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How To Relieve Shoulder Pain | Chiropractor Wadesville near Evansville

It’s been busy, I think it’s going ok. Hi, I’m Dr. Ackerman and today I want to give you a short video on how to fix your shoulder pain. The reason we want to do this is, years ago, I had shoulder pain that I had multiple injections in my shoulders had a neurosurgeon friend line tell me that I needed surgery deep down in my heart I knew that I didn’t need surgery do something mechanically was not right with my shoulder edges and figure out what to do so long story short i fixed my shoulder pain I haven’t had shoulder pain in years and I probably really did with this one move that will show you today I’ve had so many patients in the past six months coming with shoulder pain that i just showed that this particular move it’s helped them and avoid injection surgeries save tons of money I want to show you this so the problem with the shoulder is that it starts to get pinched when you move because of shoulder is and properly for example the shoulders of all its oxygen its supposed to move in all sorts of directions well when your shoulders are rotated forward like this which is what most people do we go to raise you are and hits right there .

Going further but if your shoulders are more back like this war better posture your goes right up and does it hit so what’s happening is most people show really come up and they hit hit hit hit well there’s a tendon runs in that space and when you hit that tendon long enough it starts to fray and tear that tendon and that’s how people end up the torn rotator cuff without having any specific injury so fix is to make this stop happening so when you raise your arm or shoulder rotates and ever pinches and you can do that will simply which you’ve gotta do is you gotta stretch your chest muscle the big back muscle here it gets real strong that’s what pulls people forward okay because we do everything in front of us who work on computers here mechanic you’re working here we here we sleep sleep here we do everything right in front of us are PEC muscle gets tight and the little muscles between the shoulder blades aren’t strong enough to pull your shoulders back so we’re going to do two things we gotta stretch the muscles in your chest and you’ve got strengthen these little muscles in between the shoulder blades the good thing is we can do that with one move we can strengthen the muscles and stretch the front all the same time the way we do that is put your hands behind your back interracial fingers and lower your hands down pull your show lights together and so you look like this from the front was kind of weird this is what it looks like from the side and then from that so you want to be shirts we those shoulder blades together and then relax you’ll practice that move do this for five seconds do five six seven times a day over the next couple of weeks or a month your posture improve your shoulder will stop slamming up against itself pinching that tendon the inflammation will go away the pain will go away and the range of motion will come back so you’re having shoulder pain give this a try if it persists go see your doctor will see you orthopedist your family off the carpenter and hopefully this will help you leave some comments if you like this if it helps you appreciate how good

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