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How To Lose Stubborn Belly Fat in 20 Days


Life is passing fast. Let’s slow down We got older Where did you go now? Back in time when all we had was you and me Hi guys my name is Amy and welcome to keep fit and travel Today we will talk about how to stubborn belly fat loss for many of you Ask why it doesn’t seem to go away though You were trying to eat healthier and exercise regularly, so the question is, are you eating the right food and doing the right exercises? For example, you work hard and do sit and crunches every day But you’re frustrated because your belly doesn’t get smaller Because these exercises are not actually burning your belly fat these exercises make your life The abdominal muscles are stronger and bigger, so yes, you’re getting based. But you do not burn fat SS classes The tops cover the abs, even if your exercise routine is sitting every day hoping to get rid of the tops of the cakes It won’t happen and you need to change things.


How do you ask? So let’s talk about the diet what other food you should eat less and what other food you need to actually help you Fat burning Eat fewer foods that contain unsaturated fats and high sugar and are two major contributors to belly fat Also see how many crops you eat while your body needs carbohydrates for energy and muscle building If you eat more than you need, your body will stop carbohydrates. You don’t need less fat This is not only transmitted from the food you drink as important as what you eat and will also lead to Tsukuri drinks Significantly increase belly fat and do not forget that alcohol can also make you gain belly fat, heavy alcohol link studies Consumption will significantly increase the risk of central obesity that is storing excess fat around the waist until the alcohol will reduce Certainly help you reduce your waist size so what food and drink that help you lose belly fat Your diet must be high in soluble fiber and protein Research suggests that soluble fiber promotes weight loss by helping you feel full so you can eat less naturally Studies have found that for adults who increased their intake of soluble fiber in their diet, their body fat rate decreased by 3 to 4 percent.


Five-year period Protein is also very important when it comes to weight control because protein has a higher thermal effect than other foods That is, the body burns more energy-processing proteins than carbohydrates and fats This is why protein-rich diets work so well in burning belly fat It also increases the secretion of hormones This reduces your appetite and makes you feel more proteins as well Increases metabolic rate and helps to retain muscle mass during weight loss many Observational studies show that people who eat more protein tend to have less Belly fat than those who eat a diet less protein as for drinks naturally I just stick with green tea water, green tea low in calories and rich in Antioxidants actually promote the breakdown of fat cells and boosts metabolism That’s why I like it another great diet I recently tried intermittent fasting Really helping to burn stubborn belly fat allows the body to burn more fat during fasting and also increases our metabolism The rate of 3 to 14 percent explains it in more detail in the intermittent fasting video for 10 days I also film what I ate every day.


I will link the video here Next let’s talk about the most effective workouts when it comes to reducing belly fat now surprisingly the first one is HIIT cardio A high intensity interval training is a very common option It’s also my favorite, as you can probably see all the HIIT beta videos on my channel Basically, it helps you burn a lot of calories in a short time Many of us do not have every day to exercise in the gym, so when it comes to belly fat We focus on intense workouts to burn calories and the best thing HIIT is a very ridiculous burn that keeps your body working and burning calories and fat even after you finish your workout There are also other great options for the heart for example running a swimming pool that can help you burn 600 calories per hour and of course the denser and faster you go the more fat you burn away from the heart Weight and weight training is equally important for abdominal fat loss, a study in overweight adolescents Shows that combination of strength training and heart disease Exercise leads to the biggest reduction in fat and while you increase your muscle mass, your body burns more fat Effectively when it comes to Exercises There is one type that would help in particular to get a smaller waistline that is which trains your ABS spin-off Accidental ABS is the most (___?) The muscle that acts like a rubber band and pulls your belly together I talked about this in more detail in the small waist workout video I will link here What can you do except workouts and diet? Get enough sleep It will take your heart eating work and work to the next level pork belly in the past Studies show that people who sleep less than five hours a night tend to gain more weight in belly fat Compared to those who sleep seven or more hours a night, your sleep will affect two specific hormones that help keep your energy steady.


Control your appetite and feelings of hunger If you fail to get enough sleep, hormones will increase your appetite and hunger Causing you to eat more than that from seven to eight hours Good sleep at night helps avoid emotional eating and cravings, which help make your belly fat much easier That’s pretty much for this video They become darker here as you can see Give this video a thumbs up if you find these tips useful to you. Don’t forget to comment and subscribe I’ll see you next week Hi guys, guys.


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