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Golfer’s Elbow Stretches & Exercises – Ask Doctor Jo

Hey everybody it’s Ddoctor Jo, and today I’m going to show you some stretches and exercises for medial epicondylitis. Say what? You might know it better as golfer’s elbow. Let’s get started. So with golfers elbow, you end up irritating those muscles that connect on the inside of the elbow here, and those muscles come all the way down into your wrist. Those are your wrist flexor muscles, so when you’re doing a lot of golfing and that rotation kind of movement, it ends up irritating that inside that elbow.

So doing a lot of wrist stretches and exercises helps with the elbow as well. So that’s why there’s the connection there. So you might go why am I going down here when it hurts up here. So let’s just start off with some simple range of motion at the wrist. Make a fist with your hand. If you want to rest it on something you can. You can just kind of hold it up. If it’s a little sore you can prop it up on your knee if you want to. I’m just going to hold mine in the air so you can kind of see what I’m doing. But with your fist, just go down as far as you comfortably can and then up as far as you comfortably can. Now when you come down, you’re activating those muscles, so it might be a little bit sore. Don’t feel like you have to crank it down there. This is really just to kind of get those muscles warmed up, get them loosening up, when you go back that’s going to stretch them out a little bit so just coming back and forth that way.

Just do about ten, you don’t have to a whole lot, just kind of getting everything moving. Then after that you’re going to turn your hand over with your thumb up on top, and you’re going to do a radial and devial, huh? Radial and ulnar deviation, and so you’re just going to go up and down. Sometimes my mouth talks faster than my brain. So just same thing, do about ten just kind of getting everything loosened up, doesn’t have to be super big movements. Just kind of getting everything nice and warm in there, and then after about 10 of those, then you’re going to do a supination pronation. And if you can, keep your elbow bent kind of in one spot, so it’s not turning the whole arm over, you’re trying to get that rotation up to the elbow not up into the shoulder area. So I like to keep my elbow kind of close to my side, and then just opening up this way and turning back over. Again this might be a little bit uncomfortable, especially if that medial condyle is irritated, so just go to where you’re comfortable don’t feel like you have to the crank on it and push really hard.

Just kind of getting that movement this is to get everything warmed up. After you do about 10 of those, then you’re going to go into stretching out those muscles. So put your arms straight out, and to stretch it out you’re going to bring it up this way. So if you keep your finger straight, that’s going to be a bigger stretch. If you make a fist, it’s going to be a less of a stretch, but try and keep that elbow as straight as you can. So this is just going to be stretching a little bit, you’re gonna hold that stretch for about 30 seconds, or if you want the stretch a lot, then put your fingers up.

And again holding that for about 30 seconds. If you have a wall cubicle or something next to you close by, you can actually put your hand on the wall and stretch it out that way. So that’s a little bit more comfortable then you have to bring your other arm around. But do that 30 seconds three times, get it nice and stretched out. Then if you have something handy like hammer, right beside you, then you’re going to use a hammer, but you don’t have to use a hammer, the reason for the hammer is because it’s top-heavy. So this time it’s going to give you a little bit more of a stretch with the movement. So you’re going to go back into that supination pronation movement, but this time you have the hammer, so you see when i turn it out, the heavy part of the hammer gives that extra little stretch in there, and then coming back this way same thing that goes into pronation giving that extra stretch.

So it doesn’t have to be a hammer, if you have you know, there are weighted sticks, therapy sticks that do this as well, but i like the hammer because then you don’t have to get anything extra you can usually find one in your house somewhere. And so same thing just a smooth motion back and forth, you don’t necessarily have to hold unless you want to like a 3-5 second hold, but I kind of like going back and forth to make it an exercise versus just a stretch, so it makes it kind of a combination movement.

So just start off with about 10 of those, and then work your way up it feels good you don’t have any problems. Then you’re going to go into some more strengthening, but now you’re going to use a resistive band. So you don’t have to use a resistance band. If you don’t have one you can use a small little weight or a soup can, vegetable can, but you’re going to do a bicep curl or a flexion movement at your elbow. So if you have the band make sure you’re stepping on it nice and tight so it doesn’t pop back up and hit you, but make sure you’re doing a full motion, so your arm is completely straight, and then you’re bending at your elbow and coming all the way up. The important part for this one is the going back down, so make sure it’s nice and smooth that you’re not just dropping it back down that you’re controlling that movement the whole time.

So all the way up and then slowly all the way back down. So again just start off with 10 of these, if that becomes easy work your way up to 20 to 25, and then if that’s still easy then you can go up to a heavier resistant band. So there you have it, those are your stretches and exercises for medial epicondylitis or that golfer’s elbow. If you have any questions leave in the comments section. If you’d like check out some other videos go to And remember, be safe have fun, and I hope you feel better soon..

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