical journal of those times he coined the terms for dices disease Fox for dice disease Brooke for dice try chirping femur and for dice allegiance for dive spots are in fact a type of ectopic sebaceous gland atopic means in an abnormal location sebaceous means fatty or greasy gland is an organ or collection of cells that secrete endocrine glands secrete things like hormones inside the body EXO grindeland so things like sweat or mucus they secrete things outside the body skin gland that secretes oily matter into the hair follicles in order to lubricate is known as delicious glands ectopic sebaceous gland is a sebaceous gland that lives on the skin it is not on the hair follicle even though fordyce spots are abnormal they are not considered as a disease according to many experts dermatologists these glands are of cosmetic concern only they do not cause any harm to the body they do not impact the health negatively at all of course people who spots will not be glad to have them as it impacts their appearance negatively but otherwise they are absolutely harmless they are natural on the human body some people say that for dive spots spread from one person to another it is not true they are also not infectious infectious there are cases of people suspecting STD and cancer web causes of fordyce spots

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