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Gout Treatment: Acupuncture / Laser

Acupuncture, or the insertion of thin needles through your skin, at strategic points on your body is together with our herbal supplements, the key component of our healing programs Organs in our body do communicate with many other parts of our body Traditional Chinese Medicine, TCM, talks about life force energy, Qi, flowing through meridians It is clear this is a simplistic explanation of the above-mentioned communication through the fascia, or connective tissue Fascia consists primarily out of high conductive collagen.

Meridians do not exist; acupuncture points, or trigger points, do exist They are always found on fascia rich body locations In the gout clinic, we use a mixture of: TCM five element analyses, in order to efficient balances the communications in the body Secondly, Modern Ryodoraku, Japanese acupuncture for diagnosing the imbalances in the body Ryodoraku practiced today in Japan, is influenced by Western medicine and is based on scientific models rather than traditional concepts And thirdly, Specific gout condition treatment acupuncture We always use super pulsed laser to extra stimulate the acupuncture points after needle insertion This is a efficient concept that we perfected during the last years Electro-acupuncture is another way of stimulating acupuncture points The needles are attached to a device that delivers gentle electrical pulses between two points Patients experience an instant increased feeling of well-being An acupuncture session involves a screening part followed by insertion of the acupuncture needles and super pulsed laser treatment Sessions last between two and three hours Try it out! Contact us on our website to make an appointment

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