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Hypothyroidism in Men – Hypothyroidism in Men Symptoms Checklist | Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Men

Hyperthyroidism in Men Although hypothyroidism is more common in women, men get it, too. That’s because 80 percent of hypothyroidism is caused by autoimmune disease, and autoimmune diseases are more common in women. Statistics state that 5-8 women are diagnosed with Hashimoto’s thyroiditis for every man who is diagnosed. 1. Common Symptoms Some of the most common symptoms which are similar to those in women include exhaustion, weight gain, and depression. Other symptoms include feeling cold, constipation, muscle aches and pains, and low resistance to infection. 2. Low Libido Men with hypothyroidism may notice symptoms such as low libido, a reduced frequency of morning erections, erectile dysfunction, as well as a loss of muscle mass. Fertility issues may also result and some of these symptoms could be related to low testosterone. 3. Hair Loss Hair may be coarse, hair loss is common, and the nails become brittle due to slower turnover of cells, reduced blood flow and access to nutrients.

Thinning hair, or difficulty growing it, is more common in hypothyroidism than in those with overactive thyroids. 4. Muscles Cramp Muscle cramps are never fun to deal with, and if you have an underactive thyroid, the chances are you’ll be dealing with them more often. Symptoms can include weakness, cramps, and muscle pain. 5. Constipation Hypothyroidism results in decreased gut motility that helps move your waste through your digestive tract. You may also end up having a harder time pooping simply because your stool is harder than it should be.

6. Feeling Cold If your thyroid isn’t producing enough hormones, you may start to feel more sensitive to the cold. If your furnace is not running up to par, you’re not burning as many calories—meaning you’re not producing as much heat, either. 7. Dry Skin Lower levels of thyroid hormones compromise your sweat glands and cause a glitch in the skin’s growth and replacement cycle.

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