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How to Read a MRI of Cervical Nerve Compression | Neck Pain | Colorado Spine Surgeon

now we're going to look at a cervical
spine MRI of a patient with arm pain the patient doesn't have much neck pain and he has no spinal cord dysfunction in this MRI again you can see the
spinal cord in the center surrounded by the white cerebral spinal
fluid or water and the vetrebral bodies and the discs you can see a small disc bulge here and
smaller disc bulges here and here since there's no real compression of the
spinal cord the patient has no spinal cord dysfunction symptoms but if we do come to the right side we
can see these spurs that are compressing out of the canal at these two levels and
those are the spurs that are catching the nerve root on the right we can look at it from the top down view and we come up to the first level at
C two three again spinal cord is clear the white csf water around it these are the nerve
exit polls here in here the C two three level looks normal we march down to the C three four level and again spinal cord has room the nerve
holes have room this one is a a little tight but it still has plenty of room come down to C four five again the nerve holes are free the spinal cord
is free come down to C five six and here we see a nice big spur on the
right side the left nerve root is exiting
quite nicely the right nerve root here is compressed
by the spur and this is one of the spurs causing this patient right arm pain we can pass by this level and go to the
next level at six seven and again see the same thing the left nerve hole is
free there's a big spur on the right nerve hole and this nerve is compressed
and this is what's causing him the arm pain from the C seven nerve this is a side by side example of a normal level of the cervical spine and a level
where there's nerve compression again we noted before this nice large
spur is compressing the exiting nerve route right here where the nerve root on
the opposite side is open here we can see again the vertebral
body the spinal cord where both nerve roots are free and clear and
there's no compression and either foramen so in this particular case this
spur is what's causing this patient's neck pain and arm pain

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