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How Yoga Can Help With Arthritis

(upbeat music) – Hey guys, it’s Jackie, and today we’re talking about something that a lot of people have tried. Yoga. But did you know that it’s also great for arthritis? So I am here today with Karen, who is a yoga instructor, and also my yoga instructor, and Karen, you and I are always talking about how yoga is so beneficial for so many different conditions, and one of those is arthritis. – Yes, it’s so good for arthritis. I know this firsthand, I had arthritis in my hands, in my feet, related to an autoimmune disease, and it’s something that really helped loosen up, and I can begin to walk without a limp. Motion is lotion for the joints, so the more we move mindfully in our body, and we really are aware of our boundaries, and once you start moving that synovial fluid will loosen up. Synovial fluid’s the fluid in the joint capsule, and when we start to move it, it kind of liquefies it in a way, goes from being kind of dry to like more lubricating for the joint, and then it’s easier to move.

– And you see results pretty quickly with yoga, for a whole variety of things, but arthritis too. – When we start to practice yoga, and breathe slowly, then all of a sudden our blood vessels open, our everything kind of dilates, our digestive tract starts to work, by slowing it down it helps our body to transition from that fight or flight to rest and digest, so you can really restore. – You have three different moves you’re gonna show us, that’ll help specifically with arthritis. – Yes. – Should we go try that? – Let’s do it! – OK. (soothing music) – Well let’s start with our hands today. So, let’s start with just– – It’s a common place for arthritis.

– Yeah, gentle movement here, And roll over onto our hands and our knees. And, start by taking your thumbs and taking them to the outside, gradually start to bring your hips back, and you’re gonna feel your wrists stretch, and then gently start to bring the heels of your hands up. – [Jackie] You definitely feel that. – Now let’s go to our knees. – OK. – So– – And that’s a really common place for arthritis. – It is. – You hear about that a lot. – Especially osteoarthritis, and so it can hurt even to put your knees onto a mat, so if that’s the case, get a pillow, or fold your mat, you wanna be comfortable. Bring your right foot up, and then take your hands down, and bend and straighten your knee a couple times. Slowly take your toes and tuck each toe under. Yup, and then sit your hips back, and then we’ll just do the top of the feet.

So take your feet flat, then lift your knees. – OK, now I feel it. Your feet, you’re really getting every part of your foot. The top, the toes. I feel much better just from that, and I feel like the takeaway really is, if you have arthritis, give yoga a try, in addition to talking to your doctors. – Absolutely. Yoga’s gonna help with pain management, it’s gonna help with flexibility and mobility, and it’s gonna give you an overall sense of calm. – Yes, it certainly does. Thank you, Karen. And for more fitness tips and motivation to move, head to our website

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