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home remedies for worms in stomach coconut coconut is a very effective remedy for expelling all types of intestinal worms it acts as a very strong antiparasitic agents both the fruit and oil can be used to treat intestinal worms castor oil and no take a glass of warm milk and add two teaspoons of castor oil to this drinking this no will remove the paris-nice twin stools is continuously for a week to get complete relief from intestinal parasites garment garlic is a popular antiparasitic food that can help deal with any type of intestinal worms bar garlic has cell for containing amino acids that are anti parasitic in nature plus the antibacterial anti-fungal an antiseptic properties and garlic help kill microbes in the body pomegranate juice drinking pomegranate juice is said to offer that much needed relief and parasites in your stomach pomegranate can be were taken as jews and pomegranate Kenya daily diet to prevent parasitic attacks and keep your stomach clean and healthy seats have lemon lemon seeds that are crashed can kill parasites and remove their activity in the stomach take the seeds of lemon impress them to make a peace and it along with a glass of water and drink it you can also add them with lemon juice if possible just to the scenes in smaller than which is much easier products to producers drinking raw vegetable juices have abundant benefits for the body vegetable juices have essential nutrients that the body will absorb primitives along with that antioxidants in the juices will promote clean up the blood cells along with the parasites and toxins that are present in the body appliance seen black seeds have to apply it then we throw away every day after consuming peacekeeper appliance can actually help your body to get rid of parasites next time do not throw them away crashed into wanna paste and consume them along with the appliance retaining the stomach and keeping them clearer parasitic worms rice vinegar vinegar in all forms is good for treating a number leone’s tale 1 tablespoon and rice vinegar and mix with a glass of water in more acidic the vinegar done better drink this every day to destroy the parasites in your stomach if you have severe parasite confections 34 glasses a day is recommended turmeric turmeric has a multitude of medicinal effects and can be used for treating parasitic infections add turmeric in your food I consume them directly with water which will have a faster and more efficient result on the parasite clubs loves being antimicrobial in character are good for treating parasites in the intestine they can destroy the eggs as well as the parasites in the body in helping the pending further episodes have infestations take one to close everyday to prevent parasites in your body thanks for watching this video least like share and subscribe channel for more health tips have a nice day or help

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